1. Nixon's Denigration of Fred Thompson Newsworthy to ABC The news media have hardly been admirers of Richard Nixon, but ABC News found new respect Tuesday for Nixon's assessments now that old tapes show how during Watergate he ridiculed future GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson as "dumb as hell." On the day of Thompson's debut at a GOP presidential debate, both Good Morning America and World News featured stories from Brian Ross, who in the World News version boasted that "we spent weeks going through the hours of Nixon Oval Office tapes." But though Ross reported nothing not posted two... continue reading
1. ABC's World News Hits Hillary from Left, Advances MoveOn's Agenda Citing how "members of the anti-war group MoveOn.Org named Iran, not Iraq, as their top issue," and without once applying a liberal or left wing label, ABC's Word News on Monday night skewered Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from the left for voting for a resolution other candidates claim could allow President Bush to launch a war against Iran. Anchor Charles Gibson explained how "Clinton recently voted for an amendment in the Senate that would designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Other Senators running for President...are criticizing... continue reading
1. Liberals Surround Matthews at Party; He Hails Jackson Admirer On Friday's Hardball, MSNBC's Chris Matthews tried to explain away his "criminality" allegation against the Bush administration, hailed as his "hero" a CBS News correspondent who touted Jesse Jackson as "a sort of conscience of the country" and, in showing pictures from the Thursday night party celebrating Hardball's 10th anniversary, illustrated how he was surrounded by liberals. Comments from Matthews on his show suggested that his charge against the Bush administration -- "they've finally been caught in their criminality" -- which the Washington Examiner quoted him as saying at the... continue reading
1. NBC Sees Scandal in 'Abusive' Interrogations; MSNBC: 'More Lies' Presuming Bush administration dissembling and illegality, NBC anchor Brian Williams considered it "big" news Thursday night that the administration "secretly authorized abusive interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects, including torture, despite denial from everyone from President Bush on down. And the policy remains even though the Supreme Court ruled against it." Picking up on the front page New York Times disclosure of the classified documents, which neither ABC nor CBS considered newsworthy, NBC ran a slanted story that, other than one short soundbite from White House Press Secretary Dana Perino about... continue reading
1. ABC Paints Bush as Uncaring for Vetoing Health 'for Children' Again exploiting children and mothers to advance the goal of expanding federal spending and dependency, ABC's World News led Wednesday night by giving voice to the media-political establishment's astonishment that President Bush would veto a bill to provide health insurance "for children." Anchor Charles Gibson led: "Most politicians like to kiss babies, pet dogs and support programs for children. Not often you'll see one take a stand against a proposal providing health insurance for children. But that's what President Bush did today, vetoing the so-called S-CHIP program that would... continue reading
1. Bennett Corrects Blitzer on Rush, CNN Cites 'Chicken Hawk' Insult Bill Bennett corrected CNN's Wolf Blitzer's presumption on Monday that Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" comment was directed at soldiers who served in Iraq and now oppose the war, but in setting up the "Strategy Session" segment on Tuesday's The Situation Room, Blitzer again adopted as fact the spin of the far-left group pushing the attack on Limbaugh. With the text on screen, Blitzer highlighted how "Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania...says: 'Someone should tell chicken hawk Rush Limbaugh that the only phonies are those who choose not to serve... continue reading
1. Blitzer Joins in Distorting Limbaugh, Advancing Far-Left Smear CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday night matched MSNBC in distorting the target of Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" comment as the 7pm EDT hour of The Situation Room devoted a full story to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attack on Limbaugh based on a Friday hit job on Limbaugh by the far-left Media Matters. "It's an angry new shot in the dispute over the war in Iraq," Blitzer asserted before reporting that Limbaugh had charged "that some veterans who are criticizing the war are, in his words, quote, 'phony soldiers.'" In fact,... continue reading
1. MSNBC Smears Limbaugh with 'Phony Soldiers' Distortion All day Friday, even after Rush Limbaugh corrected the misinformation, MSNBC promoted a story fed to them by the far-left Media Matters about how Rush Limbaugh had called military personnel who served in Iraq and oppose the war "phony soldiers." Limbaugh opened his noon EDT radio show on Friday by explaining how he was referring not to any real soldier but a phony one, notably Jesse MacBeth, who became a hero to the left when he recounted how his Army unit murdered innocent Iraqis. In fact, he hadn't even completed basic training... continue reading
1. Couric 'Uncomfortable' with Post-9/11 Patriotic Fervor The wearing of flag lapel pins and saying "we" when referring to the United States in the days after 9/11 made Katie Couric "uncomfortable," she revealed at a Tuesday forum in which she also fretted that "corporate America owning a lot of media outlets" dissuaded questioning of "this inevitable march toward war." She claimed that "anyone who questioned the administration was considered unpatriotic." On Iraq, she declared: "People in this country were misled in terms of the rationale for war." Couric's politically-charged comments came during a "Kalb Report" interview conducted at the National... continue reading
1. CBS News Disreputably Promotes Left-Wing Smear of Bill O'Reilly The morning after CNN and MSNBC began salivating over a potential "Imus moment" pushed by a far-left group to suppress Bill O'Reilly over a supposedly racist remark, CBS and NBC on Wednesday advanced the liberal group's cause with multi-part segments on the topic. But while NBC's Today at least provided some balance and proper labeling, CBS's Early Show, with "In Hot Water" and "O'Race Factor" on screen, aired a story which failed to identify the ideology of Media Matters and followed with Julie Chen pressing the only guest to agree... continue reading