Bozell's Column

Every once in a while a movie becomes the toast of Hollywood, and such is the case with "American Beauty." Already it's won innumerable citations and awards, and enters this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony with eight nominations, including Best Picture. Most critics just can't say enough about this film. From the New York Post: "'American Beauty' is a flat-out masterpiece. Surely the best movie of the year. Indeed, an all-time classic." From Daily Variety: "This release will spark a rash of critical hosannas and play exceedingly well to sophisticated audiences." From USA Today: "['American Beauty'] brims with brilliance... a singular... continue reading
Here are two rules of civility in politics. One, conservatives are not allowed to question the motivations or crocodile-tear strategies of liberals. Two, because the true visionaries in the Manhattan media elite have a more heightened sense of society's needs, they can say anything they want about those distasteful people who stand in the way of enlightened progress. If you doubt me, I offer a perfect example: the media's coverage of the Clinton-NRA gunfight. You can hear the anger in those scandalized media voices: doesn't Wayne LaPierre know the rules? LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association,... continue reading
There's something truly bizarre about political reporters whining that the presidential race being winnowed down to just Bush and Gore with eight months to go. These are the same people whose only question for Bill Bradley in the last month was: so when are you getting out? These are the same people who never gave any conservative Republican challenger a chance in this race. One Newsweek reporter said "his hair hurt" just thinking about the boring race to come. This is the same reporter who told Don Imus that Steve Forbes should quit after New Hampshire, suggesting: "It's too bad... continue reading
In a shocking victory for lackadaisical Justice Department prosecutors, Democratic fundraiser, Gore associate, and communist Chinese agent Maria Hsia was convicted on March 2 of illegally funneling $100,000 to Democratic candidates, including the Clinton-Gore campaign, in 1996. In a much less shocking development, the major so-called "news" networks and so-called "news" magazines promptly ran and hid under rocks. Okay, U.S. News mentioned it briefly, and ABC and CBS gave it a sentence or two before the throwing the story in the trash. But these acts of criminal wrongdoing are clearly much less exciting to the average reporter than groundbreaking political... continue reading
It's only natural that leftists would take the media lovefest over John McCain's Trash Talk Express to mean only one thing. In The Nation, Eric Alterman asked: "Can we please put the 'liberal media' [insert barnyard reference here] to rest forever, now?" At the invitation of the Los Angeles Times, left-wing media critic Jeff Cohen declared: "The 'Straight Talk Express' may not roll over Bush, but it already has run over and killed the myth of the liberal news media." Nowhere in their critiques did they consider that nowhere but nowhere have the mainstream press praised the Arizonan's votes to... continue reading
If you're a conservative considering voting for Sen. John McCain, you're a fool. At least that's what McCain and his political hit squad think. Bill Clinton conducted perhaps the greatest smokescreen presidential campaign in recent history in '92. It seems McCain has obviously studied it well; in both word and tone he is running just as disingenuous an effort. Perception being the reality of politics, like Clinton before him McCain is having a dandy time fooling a whole lot of people into believing a whole lot of things about him that simply are not true. Clinton understood that the Beast... continue reading
Journalists love the crack "When your mother says she loves you, check it out." But reporters don't really want to place withering scrutiny on their mothers, and they're not applying it to their good buddy John McCain. In their crabby looks back at George W. Bush's win in South Carolina, the press saw only one factually-challenged, hyper-negative candidate. Newsweek declared Bush "had been forced to run to the far right and deep in mud." Time said Bush's "slashing tactics" were "ferocious even by South Carolina's down-and-dirty standards." But McCain's campaign has launched a plethora of factually sloppy attacks on his... continue reading
On a normal day, all the broadcast networks combined won't offer as much worthwhile fare as does, say, cable's History Channel. Then again, though their standards have markedly declined, there's nothing on broadcast television that stoops quite so low as what can be found on cable. Even more damning for cable, some of its most vile programming is aimed deliberately at children. Two such programs are "The Tom Green Show" and "Celebrity Deathmatch," which can be found on MTV, the so-called music network generally avoided by adults but a mecca for pubescent youngsters. I suppose that children have excuses for... continue reading
One of the ways the media continue to devaluate their currency with the public is by constantly debasing society's pillars, of which a persistent favorite is the clergy. The Kansas City Star recently took a sledgehammer to the Catholic Church. "Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses," thundered the investigative report, "and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease." Devastating stuff, that. But could the Star prove it? Star reporter Judy L. Thomas claimed that through death certificates and interviews with priests and family members, she had "found... continue reading
It appears there's no stopping the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" juggernaut. The four "Millionaire" telecasts during the week of January 31 finished in spots one through four in that week's Nielsens. Those who predicted the ABC game show would run out of steam after its blockbuster summer and fall runs now have plenty of egg on their faces. In all the publicity over "Millionaire," what reason for its success is almost always overlooked? Quite simply, the entire family can watch it. Its combination of mental stimulation and wholesomeness has proven irresistible to viewers of all ages. Given the... continue reading