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Three Thoughts for SHIELD

I give three thoughts about last night's SHIELD episode.

Hostages Pitches A Lousy Curve

A crummy twist in a rotten show
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How I Met Your Mother's Tribute to Rhyme

A rhyming tribute to How I Met Your Mother's Bedtime Stories.
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The Blacklist Returns to the Summits

Part one of the fall finale of The Blacklist is a smashing success.

Five-0's Thanksgiving is Too Stuffed

Turkey day episode packs in too much; an old star guests.
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Two Questions for Modern Family

Two questions about this week's Modern Family Episode.
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How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

CBS reveals that How I Met Your Dad will be the spinoff of How I Met Your Mother
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Revenge Makes Them Good Girls Go Bad

Dualism and Revenge follow different paths
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