Media Ignore Threat of 'Flag of Islam' Flying over White House

ABC asks question: should Americans fear Muslims and proves answer is yes.

Left Hates Science and Children

But journalists complain right filled with 'anti-science' types.

Mr. President, You Think WE Don't Get it. It's YOU Who Won't Get it

Obama, like Carter, bitterly resents the people he would lead.

A Lighthearted Look at Ideology vs. Reality

Real economics makes monkeys of Obama's assumptions.

Left Calls in the Cavalry, but Forgets They are the Bad Guys

Media respond to Obama's call for 'soldiers' with more bashing of tea parties.

We are Headed for 15 Percent Permanent Unemployment

Everything this president does kills jobs. Just ask White Castle.

Obama-led U.S. Fights Cuba and Is Losing

Communist nation starts learning from mistakes the capitalist is now being pushed to make.

9/11 Nine Years Later: United We Stood, Divided We Stand

Media help promote 9/11 conspiracies or revel in blame America rhetoric.

Cries of 'Not Me' From the First Family Circus

Media downplay presidential blame game on everything from Iraq to economy.

Too Many Vacations? Let's be Thankful He's Out of the White House

We would all benefit if Obama went on a two-year holiday.
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