1. CBS's Smith Warns Being 'Agent of Change' May Get Obama Killed CBS's Harry Smith on Tuesday morning, after hailing Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama as the passage of a "most treasured covenant," suggested the enthusiasm for Obama's "generational change" and his role as an "agent of change" makes him a potential target of an assassination. Interviewing Kennedy on The Early Show, Smith ominously inquired: "When you see that enthusiasm, though, and when you see this generational change that seems to be taking place before our eyes, does it make you at all fearful?" Kennedy either did not get... continue reading
1. Means 'Audacity of Hope' Has 'Rendezvous with Destiny' The broadcast network anchors and reporters were almost as giddy as Barack Obama over liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy's endorsement of the presidential candidate. ABC, CBS and NBC all led Monday night with it and ABC's David Wright adopted campaign slogans as he enthused about how "today the audacity of hope had its rendezvous with destiny. The Kennedy clan anointed Barack Obama a son of Camelot." CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric teased, "Passing the torch: Barack Obama is tapped as the candidate to continue the Kennedy legacy." NBC's Lee Cowan, who... continue reading
1. Schieffer Treats NYT Attack as Shaming Instead of Badge of Honor On Sunday, for the second time in days, a network journalist presumed Rudy Giuliani should be ashamed and defensive about a Friday New York Times editorial which denigrated his character, instead of seeing it, as any conservative would, as a badge of honor. On Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer reminded Giuliani how his "home town newspaper....really took after you. They said your 'arrogance,' your 'vindictiveness' were, I think, are 'breathtaking,' in their phrase. What do you say about that when people ask you about that?" Giuliani explained how... continue reading
1. As NYT Hails McCain, Williams Makes Rudy Answer Its Denigration Instead of pressing John McCain to defend himself to Republican primary voters in the wake of a New York Times editorial endorsing him which praised McCain for his more liberal views on global warming, campaign finance and illegal immigration, during Thursday night's GOP presidential debate on MSNBC, Brian Williams demanded Rudy Giuliani respond to the denigration of him by the left-wing newspaper -- which Williams called "your home town paper" -- as a "vindictive man" with a "breathtaking" level of "arrogance and bad judgment." To audience applause, Giuliani pointed... continue reading
1. Outlets Disguise Agenda of Ex-Reporter's Group, Hype Iraq 'Lies' AP, MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times on Wednesday all promoted a "study" by a couple of affiliated far-left groups, supposedly documenting "935 false statements" about Iraq made by Bush officials, but in hyping the proof of "lies" which led to war, the news outlets disguised the ideology of the groups -- led by a former ABC and CBS reporter/producer -- and how many of the "false" statements were about Iraq possessing WMD, which FNC's Brit Hume pointed out was "a concept nearly universally accepted by most of the... continue reading
1. NBC's Ned Colt Ponders: Osama Bin Laden 'Fanatic' or 'Hero?' What is it about liberal reporters that they can deliver slanted pieces about conservatives time and time again but when it comes to a mass-murdering terrorist they feel compelled to give the other side? On Tuesday's Today show, NBC's Ned Colt decided he needed to balance out the views of Osama Bin Laden, as he rhetorically asked about the al Qaeda leader: "Murderous fanatic or hero of radical Islam?" Colt even went on to relay a soundbite from the editor of Al-Quds who painted Bin Laden as the "little... continue reading
1. Brokaw: Limbaugh's Hurting GOP as Voters Reject Reagan 'Dogma' On Sunday's Meet the Press, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw pounded the narrative that Reaganism is dead or dying within the Republican Party, with a "nomadic herd" of voters "rejecting dogma," so he contended Rush Limbaugh trying to debate which candidate is truly conservative "is not going to help the Republican Party." As if Tom Brokaw was really interested in that goal. He insisted the country is "hungry for solutions," as if "solutions" and "conservatism" were antonyms. 2. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on Hardball: 'Giuliani is a Dictator!' Appearing on... continue reading
1. 6th Poll in a Year Finds Public Recognizes Liberal Tilt to Media For the sixth time in a year, a national survey has found many more Americans see a news media bias to the left than to the right, and the latest poll released earlier this month by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute, discovered "significantly declining percentages of Americans saying they believe all or most of media news reporting," with MSNBC (at a piddling four percent) and PBS (three percent) the least trusted for accurate reporting. Fox News, at 27 percent, was the most trusted, way ahead of... continue reading
1. Matthews: Huckabee & Thompson 'Fanatics,' Obama 'Really Cool' Appearing Wednesday night on NBC's Tonight Show, MSNBC's Chris Matthews suggested Republicans are like Iraqi factions, with a "fanatics" wing, and oozed over Barack and Michelle Obama, hailing them as "really cool. They are Jack and Jackie Kennedy," insisting it's a "spiritual experience" to attend an Obama rally. When asked by Jay Leno about the uncertain Republican primary forecast, Matthews argued: "They got their Shia wing, the fanatics. They've got Huckabee. This where I get into trouble. This is just where I get into trouble. Huckabee and Thompson are the Shiites."... continue reading
1. Williams Delivers Friendly, Empathetic Segment w/ Hillary Clinton Nine days after a glowing segment with Barack Obama, NBC's Brian Williams on Wednesday night again delivered a very friendly session with a Democratic presidential candidate, this time Hillary Clinton. Since the Iowa caucuses, Williams has not interviewed any of the Republican candidates for the NBC Nightly News, but last fall he did and displayed quite a contrast in approaches -- quizzing Republican Rudy Giuliani about controversies in his past while tossing softballs to Democrat John Edwards. In the Wednesday segment, Williams provided a congenial chat with Clinton, showing her on... continue reading