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The Olympic Games, which begin this week, is an exhibition of the sportsmanship, teamwork, and the competitive spirit that make sports so enjoyable. But for many in the media, sports is just another excuse to engage in divisive political commentary. The sports media transform an apolitical past-time into a forum for their own politics. Progressives have actively attempted to remake the Olympics into a celebration of their own political ideals. From calls to make the summer Games “a forum for the promotion of LGBT rights,” to criticism of the International Olympic Committee as “the 1 percent of the 1 percent,”... continue reading
The week of June 16-June 24, 2012 has been designated by the homosexual community as Gay Pride Week , during which LGBT people take pride in their triumphs over “violence and discrimination against gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals.” Funny, but they’re not making much noise about using government to discriminate in favor of their lifestyle. One Canadian activist even declared: “We’ll only take away charitable status from the buildings where the priests live and where the people pray.” In America, state and local governments have attacked Christian businesses and religious institutions that refuse to sanction homosexual activity, fining businesses that... continue reading
Good news for pay cable viewers who like their sex scenes graphic, bloody and spiked with an unhealthy dose of violence. HBO’s original series “True Blood” is set to begin its fifth season on June 10. While it remains to be seen if “True Blood” can top a scene from a previous season in which a male vampire twists a female’s head around 180 degrees during a bout of blood-drenched “hate sex,” the promos make clear that the season won’t skimp on the sex and violence. Unfortunately, as a pay cable show, “True Blood” is unique only in its vampire... continue reading
Update -- President Obama has done it again , and again, the networks aren’t interested. On May 29, in a ceremony posthumously awarding the U.S. Medal of Freedom to World War II Polish underground officer Jan Karski, Obama referred to Auschwitz as a “Polish death camp.” Although located in occupied Poland , Auschwitz and other camps where millions of Jews and other Europeans were executed were run by the German Nazis. The Polish government was very dissatisfied with a White House statement offering its “regret” that the president “misspoke,” and demanded a fuller apology. The incident is another example of... continue reading
Part II of II Americans tempted to turn to Dan Savage’s Seattle sex-advice column shouldn’t waste time. No matter what the question or how perverted the urge, Savage will – using the crudest possible language leavened with rabid attacks on Christians, Catholics and traditional lifestyles – advise you to go ahead and indulge. Savage’s book, “Savage Love,” collects his column of the same name. On page after page the author and gay rights advocate scoffed at monogamy and recommended and condoned a range of aberrant sexual activities. Savage enthused about bondage, shrugged at child molestation fantasies and incest, and even... continue reading
Part I of II Dan Savage is a bully. How ironic, since he heads the most high-profile anti-bullying campaign the United States . But for Savage, it only gets better if you support a rabidly liberal, “anything goes” lifestyle. Savage recently garnered media attention for his offensive remarks about Christians, but in reality this is old news. The liberal media and Obama administration love to portray Dan Savage as the anti-bullying savior, but the real Dan Savage has been a repulsive and twisted creature for years. Just read any of his five books. In his books Savage penned that Christian... continue reading
Perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect history text books to present and analyze events and epochs with complete objectivity. But it’s entirely reasonable to demand that they don’t actively reinforce the news media’s liberal bias when it comes to recent history and individuals who are still alive and active in shaping that history. Yet commonly used American history textbooks have eschewed historical analysis when discussing recent Supreme Court justices, and in its place substituted partisan political commentary. The Culture and Media Institute (CMI), in its ongoing examination of American history textbooks , looked at textbooks’ coverage of Supreme Court nominees, from... continue reading
“Thousands of atheists, agnostics and other non-believers turned out in the US capital on Saturday to celebrate their rejection of the idea of God and to claim a bigger place in public life,” wrote Agence France-Press of the “Reason Rally” on the National Mall March 24, 2012. The Reason Rallyers carried crucifixes with profane statements on them, and signs like “So many Christians, so few lions.” They cheered the headline speaker, militant British atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins stressed that, “I don't despise religious people. I despise what they stand for ...” But he went on to exhort the... continue reading
“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” – George Orwell, 1984 Commonly used history textbooks in American classrooms often misrepresent major historical events, and present material based in liberal political ideology rather than factual happenings. The Culture and Media Institute has obtained six textbooks commonly used in American classrooms. Three of these textbooks are used to teach 8 th graders: Glencoe’s “The American Journey,” Prentice Hall’s “The American Nation,” and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston’s “Call to Freedom: Beginnings to 1877.” The other three textbooks are used to teach 11 th graders:... continue reading
The Washington Post’s “ On Faith ” blog network bills itself as “a conversation on religion and politics.” But the conversation of “On Faith” more accurately resembles a diatribe justifying liberal politics with religious imagery. During this past week, Becky Garrison claimed that Christian actor Kirk Cameron was not a Christian because he opposes homosexual marriage, and Lisa Miller declared that “In churches across the land, women are still treated as second class citizens.” But “On Faith” regularly cloaks attacks on conservatives and liberal advocacy in religious language and themes. Regular “On Faith” blogger Anthony Stevens-Arroyo wondered of Republican Presidential... continue reading