1. CBS Features Rescued Iraqi Surgeon: 'Thank You American Military' Monday's CBS Evening News featured a recounting, by Lara Logan, of how over the weekend U.S. Army soldiers rescued an Iraqi surgeon and his family who were trapped for eight days on Baghdad's Haifa Street, suffering in dire conditions and in danger of getting killed in fighting between Sunni militias and the Iraqi army. After the rescue, Dr. Quraish Fajir al-Kasir proclaimed on camera: "These are days that I will never forget in my life. Thank you American military, thank you people!" The "Crazyhorse" troops of the 4th Squadron, 9th... continue reading
1. CBS: Clinton Got Bigger Bounce in Midst of Lewinsky Scandal Coverage all day Thursday on the cable news networks, as well as on the ABC and NBC evening newscasts, emphasized negative reaction to President Bush's plan for a "surge" of troops into Iraq. But the CBS Evening News delivered a markedly more negative presentation, even managing to raise Watergate and Monica Lewinsky. Katie Couric led: "If the early reaction to President Bush's new Iraq strategy is any indication, selling the American public on it could be a mission impossible." She soon added: "The reviews of the speech last night... continue reading
1. Bush 'Alamo' Grounds for Retirement, 'Terrified' of Bush on Iran On MSNBC Wednesday night, during coverage of President Bush's speech to the nation, Chris Matthews compared Iraq to the "losing battle" of the "Alamo," calling it a "catastrophe," and contended that, if America were under a parliamentary system, that the President's handling of the war would be grounds for retirement. Matthews was further alarmed at Bush's apparent willingness to confront Iran over its nuclear program, as the MSNBC host contended that "a lot of people are going to go to bed tonight terrified," and even described himself as "worried"... continue reading
1. CBS: Bush Plan 'Escalation,' Ignores Near Even Split In Own Poll On Monday's CBS Evening News, White House reporter Jim Axelrod adopted Democratic terminology as he referred to President Bush's plan to call "for an escalation in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq." Axelrod later applied the more Bush-friendly term of "surge," but he also presumed the election was all about Iraq and not congressional Republican malfeasance in the Foley matter: "He'll be going against what voters said they wanted last November, and what the new Democratic leaders in Congress say they want right now." Axelrod soon highlighted... continue reading
1. CBS's Bob Schieffer Presses Speaker Pelosi to Raise Taxes Whether the newest elected politician is a Republican or a Democrat, the primary interest of the Washington press corps is always the same: push them to increase taxes. The latest example came in a taped interview aired on Sunday's Face the Nation during which CBS's Bob Schieffer pressed new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the left to raise taxes and was appalled when she suggested Democrats may actually cut taxes for some. Schieffer proposed: "President Bush said last week that he wanted to work with the Congress to balance the... continue reading
1. Gibson on Pelosi: 'Taking Care of the Children and the Country' ABC anchor Charles Gibson opened Thursday's World News by trumpeting how, video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the House floor holding a baby while she talked to colleagues, demonstrated "the ultimate in multitasking: Taking care of the children and the country." Seconds earlier Gibson had hailed how "for the first time in the 218-year history of the Congress, a woman was voted by her colleagues to be Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, took the gavel." He then moved to tout what he described as... continue reading
1. Olbermann and Dean Suggest Impeaching Bush Cabinet Members On Wednesday's Countdown, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and frequent guest John Dean discussed the possibility of a Democratic Congress moving to impeach members of President Bush's Cabinet as an alternative to actually impeaching the President or Vice President. After Dean contended that Democrats would need to "find their spine and go toe to toe" with the administration because Republicans "play hardball in a much tougher and more ruthless manner than Democrats," Olbermann brought up Dean's idea of impeaching Bush administration members: "The far end of what you suggest, obviously, would be impeachment,... continue reading
1. Olbermann: Bush Extending 'Senseless' War to Aid 'War Profiteers' On Tuesday's Countdown, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used his latest "Special Comment" attack on President Bush to accuse the President of extending the "senseless, endless" war in Iraq as part of an ulterior motive to transfer money to "war profiteers" because "you can't sell [the Army] any more [Humvees] until the first thousand have been destroyed." Olbermann: "The service men and women are ancillary to the equation. This is about the planned obsolescence of ordnance, isn't it, Mr. Bush? And the building of detention centers? And the design of a... continue reading
1. 'Unpardonable' for Ford to Not Share Disagreement with Iraq War On Sunday's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Time magazine Washington Bureau Chief Jay Carney called "unpardonable" the late President Gerald Ford's failure to share with the nation, as well as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld -- who worked for him as Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense, respectfully -- his discomfort with the decision to go to war in Iraq. "Had he spoke out at the time," Carney sighed, "it would have had an impact." This Week opened the roundtable with audio of Gerald Ford in a 2004... continue reading
1. Nets Rush to Tout Ford's Denunciation of the Iraq War Several of the broadcast network morning and evening shows on Thursday rushed to tout the comments of the late President Gerald Ford to the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, held until after his death, critical of President Bush's decision to launch the Iraq war. ABC's Charles Gibson teased at the top of World News: "Tonight, Gerald Ford hits the Bush administration with a broadside. Before he died, he called the war in Iraq, 'a big mistake' made by some of the men he brought into power." Over on NBC, substitute... continue reading