Nearly 200 years ago, emperor Napoleon came back from exile and re-conquered France without firing a shot. His conquest of Europe failed when Napoleon, in proper English terms, was soundly thrashed at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon might be long gone, but President Obama is doing his best to fill his boots. Sure, he’s taller. And instead of hiding his hand in his shirt, it’s either in our pockets or signing bills and spending money. But his aims are very similar – power and control. Just as the French army was Napoleon’s personal guard, Obama’s followers resemble more... continue reading
Fire fighters are the solution to your problems. They put out fires, rescue children, and, in their spare time, help end injustice. All in a day’s work for men and women who spend their careers running toward danger, not from it. But danger in a burning building is nothing compared to what Connecticut fire fighters, dubbed the “New Haven 20,” encountered first with their own department and then the legal system. The 19 white and one Hispanic firefighters took the lieutenant’s and captain’s exams and did too well – outperforming minority candidates. So the city canceled the test and the... continue reading
Not mentioned much in the current arguments over the health care “crisis,” and never mentioned in the selling of the federal takeover of the system, is the existence of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). These are special purpose savings accounts to which contributions are tax-deductible for the individual, with amount saved plus interest earned useable for any qualified health care expense. HSAs are used as an alternative to insurance by the self-employed, freelancers, part-time job holders and others not provided with insurance as an employee benefit or who cannot get conventional health insurance. Some people prefer the HSA. HSAs are instructive... continue reading
How much havoc can Obama wreak before our buyers’ remorse catches up with him? “The audacity of speed.” Maybe it’s been used before, but the first time I heard the phrase was from Fortune’s Nina Easton on the June 21 “Meet The Press” It’s a very good description of The Obama Express. It offers little hope of anything but a huge crash. And ever so slowly, the public may be awakening to that reality. We all know about “buyer’s remorse.” When you buy something, perhaps on impulse, without careful and objective analysis, you eventually come out of the euphoria of... continue reading
With apologies to Janet Jackson, America’s rhythm nation is so 1989. Now it’s an Indoctri-nation. The mainstream media don’t tell us what’s going on; they tell us what to think. Today’s example is nationalized health care. It will be the topic tomorrow, the next day and the next. But tomorrow more than most. On June 24, a major news outlet appears to be throwing away any pretense of being neutral in the national health care debate. Take it away ABC. Tell America what to think about health care with “Questions for the President: Prescription for America.” It’s an extravaganza of... continue reading
Where is Al Gore? I’ve clipped and accumulated about a hundred news articles, decreasing in size and moving further back in the pages week to week, about the first political hostages of the Obama administration, the two reporters who work for Al Gore’s TV network. They were captured, held hostage, fake-tried and sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp in North Korea . I’ve also taken notes on the TV news coverage. At first, mention was routinely made that they were “employees of Current-TV, the company created and owned by Al Gore.” That fact has been mentioned less and... continue reading
You’re a hater. Face it. You wouldn’t even be reading this right-wing, reactionary claptrap if you weren’t. After all, I’m a hater as well. So are countless conservatives from Sean Hannity to Rush Limbaugh. Ann Coulter? Was that a question? Michelle Malkin. Of course, she’s a conservative star. Bill O’Reilly? The left has secured a special place in secular hell for him because he criticized partial-birth abortion Dr. George Tiller. In fact, all conservatives are considered haters unless they agree with President Obama – on everything. Scary, dangerous haters who “ cling to guns or religion,” as the president once... continue reading
In “Fiddler on the Roof,” the hero Tevye sang of how he wished he were wealthy. “If I Were a Rich Man” became a Broadway and movie favorite as a catchy tune and even catchier sentiment. As the struggling Russian peasant explained, “It’s no shame to be poor, but it’s no great honor either.” No, today, the shame is being rich and President Barack Obama seems determined to bestow the “honor” of poverty on as many as possible. Forget the horrendous tax-and-spend policies that gradually impoverish us all. Obama’s new target is a direct one – the evil, greedy CEO... continue reading
General Motors is worth approximately minus $90 billion. That’s a negative net worth of $90 billion. Into which the president has put about $60-billion total, for 60 percent ownership on our behalf. We have traded plus-$60-billion for minus $54-billion, a net loss of $114-billion. We as investors are upside down by even more than the bankrupt carcass we’ve invested in is upside down. To do this magical deal, Obama had to commit massive financial fraud (by lying to us and GM stockholders about the company’s certain bankruptcy while engineering it), trash federal bankruptcy law, conspire to steal bondholders’ property and... continue reading
It’s small wonder the fawning media continue to note how “confident” and “cool” the new president is in office. The Sun King has assumed the throne and found it to his liking. Barack “L’État c’est Moi” Obama is a company man in a company town – a statist in a place where he needs only to stretch a hand to stretch the state. The federal apparatus in Washington , D.C. is vast, and designed to do one thing: grow and assume power. Obama is large. He contains multitudes. Small wonder too that the GOP lost its identity after 12 years... continue reading