In This Issue House Bank: Networks Miss Plenty; NewsBites: A Book Gone Wrong; Revolving Door: Fox Guarding the Democratic Coop; TV, Magazines Avoid Covering Clinton Finances; Reporters Take Cue from Left-Wing Class War Specialists; Look Who's Advising PBS; Thomas Trashed Again; The Watchdog Yawns; Janet Cooke Award: CBS on CBO: Numbers Fumblers House Bank: Networks Miss Plenty Washington's most underreported story may be the growing inattention the news media are paying to the workings of Congress. According to a 1985 study in the Washington Journalism Review, the number of Capitol Hill stories on the nightly network news decreased by half... continue reading
In This Issue Protecting Bill Clinton; NewsBites: Capitol Coverups; Revolving Door: Novel Reality; Media Pretend Skeptical Scientists Don't Exist; More Unreliable Liberal Statistics; Wrong on Dependency; Greens See Red; Koppel Contradiction; Janet Cooke Award: NBC: News By Kevin Phillips Protecting Bill Clinton Bill Clinton's popularity with the major media's political reporters is becoming legendary. In the March 9 New Republic , Senior Editor Hendrik Hertzberg wrote of the Clinton boomlet: "The group of people I'll call The Press -- by which I mean several dozen political journalists of my acquaintance, many of whom the Buchanan Administration may someday round up... continue reading
In This Issue The Anita Hill Coverup; NewsBites: Unfair to Anita; Revolving Door: ABC's Bush Campaign; PBS Omnipresence Scowls at Charges of Bias; Charlotte Observer Runs Cooke Award; There They Go Again; Nina Destroys Evidence; Hill Shills; Janet Cooke Award: CBS: Sunday Mourning Michigan The Anita Hill Coverup On February 2, network television's top-rated news program, 60 Minutes , aired an interview with Anita Hill. CBS spokesman Roy Brunett told MediaWatch that 60 Minutes did no investigation of Hill beforehand, and it showed. The story was 12 days early: in their Valentine, CBS noted that Hill had received "more than... continue reading
In This Issue ABC's Liberal of the Week; NewsBites: Great Gorebasm; Revolving Door: On the Democratic Trail; Welfare Wailing, Factual Failing; PBS Shows Match Democratic Agenda; Mayoral Payola; CBS Errs on Senate; Post Corrects Itself; Warren Brookes; Janet Cooke Award: ABC: Romance With France ABC's Liberal of the Week Most Friday evenings ABC's World News Tonight awards "Person of the Week" honors to the individual who, in the network's eyes, has "made a difference" in the world that week. Often ABC chooses an entertainer, sports figure, or youngster who has caught the public's attention. But when the award goes to... continue reading
In This Issue "Civil Rights"; NewsBites: News Fools Tonight; Revolving Door: To Kennedy's Defense; Reporters Can't Resist Lumping Republicans With Nazis; Middle Class Mythology; DoonesBury's Pet Perjurer; Abortion Manipulation; NBC's Hatchet Job; Janet Cooke Award: Philadelphia Inquirer or National Enquirer "Civil Rights" STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE Do you know the full story about the "civil rights" bill? By championing racial preferences, the "civil rights" groups are campaigning against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Not only that, the "civil rights" bill would deprive defendants of one of the most basic civil rights: the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. If you... continue reading
In This Issue Hard and Soft on Clarence Thomas; NewsBites: Please Tax Us; Revolving Door: Adding from Harvard Yard; Nightline and Frontline Caught in Hoax; The Court's Future; Reporter or Campaign Strategist?; Media Money Leans Left; Once in Love with Nina; Print Reporters Too; Janet Cooke Award: L.A. Times: Savage Attack on Rehnquist Hard and Soft on Clarence Thomas Just when Judge Clarence Thomas looked to be a shoo-in for Senate confirmation, someone with the Senate Judiciary Committee leaked an affidavit from Anita Hill charging Thomas with sexual harassment. If, as suspected, Democrats did the leaking, it could clearly be... continue reading
In This Issue Censoring the Case for "Censorship"; Study Bites; NewsBites: Mad Moldavians; Revolving Door: Advocating Adams; Networks Ignore Two Congressional Embarassments; More Statistical Games; Moyers' Boy Alter; Janet Cooke Award: CBS: Threlked Flunks Economics Censoring the Case for "Censorship" Network news executives, editors, and reporters were livid early this year when they were not granted full, immediate access to the front lines of the Gulf War, declaring themselves "the conveyors of truth" and arguing for the right to air graphic pictures of dead soldiers. Walter Cronkite defined that attitude in a January 24 interview with the Chicago Tribune :... continue reading
In This Issue Labeling Left and Right; NewsBites: Clubbing Clearance; Revolving Door: Free-Market Teaching from Dukakis?; Reporters Undergo A "Liberation Conversion"; More Attacks on Reagan, Bush, Conservatives; More Pre-Coup Media Misinterpretations; Janet Cooke Award: Satisfied Soviet People Labeling Left and Right The Soviet coup caused a surge in the adjective "right-wing" to describe hard-line communists. Formerly reserved for conservative Americans and Latin military dictators, the reporters and columnists at The Washington Post picked the term "right wing" to describe the coup plotters 11 times in the first five days of the coup. On August 22, reporter Fred Hiatt called them... continue reading
In This Issue Critics Love Tongues United; NewsBites: Gumbel's Guns; Revolving Door: Allen and Alar; Networks Ignore Treaty Violations and Fawn Over Gorbachev; Boston Globe Recycles Article From The Nation; Still More Controversey Over P.O.V.; Janet Cooke Award: Willie Horton Hysteria Critics Love Tongues United When PBS created the P.O.V. (Point of View) series, the aim was to give independent producers an opportunity to get their work on PBS. In addition to funding from PBS ($300,000) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting ($215,000), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) provided $250,000 of the P.O.V. series' annual $1.1 million budget... continue reading