Netanyahu Blamed; Bye-Bye Bryant; Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar: 6 Days to Go Important Note: Some recipients have been getting a column of 40 to 50 "Apparently To..." lines at the top of their MRC CyberAlert. This shouldn't be happening and I think I have resolved the problem. If this happened to you with this message, please let me know. 1. Time disqualified Benjamin Netanyahu from Man of the Year consideration for failing to move left fast enough. 2. An Associated Press story reported that Clinton's effort to balance the budget was blocked by the Republicans. 3. A journalist group gives... continue reading
Scandals Skipped; Bias? Ridiculous; Clift's Year-End Awards Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar: 11 Days to Go 1. In October Tim Russert called a Clinton scandal development "dead serious." On Friday he called another revelation "deadly serious." But, again, it's hardly big news on NBC. 2. ABC's Cokie Roberts insisted nobody can "not be appalled" at how large donors get a night in the Lincoln Bedroom. But World News Tonight never told viewers about it. 3. Newsweek's Jonathan Alter dismissed as "ridiculous" a reporter's contention that Clinton's ethics were underplayed, but MediaWatch showed how wrong Alter remains. 4. Time magazine endorsed calling... continue reading
Eight items today: Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar: 17 Days to Go (Gumbel returns Tuesday from a week plus vacation) 1. Instead of exploring White House use of bedrooms to thank donors , CBS reporter Rita Braver claimed Bush and Reagan did the same. 2. Network evening shows ignored the White House as Motel 6 story , but found time to report on bi-sexual fruit flies. 3. George Stephanopoulos landed at ABC , but he'll do more than offer comments during This Week roundtables, he'll report news stories. 4. ABC promoted the conclusions of a liberal spending advocacy group which claimed... continue reading
Now informing over 1,100 recipients in at least three countries and eight time zones. Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar: 25 Days to Go 1. The Media Research Center Web site highlighted in USA Today. 2. CNN's Brooks Jackson didn't see a cover-up as he bought the new Democratic line of the Buddhist temple fundraising. 3. The Supreme Court reporter for The New York Times said the 10th Amendment challenge to the Brady bill "sounds like a sort of outlandish argument." 4. A former Washington Post reporter insisted that "What every conservative press critic preaches, and almost every reporter denies, is largely... continue reading
Five items today: Today we inaugurate a much-awaited new feature: The Bryant Gumbel Countdown Calendar. With his contract expiring Friday, January 3, 1997 we'll lead each CyberAlert with the number of days until we have Gumbel-free mornings. As of December 5: 29 days to go. 1. If the cost of living increase is adjusted slightly downward, ABC asserted that seniors would "lose" money; CBS reported that seniors could no longer afford to see a movie. 2. A USA Today reporter cited Bob Dornan's defeat as one of his three "signs of hope" that racial/ethnic tensions are improving. 3. Welfare and... continue reading
Braver Backs Hillary; Kessler PR; Hiss Through the Years Seven items in today's holiday weekend edition. I apologize for the length, but I want to get it all out before it gets too old. 1) CBS White House reporter Rita Braver agreed with Hillary Clinton that criticism of her getting involved in fixing welfare reform shows a First Lady just can't escape attack. 2) A Reuters story referred to welfare reform as "draconian." 3) NBC's Robert Hager delivered a glowing review of David Kessler's years in the charge of the FDA, never explaining how many thought he over-reached in his... continue reading
It's been a few days, so seven items today: 1. MSNBC reported that Alger Hiss "was a victim of Cold War hysteria." But Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings issued "clarifications" this week on their reports on the death of Hiss. 2. In five days, developments in the John Huang/DNC foreign fundraising scandal get mentioned about once in the morning and once in the evening on the networks. 3. Bryant Gumbel connects prayer and Jimmy Carter's failure as President. 4. Tom Brokaw praises the work of a liberal mogul to counter "deep" federal budget cuts for the poor and immigrants. 5... continue reading
Three items today: 1. The death of Alger Hiss generated sympathetic coverage that implied he was just an innocent victim of anti-communist hysteria. Tom Brokaw said he "was caught up in a spy scandal." CNN noted that his conviction led to "a period of blacklisting and hysteria over the communist threat." 2. Another week of DNC fundraising/John Huang revelations, another week of a network blackout of the entire issue. 3. This Week with George Stephanopoulos? The White House aide may soon be a regular on ABC's Sunday show. 1) Reporting the death of Alger Hiss, in the November 16 Washington... continue reading
Dornan Loses Conservative District; ABC to the White House? Four items today: 1) Network stories reported that Loretta Sanchez beat Bob Dornan in a "heavily conservative" district that's a "bastion of Republican conservatism." But it's neither. 2) A new poll about Campaign '96 determined that the TV networks lost viewers to the Internet and radio; fewer think the media were fair to Dole than Clinton; voters are split on whether Congress has investigated Clinton scandals enough, but most want an investigation of donations to the Democratic Party. 3) Will an ABC News Executive Producer become the new Communications Director at... continue reading
Five items today: 1. The Commerce Department launched a new investigation of John Huang's conduct, but only ABC reported it. 2. An ABC reporter noted that the Republicans suffered attacks on their Medicare proposal, but seconds earlier he charged that they wanted to "cut" Medicare. 3. MSNBC's Brian Williams tossed softball questions to White House aide George Stephanopoulos. 4. The Washington Post corrected one error, but still has a winner cited as an example of an NRA-backed loser. . 5. God sent Diane Sawyer a pillow to sleep upon - another woman's "sumptuous bosom." 1) On ABC's World News Tonight... continue reading