1. ABC's Sawyer Frets: Press Using 'Boxing Gloves' on Hillary? ABC discovered media bias Thursday morning as Good Morning America took up not liberal bias against conservatives but Hillary Clinton's complaint that the media are too tough on her and too soft on Barack Obama. Diane Sawyer fretted: "Have all of us in the media used boxing gloves on Clinton and kid gloves on Obama? Have we been unfair?" The segment featured a group of liberals talking about whether the press favored one liberal over another liberal and several leftist journalists were cited as proof as co-host Diane Sawyer continued... continue reading
1. Hardball Panel Predicts 'Nasty' & 'Vicious' GOP Attacks on Obama Like an offensive-line blocking for their quarterback, Chris Matthews and the rest of Wednesday night's Hardball panel game-planned to protect Barack Obama from what they saw as the coming "vicious" and "nasty" attacks from Republican sack artists in the fall. Matthews, along with NBC's Norah O'Donnell and Newsweek's Howard Fineman, continued to gripe about conservative talk show host Bill Cunningham's emphasis of Barack Obama's middle name of Hussein as Matthews worried: "Is this gonna be a vicious, almost ethnic fight, going after the guy because of his heritage, his... continue reading
1. Decry 'Caustic' Talk Host Who 'Compelled' McCain to 'Undo Damage' With cover from John McCain, NBC and ABC on Tuesday night condemned the "caustic" and "mocking" remarks of Cincinnati radio talk show host Bill Cunningham who, on stage before an Ohio campaign appearance by McCain, dared to utter Barack Obama's middle name and call him "a hack" Chicago politician. Though Hillary Clinton on Sunday, without upsetting journalists, ridiculed Obama with religious overtones ("Let's get unified. The sky will open. The light will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing!"), NBC's Kelly O'Donnell asserted: "Cunningham's nearly ten-minute provocative performance veered... continue reading
1. ABC News Discovers Obama Is a...Liberal Who Loves Raising Taxes ABC News sent Terry Moran to Springfield, the capital of Illinois, to explore Barack Obama's record as a state Senator and, deep in his Monday story on World News, Moran acknowledged a reality rarely mentioned in network campaign coverage: "Obama was...considered a reliable liberal Democratic vote in Illinois, voting for most gun control measures, opposing efforts to ban so-called 'partial birth abortions,' and supporting hundreds of tax increases." Moran then showed a soundbite of Republican State Senator Kirk Dillard, who declared: "Senator Obama certainly is a liberal." 2. Brit... continue reading
1. ABC's Diane Sawyer Gushes: Can Hillary Win by Losing? Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer found an astoundingly gentle way to ask Hillary Clinton about the possibility of not being the Democratic nominee. On Friday's program, the ABC journalist wondered if such a victory was even necessary. She soothingly suggested: "The question is, are you in a new place about winning? Have you decided that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish, even if you don't win the presidency?" Sawyer's question, in reference to a comment made at the debate in which Clinton claimed she would be "fine,"... continue reading
1. Nets Lead w/ NYT Hit on McCain, Question Journalistic Standards All three broadcast network evening newscasts led Thursday night with the New York Times story alleging an improper relationship by John McCain with a female lobbyist, but questions about the journalistic standards of the newspaper were given as much consideration as the allegations against McCain. All three ran a soundbite from Rush Limbaugh denouncing the paper while ABC and CBS featured establishment media observers who castigated the Times for basing a story on the feelings of unnamed sources: Ken Auletta on ABC and Tom Rosenstiel on CBS. "John McCain... continue reading
1. MSNBC: 45 Minutes on McCain, 'Eerily Similar' to Clinton-Lewinsky MSNBC was so excited about a Thursday New York Times story with a derogatory look at Republican presidential nominee John McCain's supposed relationship with a female lobbyist eight years ago, that the network broke into the 7 PM EST re-run of Hardball to read from the Web-posting of the article which Keith Olbermann described as "extraordinary" before he insisted the quoted efforts of staffers to "protect" McCain sound "eerily similar" to Clinton-Lewinsky. Later in his 45 minutes of "Breaking News" coverage, Olbermann proposed: "If this doesn't sound like deja vu... continue reading
1. Burden on Cindy McCain Over Michelle Obama's Lack of U.S. Pride Michelle Obama proclaimed that "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country," but instead of putting the burden on the Obama campaign to defend her admission of a lack of pride in her nation, NBC on Tuesday night framed its coverage around Cindy McCain's "rhetoric" in issuing a "political jab" over the remark and concern over whether that "was a knock at Michelle Obama?" But at least NBC highlighted the comment from Monday. ABC's World News didn't utter a word about it... continue reading
1. Ann Curry Tells Bush: Americans 'Suffering' Because of War During a live interview with the President and the First Lady from Tanzania on Monday's Today show, NBC's Ann Curry pestered Bush about the Iraq war and its economic impact on Americans as she lectured: "I mean they say they're suffering because of this war." Curry had discounted Bush's insistence that he carries a "burden" in taking the nation to war as she lamented: "Some Americans believe, that they feel they're carrying the burden because of this economy. I mean they say they're suffering because of this war." When Bush... continue reading
1. Olbermann Accuses 'Fascist' Bush of Engaging in 'Terrorism' On Thursday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann delivered his latest "Special Comment" rant against President Bush, this time attacking him for threatening to veto an extension of the Protect America Act unless it includes provisions to give immunity from lawsuits to telecom companies who have cooperated with government surveillance in the past. Calling the President a "liar" who was "slinging crap" and using "a form of terrorism against his own people" to gain support, Olbermann accused President Bush of fascism: "If you believe in the seamless mutuality of government and... continue reading