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Nick and Jess and Their Exes

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Big Bang Theory: The Convention Conundrum

James Earl Jones guest stars on the Big Bang Theory.
Sgt Pete's youngest brother Randy tries to get Pete to bunk with him and Derrick

Character Development

The third episode of develops each of its characters in this comedy while introducing a deep issue.
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NBC Requests DeGeneres’ Gay-Themed Pilot

‘The New Normal,’ well, wasn’t. What about ‘One Big Happy?’
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The Blacklist: The Cyprus Agency

Doubts about the Blacklist exposed
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Rake: Serial Killer

Rake gets off to a dissappointing start.
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Comedy in War?

"Enlisted," a new military comedy on FOX, discovers laughs among the troops. But is it too soon to be poking fun at a situation that is still a daily reality for many?
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Supernatural: Carlton vs Crowley

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The Blacklist: The Alchemist

The Blacklist: moles, gender roles, and less gruesome, grisly scenes.
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