Bozell's Column

You are a prominent sports columnist. You cover the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics. You mingle with world-class athletes. You are the envy of millions. Even so, once in a while you hanker to forsake fun and games in favor of Something Important. You dream of being...a liberal pundit, holding forth on the serious issues of our time. If so, the efforts of radio talkmeister and pigskin buff Rush Limbaugh to join the "Monday Night Football" broadcast team have been manna for you. When you deal with this topic, your fantasy is realized, as you bash one of... continue reading
Very early in the Clinton era, a media consensus developed that there were two kinds of women associated with Clinton scandals: the disreputable haters who accused him, and the sainted, put-upon victims who were useful to him. It never really mattered which women spoke the truth, only which ones had the right sympathies. Falling in the first category were Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, and Juanita Broaddrick. They were regularly caricatured as partisan harpies wanting the big bucks from tabloids along with their 15 minutes of fame. Then there were the persecuted innocents, the Susan McDougals and Julie Hiatt... continue reading
Liberals suggest that not much has gone their way over the past quarter-century or so. As they might tell it, ever since they catalyzed the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and forced the political demise of Richard Nixon, not only have almost all of their initiatives been stymied, but a few of their accomplishments have been undone. They are partly correct. In a narrowly political sense, America has moved to the right, notably on economic issues. Socially and culturally, however, the left has dominated the policy debate in at least one respect. The gay agenda is in full control. And the... continue reading
PBS would like to be seen as an oasis of civility in an uncivil desert of hot-headed trash talk. One of its inventions is the talk show "To The Contrary," an eight-year-old political roundtable for female pundits. Hosted by Bonnie Erbe, a former legal correspondent for the NBC Radio/Mutual network, it strives to provide "a discussion of issues from a variety of women's perspectives." But apparently some perspectives are worthy only of scorn. On the weekend of the so-called "Million Mom March," conservative panelist Linda Chavez of the Center for Equal Opportunity explained why she recently broke a liberal taboo... continue reading
It's a presidential election year, so Ted Turner's baby, the Cable News Network, is very busy in reporting the latest developments. But for those ethical experts that wonder about conflicts of interest in journalism, another baby of Ted's, the Turner Foundation and its $25 million grant budget is also heating up for the election cycle - on the side of pro-abortion and radical green groups. After covering the Democrats' joke of a racketeering lawsuit against Rep. Tom DeLay, Newsweek recently added: "Meanwhile, the Democrats may be getting some indirect help of their own from an undisclosed source. Newsweek has learned... continue reading
The saddest story in the May 4 New York Times was not the one about the death of John Cardinal O'Connor, who, after all, lived a long, full life serving his God and his Church. Actually, that morning's most depressing articles were in the arts and high-tech sections of the paper. Each offered a disturbing glimpse at what "entertainment" has become for a large segment of today's youth. One article addressed "a new school of hard-edged rock bands." At or near the head of the class is Slipknot, which according to Times critic Neil Strauss specializes in songs "about fenced-in... continue reading
Donna Dees-Thomases has told everyone far and wide that she came up with the idea of the "Million Mom March" after watching TV news coverage of a day-care center shooting in California. She wrote the words down on an envelope. Then she decided to hold the march on Mother's Day. Who would dare criticize that? How emotionally, manipulatively perfect. Her web site proclaims: "Our aim is to recruit - from all walks of life - mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, foster mothers, future mothers, and all others willing to be 'honorary mothers' in this crusade." One honorary mother for this event... continue reading
When school children are taught civics, they learn that there is an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch, and one of the legislative branch's checks and balances on the executive is the function of oversight, investigating and demanding answers on executive branch actions. But in today's politics, that's a hopelessly sterile textbook lesson. Under this administration, our fourth branch of government - the media - often discourages and insults the oversight process if the hearing has anything to do with a subject that could potentially damage the President. For our latest installment, and for evidence of the... continue reading
On May 1, Jonathan Last, writing about "The West Wing" in the leftist online magazine Salon, declared that "liberals can do drama well and conservatives can't." I tend to agree. Yet that night, when NBC's four-hour dramatic miniseries "The '70s" wrapped up, millions of viewers were forced to conclude that liberals are also fully capable of producing awful drama. Inevitably, much of "The '70s" deals with the sociopolitical uproar that started in the previous decade. (The tumultuous period we think of as "the '60s" somehow actually began in the fall of 1963 with JFK's assassination and ended in the summer... continue reading
Manhattan prides itself on its eclectic hipness, like its daring fashion styles, its avant-garde theatrical performances, and the like. Now Gotham appears to be at the forefront of a new trend: It's the place to watch your neighbors having sex. My source for this is a New York Times piece which states, "Just look out of any high-rise apartment building in Manhattan. From the businessman in Hell's Kitchen whose neighbors have been treated to nighttime views of him and his bed mates (male and female) to a couple on Fifth Avenue and 16th Street whose lovemaking is a midmorning feature... continue reading