In This Issue Bad News Brady; NewsBites: Boycott Bias; Review: Lessons From Iraq; Revolving Door: Passing Away; PBS "Balances" Castro Documentary with Landau; Time's New "Nation" Editor; NBC's Iraq "Expert"; Ray's Average Joes Bad News Brady Reporting on the economic effects of the Iraq invasion August 14, CBS News business correspondent Ray Brady announced "more and more economists are saying the outlook will get gloomier...All this means that a major change is hitting the American economy, one that could make any recession longer and deeper." How seriously should CBS viewers take this prediction? A MediaWatch Study has discovered that whenever... continue reading
In This Issue Pro-Abortion Bias Detailed by L.A. Times; NewsBites: The Untouchables; Revolving Door: Gannett's Big Gun; Reporters Bemoan Loss of Court's Liberal Activist; Bashing Buthelezi, Mouthing Mandela; Reporters Agree on Pro-Abortion Bias; Reporters Discuss "Subversive Mission"; Janet Cooke Award: A&E: Woman in War Pro-Abortion Bias Detailed by L.A. Times How the political beliefs of editors and reporters influence news coverage is seldom a concern raised by the national news media. That's what made Los Angeles Times media reporter David Shaw's July 1-4 four-part front-page series on abortion bias so extraordinary. Shaw noted that abortion opponents believe "media bias manifests... continue reading
In This Issue The Media Mandela Mania; NewsBites: Havana on My Mind; Revolving Door: South African Sun Rise; Make the Rich Pay More & Everybody Else Too; Media Swoons Over "Conservative" Reagan-Basher; More Mandela Mania; Janet Cooke Award: MacNeil-Lehrer Tax Hour The Media Mandela Mania Nelson Mandela's 27 years in South African prisons have transformed him into a powerful international symbol of the fight against South Africa's apartheid system. But the same reporters who have been so critical of the power of symbolism in American politics dwelt mainly on the symbol, and not the substance of Nelson Mandela during his... continue reading
In This Issue The Soviet Spokesman Sensation; NewsBites: Tax Time; Revolving Door: ABC's Democratic Lobbyist; Reporters Mourn Collapse of Communism; Blaming America for a Return to the Killing Fields; Janet Cooke Award: TIME'S Artful Dodger The Soviet Spokesman Sensation Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of glasnost has given American reporters a chance to explore the tremendous dissent lurking behind the fading happy face of the Soviet revolution. But the new Soviet Union's comparative openness has also given the American media the temptation to become overly generous in its assessment of Soviet "journalism," too eager to make earnest noises about a newly independent... continue reading
In This Issue Earth Day Without Alternatives; NewsBites: Reds Like Ted; Revolving Door: New Times Projects; Pro-Choice Celebrated and Pro-Life Ignored; CBS Slams Conservatives as 'Anti-Poor'; USA Earth Day; Janet Cooke Award: ABC News: Thatcher Thrashing Earth Day Without Alternatives In the television age, protests are no longer simple expressions of democratic discontent; they're often elaborately planned public relations mega-events. Most protest organizers would settle for a small 24-hour news binge, but the organizers of Earth Day on April 22 enjoyed a solid week of anticipatory coverage and homage. Media outlets did much more than report on Earth Day: they... continue reading
In This Issue Tags Not Planted On Green Groups; NewsBites: All for Advocacy; Revolving Door: New Investigators; NBC Refuses to Learn From Nicaragua; Networks Miss Another Election; State Department Attacks; Earth Day Evangelists; Janet Cooke Award: CBS News : "The Record of Who We Are" Tags Not Planted On Green Groups Coverage of the environment provides a dramatic example of how the media's mindset prevents a balanced discussion of both sides of an issue. Reporting on left-wing environmental groups promotes their save-the-planet intentions as non-controversial, indeed beyond dispute. Reporters ignore their underlying liberal anti-industrial agenda: the same combination of crippling... continue reading
In This Issue More Media Money Moves Left; NewsBites: Free Enterprise? Oh No!; Revolving Door: New Racket for Brackett; Networks Ignore Mendela's Unpleasant Past; Environmentalists Get All The Time; Other Networks on Nicaragua; Goldberg Scolds Media; Janet Cooke Award: NBC News: Sandinista Surrogates More Media Money Moves Left Last year, MediaWatch brought to light for the first time a new measure of the media's political tilt: the well-worn trail of media money directed toward liberal activist groups. Through a number of philanthropic arrangements, mainly company foundations and private foundations funded by past publishing profits, media companies and their executives have... continue reading
In This Issue Conventional Wisdom: Newsweek (Down) Bias (Up); NewsBites: Ray and Frances Shop for Bad News; Revolving Door: USA Today's Oregon Trail; Media Slate "Peace Dividend" for Social Spending; DHL Defends Sponsorship of PBS Show; Janet Cooke Award: Today :Earth to Ehrlich Conventional Wisdom: Newsweek (Down) Bias (Up) Newsweek 's "Conventional Wisdom" (CW) feature just celebrated its second birthday, and only liberals enjoyed the party. Since the election of George Bush, this 'wisdom' has specialized in bashing Bush, Republicans, and their policies while Democrats and liberalism have escaped largely unscathed. Almost every time the CW dealt with politicians, Newsweek... continue reading
In This Issue The 1980's: The Evil Reagan Years; NewsBites: Race Ruckus; Revolving Door: Mountain News to Hill News; Yesterday's Wimp is Today's Imperialist; "If Anyone Can Do It, Gorbachev Can"; People Liked Communism?; ABC's Unique View; Janet Cooke Award: Gorbachev's Time The 1980's: The Evil Reagan Years "Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good," pronounced actor Michael Douglas as capitalist caricature "Gordon Gekko" in the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street . Piecing the "Decade of Greed" together in a desperate frenzy of imitation, the networks liked Gekko's image so much that CBS used it four times,... continue reading
In This Issue Reporting the War on FMLN Terms; NewsBites: Bias Realized; Revolving Door: Taking on a New Project; Renouncing the Reagan Decade; More Moyers; Janet Cooke Award: PBS: America's Century Reporting the War on FMLN Terms Consider this Latin American scenario: a democratically elected government comes under attack from a band of terrorists. The government, elected six months earlier, had won in a landslide with a higher turnout than in any national election in the U.S. over the last 20 years. The terrorists, who assassinated at least eight mayors and threatened to murder anyone who dared to vote, carried... continue reading