In This Issue Study: Networks Prefer "Pro-Choice," Not "Pro-Life"; NewsBites: Predictable Planetary Panaceas; Revolving Door: NBC Promotes Cuomo Aide; Reporter Admits He's A Marxist; Castro's 30th Study: Networks Prefer "Pro-Choice," Not "Pro-Life" "Pro-choice groups said today that their battle is not over," NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw announced on November 10. Reporter Andrea Mitchell then proceeded to detail the actions of "anti- abortion activists" and "abortion opponents" in election day referenda on public abortion funding. "Pro-choice activists," she said, were "very worried about Bush and Quayle." NBC's story, and its use of labels to describe the two sides in... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Tax Hike Hype; NewsBites: Dreaming of Gorbachev; Revolving Door: Sam's Sidekick; Does Magazine Deliver News or Reporters' Views?; On the Other Hand...; CBS Says Thanks for Nothing; Janet Cooke Award: Favoring Fidel: CBS This Morning Study: Tax Hike Hype George Bush pledged "no new taxes" if voters elected him President. And he won overwhelmingly. But the television networks didn't seem to get the message. A MediaWatch Study confirms the networks spent the weeks following the election repeatedly hyping the dangers of the federal budget deficit, and championing a tax increase as the solution. During the month... continue reading
In this Issue Study: Election Year Economic Doom and Gloom; NewsBites: Selective Examination of Justice Selection; Revolving Door: Reason for Frontline's Liberal Line; Networks Come to the Aid of Dukakis; September Cooke Award Recipients Reply; Rather Gems; Are You Better Off; Janet Cooke Award: Bush Bashing: CBS News Study: Election Year Economic Doom and Gloom "Americans believe the state of the economy is the most important issue in the presidential campaign," announced Peter Jennings in opening ABC's World News Tonight on September 21. Reporter Ken Prewitt then reviewed the state of the economy, concluding: "When you look at the overall... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Coddling Democrats & Discrediting Republican; NewsBites: Putting Up Their Dues For Duke; Revolving Door: Reagan-Basher for Editor; Double Standard Evident in Coverage; Pro-Soviet Documentary Finds New Outlet; Bites of Quayle; Convention Quotables; Janet Cooke Award: Quayle Hunting: ABC News Study: Coddling Democrats & Discrediting Republican 1) Labeling: During the Democratic convention, the networks use descriptive labels a total of 86 times. In New Orleans, Republicans were labeled 214 times. At the Atlanta convention, labels attached to Democrats were split: 52 percent liberal, and 48 percent moderate or conservative. During the GOP gathering, 15 percent of labels... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Coverage of the Democratic Convention; NewsBites: Abortion Distortion; Revolving Door: Thomas Rodgers; Dirty Double Standard; Janet Cooke Award: CBS NEWS: Democratic Convention Coverage Study: Coverage of the Democratic Convention During their Atlanta convention the Democrats set out to package presidential nominee Michael Dukakis as a competent manager and political moderate, not an ideological liberal. Thanks to the networks, this charade was successful. That's one conclusion of a MediaWatch Study of ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC prime-time convention coverage. Analysts reviewed coverage from July 18-21 from 9:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM for CNN everyday, for CBS on... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Liberals in Control of Campaign Coverage; Study Bites; NewsBites: Rabel's Nicaraguan Fable; Revolving Door: David Burke; Dukakis the Moderate; No Hedging On Bentsen; Janet Cooke Award: CBS' American Profile Study: Liberals in Control of Campaign Coverage With the 1988 presidential campaign season now well under way, MediaWatch decided to review our "Revolving Door" list of former media people to determine just how many are involved in the campaign. The results of the Study: There are four times as many reporters, producers and executives shaping Big Media coverage with ties to liberal candidates and causes than to... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Primary Concerns; NewsBites: ABC's Anti-Bush Campaign; Revolving Door:Carolyn Gorman; Harvey and Maybeth Go Left; Janet Cooke Award: Front Line: Joining the Christic Cause Study: Primary Concerns: Playing Up Economic Gloom "History," explained NBC business correspondent Irving R. Levine one night in May, "tells us the pocketbook issue should prevail" in determining the winner of the 1988 presidential election. Nearly eight years of Reaganomics have created 67 months of consecutive growth, a modern peace-time record, as inflation and interest rates rest at half their 1980 level, creating 15 million new jobs in the process. So, just what... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Contra-Dictiction, Media Style; NewsBites:Sam's Slanted World Skew; Revolving Door: Richard Pollock; Bettering the World?;Janet Cooke Award: Today on Angola Study: Contra-Dictiction, Media Style The Contras "should be thankful that we're not offering them the guillotine or the firing squad, which is what they deserve," Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega proclaimed in his May Day speech. The city of Managua, Ortega sneered, would have to be "disinfected" after the Contra negotiators left. But virtually every major media outlet, including all four TV networks, ignored Ortega's mockery of the Central American "peace process." In late March, however, when the... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Ducking Jackson's Left-Wing Views; NewsBites: April Fools;Revolving Door; Honduran Diversion; Janet Cooke Award: TBS:"Portrait of the Soviet Union" Study: Ducking Jackson's Left-Wing Views From his embrace of Yasir Arafat and communist dictators like Fidel Castro, to his desire for a unilateral U.S. nuclear freeze, Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson holds radical views that place him well to the left of liberal candidates like Michael Dukakis. But a MediaWatch Study has determined the evening newscasts of the four networks rarely reported Jackson's extremist positions. When it came to Republican Pat Robertson, however, the same TV reporters considered... continue reading
In This Issue Study: It's All Meese and No Wright; NewsBites; Today's Cuba; Revolving Door; Janet Cooke Award: Peter Jennings: ABC News Study: It's All Meese and No Wright Almost since the day he took office back in February, 1985 liberals in Congress have been hurling charges of improper conduct toward Attorney General Ed Meese. With the disclosure of the Iraqi pipeline memo in late January, his opponents received plenty of help from the media in their quest to raise a cloud of suspicion. Over the past year equally serious questions have also been raised about the ethical conduct of... continue reading