1. Nets Tout 'Respected' Lugar as 'Tipping Point' & 'Turning Point' The network anchors have found their new favorite Republican: Senator Richard Lugar, whose call for a change in policy direction on Iraq led the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts on Tuesday. Referring to Lugar's remarks Monday night on the Senate floor which were later echoed by Republican Senator George Voinovich, ABC anchor Charles Gibson engaged in some hyperbole as he teased: "Tonight, a Republican rebellion over the war: More Senators say the mission in Iraq is no longer in America's best interest." With "Tipping Point?" on screen, Gibson... continue reading
1. CBS Frets Court's Turn to Right, ABC Rues Campaign Finance Ruling The Supreme Court on Monday issued two rulings related to free speech, but CBS was more concerned by the court's move "to the right," while ABC deplored the impact of the ruling striking down of a ban on advocacy advertising 60 days before an election. Substitute CBS Evening News anchor Harry Smith, however, saw only one of the cases as involving free speech as he stressed the ideological direction of the court: "Today the justices ruled on a broad range of issues, including campaign finance reform and free... continue reading
1. NBC: 'Ugly Emotions' on Illegal Immigration 'Fanned' by Limbaugh On Sunday's NBC Nightly News, reporter John Yang distorted Pat Buchanan's point about the level of crime committed by illegal immigrants as he impugned Rush Limbaugh for helping to "fan" such "ugly emotions." Previewing the expected Senate vote Tuesday on whether to revive the immigration bill, Yang asserted that "the outcome is uncertain, largely because of the heated debate over how to treat people illegally in the country." Yang charged: "On NBC's Meet the Press today, that debate turned ugly." Viewers then saw a soundbite from Buchanan: "Many of them... continue reading
1. MSM Journalists Amongst 87% Who Donated to Dems & Far-Left Groups An investigation by Bill Dedman, posted Thursday, documented that of 144 journalists identified as having "made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign," the "newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists [87 percent] gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 17 gave to Republicans," a 7-to-1 tilt. But while most of those found by Dedman work in local markets, for opinion-oriented publications or hold non-news coverage positions such as music reviewer or copy editor, several are mainstream media journalists. Amongst those listed... continue reading
1. Nets Convey Excitement Over Bloomberg, 'Candidate of the Media''s James Taranto on Wednesday proposed that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the preferred presidential "candidate of the media, ideologically as well as professionally," a supposition demonstrated by media excitement over his separation from the Republican Party in preparation for a possible independent bid. "The presidential race just got a whole lot more interesting," gushed Today co-host Meredith Vieira in plugging Wednesday's top story while, on CBS, Early Show co-host Harry Smith excitedly relayed how "we want to get right to our top story, and that's a bombshell... continue reading
1. Williams Sees Victories, But Frustrated by 'How's the War Going?' NBC anchor Brian Williams, on Tuesday's Daily Show, recognized that there are "tremendous local victories" in Iraq, but told Jon Stewart the constant suicide bombings killing scores of civilians leave him unable to answer the question: "How's the war going?" But, "when you look at the big picture you wonder how it's ever going to work?" Asked by Stewart about his March trip to Iraq, Williams offered a colorful detail about pleadings from Iraqi women as he answered: "We go to Ramadi and Iraqi women, unprompted, didn't know who... continue reading
1. NBC's Today Show Crowns Hillary Clinton as 'Unbeatable' Monday's Today show pumped Hillary Clinton as the next nominee of the Democratic Party and even used two former Clinton flacks, Lisa Caputo and Dick Morris, to posit she may be unbeatable in the general election. In fact, Today co-host Meredith Vieira acted as a third flack as she called Hillary the "Teflon Candidate" and noted two recent anti-Clinton books haven't "made any dent in her popularity." Maybe that's because the books have received so little media attention. First up, at the top of the June 18 Today, Vieira greeted viewers... continue reading
1. Williams Admits Bias, Discovers Opposition to Illegal Immigration NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams conceded on Thursday's newscast that NBC has focused on the interests of those in favor of the immigration bill as he acknowledged "a lot of people" have a different perspective. A week after the immigration bill collapsed in the Senate, NBC got around to the other side -- but that's still sooner than ABC or CBS. With "Immigration Backlash" on screen, Williams explained how "as we have covered the immigration debate here, we have heard from numerous Americans who are trying to run businesses, make... continue reading
1. Couric Leads with 'Historic Alliance' on Gun Control, Brady Chief Katie Couric led Wednesday's CBS Evening News by trumpeting a victory for gun control and featuring a one-on-one interview with a gun control advocate. "An historic alliance between Democrats and the NRA produces the first major new gun control bill in years," Couric teased. "Tonight, they're closing the loophole that allowed the Virginia Tech killer to buy his guns." After that plug for House passage of a bill that still must go through the Senate and be signed by the President, she teased another story, one seemingly more crucial... continue reading
1. ABC's GMA Gives Forum to Moore to Denounce U.S. Health System On Tuesday's Good Morning America, Chris Cuomo conducted part one of a mostly softball interview with Sicko filmmaker Michael Moore. (Another segment aired Wednesday focused on Moore's attacks on the media for enabling the Iraq war.) But despite a flowery introduction where the GMA anchor asserted "[Moore's] critics are struggling to fight his basic premise that America's health care system is in trouble," Cuomo still found himself backpedaling after labeling the liberal filmmaker's Cuba trip a stunt. The ABC host, son of Mario Cuomo, quickly exclaimed, "Look, I... continue reading