1. Olbermann Links Bush to Caning of Sumner & to Domestic Terrorism On Wednesday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used his latest "Special Comment" not only to demand that President Bush apologize to American troops over the Iraq War, but he also blamed Bush for inspiring acts of "domestic terrorism" against critics, a la King Henry and Archbishop Thomas Becket, and bizarrely chose to inject racism by making a comparison between Bush supporters attacking the President's opponents and the the 1856 caning of anti-slavery Senator Charles Sumner by pro-slavery Congressman Preston Brooks, at one point even mentioning charges of... continue reading
1. Couric Mimics Potential GOP Ad: 'John Kerry Insults the Troops' During a discussion on Tuesday's CBS Evening News about John Kerry's seeming insult of troops in Iraq, anchor Katie Couric invoked a deep voice as she mimicked an imaginary possible Republican ad of the future: "John Kerry insults the troops. Do we really want the Dems to take over?" Couric offered her impersonation, an odd persona to be assumed by a broadcast network anchor, during a segment with former Clinton Press Secretary Mike McCurry and former Bush Communications Director Nicolle Wallace. McCurry, confident the media will quickly move on,... continue reading
1. ABC Sets Out to Prove 'Republican Voters Are Quite Disillusioned' Depending on how the election turns out next week, the story by Dean Reynolds on Monday's World News on ABC will be proven eerily prescient about the impending GOP setbacks or an illustration of a news media too eager presume disgust toward Washington, DC amongst Republicans. Anchor Charles Gibson set up the story by noting how Republican congressional incumbents "are fighting to hold three seats" in Indiana "against strong Democratic challengers" and that from LaPorte, Reynolds "reports that Republican voters are quite disillusioned." Reynolds featured a bunch of local... continue reading
1. Lynne Cheney on CNN: 'Why Are You Running Terrorist Propaganda?' During an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer aired twice on Friday's The Situation Room and again on Sunday's Late Edition, Second Lady Lynne Cheney turned the tables on the cable network and bluntly asked if Blitzer wanted the U.S. to win in Iraq: "What is CNN doing running terrorist tape of terrorist shooting Americans? I mean, I thought Duncan Hunter asked you a very good question and you didn't answer it. Do you want us to win?" Blitzer replied: "The answer, of course, is we want the United States... continue reading
1. ABC's Shipman Daydreams: 'Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?' ABC's Claire Shipman ended a Thursday World News profile of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by tilting her head upward and rolling her eyes, as if imagining along with Pelosi, as she wondered: "Do you let yourself think, for example, maybe before you go to sleep at night, 'Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?'" Pelosi denied any such daydreaming: "No. I never do. What I think before I go to sleep at night is how we can get up to 15 new Democratic seats in the Congress of the United... continue reading
1. ABC Scolds 'Incendiary' GOP Ad, 'Many See Racial Overtones' A night after the NBC Nightly News tried to discredit as racist an RNC ad against the Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee, Harold Ford, ABC joined the effort. On Wednesday's World News, Dean Reynolds asserted: "Drawing on Ford's attendance at a Playboy magazine Super Bowl party last year, the national GOP has been running this commercial, with what many see as racial overtones. First, people lampoon Ford's positions, and then a woman in a suggestive pose says this:" The woman: "I met Harold at the Playboy party." Reynolds: "And after... continue reading
1. NBC Discredits GOP Ad as Racist, Condemns Limbaugh's Slap at Fox Another campaign, another opportunity for the mainstream media to discredit a Republican campaign ad as racist. On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, Andrea Mitchell critiqued an RNC ad attacking Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford and, in offering a second example of how the "mid-year elections are getting rough," Mitchell castigated Rush Limbaugh, ignoring the inaccurate Democratic ad he had criticized. The Tennessee ad made fun of how Ford once attended a Playboy party. The ad ends with a white woman whispering: "Harold, call me." Mitchell pounced: "The NAACP said... continue reading
1. Donaldson: Democratic House Takeover with Subpoenas 'Good Thing' Democratic control of the House, with the inevitable ensuing subpoenas and investigations, will be a "good thing," ABC News veteran Sam Donaldson declared on Sunday's This Week. During a roundtable discussion on how Republicans are trying to scare their base into voting by warning of how liberals will take over key committee slots if Democrats will the House, Donaldson predicted: "What we'll see is subpoenas, if they take control, and these subpoenas will delve into every nook and cranny of the Republican administration for the last six years." That prompted Cokie... continue reading
1. ABC & NBC Hail 'Remarkable' and 'Exciting' Obama Presidential Bid Senator Barack Obama's admission on Meet the Press, that he's thinking about running for President, excited the press corp Sunday night with the broadcast network evening news -- at least ABC and NBC -- salivating over the prospect. "The headline out of Washington today," ABC World News anchor Dan Harris declared at the start of his newscast, "was about the 2008 presidential election. Senator Barack Obama, whose been getting an extraordinary amount of attention for a freshman lawmaker, made a remarkable reversal. After long insisting that he would not... continue reading
1. Couric Leads with 6 Minutes on Foley, Memories of Naked Back Rubs Back on October 6, Katie Couric promised that the Mark Foley scandal "is not going away." And just under two weeks later, on Thursday night, she did her part to keep it alive by leading the CBS Evening News with six minutes on it, starting with salacious descriptions of the teenage Mark Foley's alleged sexual activity with a Catholic priest. Couric offered a warning to viewers as she hyped the supposed importance of the priest's recollections: "A stunning development tonight in the congressional page scandal, and you... continue reading