Bozell's Column

I ran into an old friend recently, a foreign policy expert who has spent much time in recent years in the former Soviet Union and China. "The next administration will be sorely tested," he told me. "Our enemies want to know if our lack of resolve is just Clinton's ineptness or indicative of America's decline." No need to test us. That our government could do what it did to Elian, and that anyone could defend this atrocity tells me our nation has lost its identity. Land of the Free? Not anymore. Never mind our president, who is as cowardly as... continue reading
An eleven-year run is an exceptional accomplishment for a television show. The few that stayed on the air that long, like "Cheers," "M*A*S*H," and "Happy Days," are classics of the industry. But when a certain block of programming, whose total number of series over time reached well into double figures, lasts eleven years, it's an even greater accomplishment. It's akin to maintaining a championship-level sports franchise amidst ongoing personnel turnover, as when Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. Sadly, this programming block - ABC's Friday, family-oriented "TGIF" (Thank God It's Friday) lineup, which... continue reading
The organizers of Earth Day 2000 cast movie star and "Titanic" teen-titillator Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role of their Washington protest. Consider the movie poster: "First he saved Kate Winslet. Now he's saving the planet." Just don't think they're thrilled with their casting. Crusty radical Earth Day boss Denis Hayes admitted to the Boston Globe, "Sure, it'd be preferable if policy issues could be discussed on a higher plane, but we live where we live.'" It doesn't help that DiCaprio has done his part in this year's main Earth Day theme - shadowboxing against the phantom of "global warming"... continue reading
Liberals love protests, taking to the streets and demanding "social change." They're flocking to protests against free world trade, the use of fossil fuels, homophobia, and gun rights, to name a few lovable liberal stances. But when the protests don't match that "progressive" agenda, the reception isn't so rosy. The daily protest vigil of Cuban Americans around Elian Gonzalez's adopted home is a good example. Time Miami correspondent Tim Padgett recently began an article by disparaging the "hard-line" anti-communists surrounding the six-year-old survivor. "The 'banana republic' label sticking to Miami in the final throes of the Elian Gonzalez crisis is... continue reading
Submitted for your consideration, this snippet from a Boston Globe story: "The... deploring of language, nudity and those 'sexual situations' on the...networks [is] being heard again." That line was written in 1989, back when shows like "Married...With Children," which featured the dysfunctional, crass Bundy family, were the rage. Back in 1989 many were deploring the violence on "Wiseguy," the sexual innuendo on "Anything But Love," the raw language on "Roseanne." So often it was so gratuitous, so unnecessary - meant only to titillate some, and (presumably) offend others. It was a pretty sorry state of affairs. Ten years later we... continue reading
For many years now, the liberal Children's Defense Fund has featured as a sort of logo a children's drawing with the scrawled-out words, "Dear Lord, be good to me, the sea is so wide, and my boat is so small." For many of those years, Hillary Rodham Clinton chaired the group's Board of Directors. It's extraordinary that CDF has nothing to say about six-year-old Elian Gonzalez and his plight at sea, and now Hillary is saying to little Elian: get back on a boat to Fidel Castro's Cuba. Spokesman Howard Wolfson recently explained that "Hillary Clinton knows that we must... continue reading
The left-wing magazine the Nation can apply its hidebound brand of analysis to serious public-policy topics. Typical of this is a December book review wherein the Nation's Europe correspondent writes, "If you look at Communism as merely the story of crimes, terror and are missing the point. The Soviet Union did not rest on the gulag alone. There was also enthusiasm, construction, the spread of education and social advancement for millions..." It's this kind of stuff that makes the Nation...the Nation. However, this spring, as last spring, the Nation devoted almost an entire issue to the movie business and... continue reading
The scandals of the Clinton administration just won't stop. If it isn't Bill Clinton, it's Hillary; if not Al Gore, it's Janet Reno. A day doesn't go by without a new revelation of wrongdoing - or its cover-up - from what we were promised would be "the most ethical administration in history," but is easily the most corrupt ever. On March 29, the latest stink bomb exploded. A federal judge ruled Bill Clinton had violated the Privacy Act in releasing Kathleen Willey's supportive letters last March, after Willey charged the President with sexual harassment. That document dump was a crime,... continue reading
There's nothing wrong with like-minded persons protesting whatever they find objectionable, be it a sacrilegious art exhibition or a bigoted baseball player. That also includes agitating to remove an offensive program and/or its host from television. If it's acceptable political action to work for the dismissal of Howard Stern, then homosexual activists have the right to try to scuttle Dr. Laura Schlessinger's upcoming TV show. But as far as the substance of their argument goes, it's another story. The character-assassination campaign by the Schlessinger-bashers is repugnant. Remember, though, that this is the radical gay movement, and as it has attained... continue reading
While so many in the media have found it outrageous that Bill Clinton could be accused of having "blood on his hands" over administration inaction on violence in America, for CBS it is perfectly acceptable - even worthy of nationwide TV promotion - to charge a Pope had the blood of six million Holocaust victims on his. On March 19, CBS's "60 Minutes" promoted the book "Hitler's Pope," by British journalist John Cornwell. If an author of Cornwell's disposition were writing about Bill Clinton, CBS would have no trouble dismissing him as a "Clinton hater," as a vicious tool of... continue reading