In this Issue American Agenda's Liberal Agenda; NewsBites: Doug's Donors; Revolving Door: WETA's Democratic Pick; Margin of Error for Reporters?; Martin's Merit; It's the Republicans' Fault; Janet Cooke Award: Time to Spend More American Agenda's Liberal Agenda When ABC's "American Agenda" debuted on November 11, 1988, Peter Jennings introduced the series: "Most people would probably agree that there are some issues in our national life which are more important than others, and therefore, worth more of our attention: the economy, the environment, crime, and drugs, particularly; education, health, and the family. Well, every night, at about this same place in... continue reading
In This Issue Time Toes the Liberal Line; NewsBites: CBS Stonewalls; Revolving Door: A Vance Degree in Journalism; Media Promote Liberal Anti-Tax Cut Position; Update on Past Cooke Awards; One-Party PBS; Conceding the Obvious; Janet Cooke Award: Homeless Hype: CBS, CNN, NBC Time Toes the Liberal Line Last year Time Magazine led its October 17 issue with a letter from Managing editor Henry Muller telling readers of Time 's plans "to better serve the needs of busy, curious, intelligent readers." Muller explained that " Time's responsibility more than ever is to deliver understanding beyond the sound bites and headlines." What... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Reporters Write Left, Not Right; Study Bites: Opinion Journalists Follow a Slightly Different Pattern; NewsBites: Doom But Not Boom; Revolving Door: Palestinian Connection; Reporters Addicted to Tax Hikes; Your Tax Dollars at Work for PBS; Janet Cooke Award: The ABC's of Day Care Study: Reporters Write Left, Not Right Faced with the recent resignation of Michael Kinsley as Editor of The New Republic , Published Martin Peretz considered replacing him with Newsweek's Washington Bureau Chief, Evan Thomas. He could have been thinking of returning a favor: a few years ago, Newsweek needed a Washington Bureau Chief... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Eric Engberg: Spin Doctor of CBS; NewsBites: Cuomo in '92; Revolving Door: Writing Reagan; Celebrating the Sandinistas; The Time - RNC Saga Continues; Newspeak on Abortion; Janet Cooke Award: TBS: Abortion Advocacy Study: Eric Engberg: Spin Doctor of CBS On May 29, House Speaker Jim Wright was about to resign. CBS asked correspondent Eric Engberg to give his perspective on the evolving story. "Politics didn't just turn ugly. It evolved from a nasty presidential campaign that featured the GOP's famous Willie Horton ad," he explained. This deft transformation of a liberal complaint into a statement of... continue reading
In This Issue Study: No Singles Standard For Sleaze; NewsBites: Newsroom Liberals; Revolving Door: Hoosier Time; PBS: Only Liberals Allowed; Boos for UPI; Rather Unfair; Neutering Newt; Janet Cooke Award: TIME: Atwater Assault Study: No Singles Standard For Sleaze When Attorney General Ed Meese resigned last year, he was found innocent of wrongdoing but the media still portrayed him as an example of what news accounts called the "ethical insensitivity" of the Republican administration. But less than a year later, when Speaker of the House Jim Wright resigned rather than face action by the House Committee on Standards of Official... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Reporting Follows Media Money; NewsBites: Not Right to Blame Wright; Revolving Door: Jackson's Flack Bites Back; Today's Earth Watch; Forrest Forecasts; Janet Cooke Award: NBC News: Saluting Socialized Medicine Study: Reporting Follows Media Money Last month MediaWatch published a study of the media's philanthropic foundations, demonstrating a pattern of financial support for liberal groups. When the foundations studied gave to political groups in the 1980s, they allocated 89.7 percent of their donations to liberal organizations and only 10.3 percent to conservative ones. This month we have taken the research a step further, using the Nexis news... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Media Money Moves Left; NewsBites: Morton's Line on Crime; Revolving Door: From NBC To Glenn; Experts from the Left; The ABC's of Rights Reporting; Who Supports NOW?; Lucid Linda; Janet Cooke Award: ABC News: Commending Cuba Study: Media Money Moves Left No myth survives like the myth of corporate America supporting conservative policies in its own "corporate interest." A look at media company donation patterns shows just how wrong that is. Major newspapers, magazines, and television networks give predominantly and substantially to liberal political groups through a number of philanthropic arrangements, from private and company foundations... continue reading
In This Issue Analysis: Koppel on Television & Morality; NewsBites: CBS Spikes Pro-Life; Revolving Door: New to U.S. News; Reporters First, Americans Second; Leftist Reporter Given PBS Show; Hopeful vs. Hopeless; Janet Cooke Award: Sunday Today: Salvador Slant Analysis: Koppel on Television & Morality Nearly two years ago ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel gave the commencement address at Duke University. For reasons unknown, Koppel declined Readers Digest's request to print a condensed version. MediaWatch has come across a copy of this extraordinary and refreshing calling for a return of a moral standards. Here are the highlights. America has been Vannatized... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Looking for the Liberal Label; Study Bites: Labeling; NewsBites: Gender Benders; Revolving Door: Week in Review View; Budget Busting; Frontline's Fabricated Facts; Janet Cooke Award: CBS & CNN: Easing the Soviets Out Study: Looking for the Liberal Label Washington political insiders may be able to identify the ideological orientation of any group mentioned in that morning's newspapers. But readers across the country who find their news in national magazines and in reports distributed by major newspapers rely on the labels applied by reporters. Labels enable the reader to consider the ideological views of newsmakers' opinions and... continue reading
In This Issue Study: Skewing Ronald Reagan's Legacy; NewsBites: The Evening News Gurus; Revolving Door: No Longer Speaking for the Speaker; Abortion Distortion; The Real Scoop On Koop; Underwriting the Urban League; Overtown Overtures; Reporters Blast Reagan; Janet Cooke Award: Reagan Bashing: ABC News Study: Skewing Ronald Reagan's Legacy As the baton passed from Ronald Reagan to George Bush, TV news reporters were passing judgment on the Reagan years. A MediaWatch Study reveals these network assessments reflected the liberal view of Reagan's legacy. Echoing liberals, network reporters conceded Reagan's popularity, praised his communications skills and applauded his relations with the... continue reading