1. ABC's Simpson: Hillary 'Best Qualified' Because She's 'a Woman' For former ABC News reporter/anchor Carole Simpson, her support for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid boils down to sexist reasoning that the person "best qualified to lead this country right now, is a woman, somebody different." Appearing Friday night on CNN's Larry King Live, the now out-in-public advocate for Clinton rejected the notion Clinton should drop out, pleading: "What about the country?" She proceded to contend: "I'm concerned about the good of the country. Our country is in terrible shape. And I believe Hillary Clinton is best qualified to move ahead... continue reading
1. Smith & Gibson Fret to Obama Protracted Race Will Hurt Party In interviews with Barack Obama aired Thursday night, CBS anchor Harry Smith and ABC anchor Charles Gibson both shared their concern over how the protracted Democratic race could hurt the party in the fall -- with Smith urging Obama to demand, "with some severity," that Hillary Clinton exit the race -- while Gibson hailed Obama's "extraordinary speech" on race before he wondered if Obama worries "race could become" the "central...issue." Smith told Obama: "If you're the presumptive candidate here, isn't it time that you say, with some severity,... continue reading
1. ABC Conveys Worries Obama-Clinton Battle Will Hurt Party in Fall The broadcast networks rarely highlight poll numbers other than their own, but on Wednesday night ABC's World News pegged a story to a Gallup survey which confirmed the ongoing Democratic presidential battle will harm the party's chances in November. With "HURTING THE PARTY?" on screen beneath pictures of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, anchor Charles Gibson warned: "Many Democrats have been worried that the protracted fight, between Senators Clinton and Obama, might start alienating voters and hurt the party's chances against John McCain in the fall. Well, now there... continue reading
1. After Week of Silence, Networks Pounce on Hillary's Bosnia Fib One week after Hillary Clinton claimed that she faced sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia -- and six days after the MRC's NewsBusters blog posted contemporaneous news footage from CBS showing that she did not -- the big broadcast network evening and morning shows finally jumped on the story of Hillary's big fib. Monday night, CBS and NBC ran full stories, Tuesday morning all three broadcast networks carried stories and ABC's World News caught up Tuesday night with story as CBS and NBC, prompted by comments from Clinton... continue reading
1. ABC, CBS and NBC All Fail to ID Indicted Mayor as a Democrat Two weeks since the ABC and NBC evening shows took multiple days before getting around to informing viewers that disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer belonged to the Democratic Party -- after every ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news program last year immediately highlighted the party of Republican Senators David Vitter and Larry Craig -- Monday's broadcast network evening newscasts all failed to note, verbally or on-screen, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's party. ABC anchor Charles Gibson announced on World News: "Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick... continue reading
1. Simon on CBS: 'Obama Won Over His Base...the American Media' Roger Simon, chief political columnist for The Politico and former White House correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and political editor of U.S. News & World Report, acknowledged on Sunday's Face the Nation that Barack Obama won over "his base," which he identified as "the American media," in his Tuesday speech in reaction to Reverend Jeremiah Wright's anti-American rants: "Obama really won over his base, he won over the American media. They loved that speech." Indeed, over on This Week's roundtable, ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman trumpeted: "He gave a... continue reading
1. CBS Castigates McCain Staffer for Accurate Obama/Wright Video "The McCain campaign suspends a staffer for circulating an inflammatory video about Barack Obama," CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric intoned as "Campaign Controversy" was plastered on screen over a YouTube video which simply intersperses clips of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. Managing to twist Obama into a victim, a task made easier by the feckless McCain campaign, Couric set up a Thursday story: "A low-level aide to John McCain was suspended today for circulating an incendiary video about Barack Obama that's been viewed by tens of thousands of people on... continue reading
1. Moving on from Obama's Pastor, NBC Focuses on McCain 'Mistake' A day after Barack Obama's speech in reaction to the bigoted and hateful rants of his long-time pastor, the network evening newscasts moved on -- with only ABC briefly mentioning the topic -- while NBC Nightly News, which has run just one clip of Jeremiah Wright and on Friday had instead featured a whole story about Obama's childhood friends cheering him on, centered a Wednesday night story around "a mistake" by John McCain. Anchor Brian Williams provided an ominous plug: "Did John McCain slip, or was his mistake intentional?... continue reading
1. 'Extraordinary' Speech 'Gift' for 'Confronting Race' w/ 'Honesty' The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts on Tuesday framed coverage of Barack Obama's speech, in reaction to the furor over the racist, paranoid and America-hating remarks of his long-time pastor, not by focusing on what it says about Obama's true views and judgment but by admiring his success in "confronting" the issue of "race in America" in an "extraordinary" speech. Indeed, both ABC and CBS displayed "Race in America" on screen as the theme to their coverage, thus advancing Obama's quest to paint himself as a candidate dedicated to addressing... continue reading
1. Ongoing Blackout of Wright's 9/11 Rant, Only ABC Covers Him Mon The broadcast network evening show blackout, of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's 2001 charge that the U.S. earned the 9/11 attacks, continued Monday night as neither CBS nor NBC touched the Wright issue and ABC ran a full story which included Wright's "U.S. of K-K-K-A" hate speech and how Obama has been close to Wright for 20 years, but concluded with how "many African-Americans do not understand" the controversy since the "kind of fiery language Wright uses is not uncommon in black churches." The race-based, white-bashing rants may not be... continue reading