1. NBC News: Tax Cuts Mean McCain's Economic Plan 'Doesn't Add Up' Network journalists have yet to meet a spending hike or regulation that they considered unwise, but any tax cut is always ill-advised and helps "the wealthy." Living up to the pattern -- and illustrating how John McCain will earn media scorn for any conservative policy proposal -- NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams set up a Tuesday story on McCain's economic plan by emphasizing how "some critics say his economic plan, which centers on more tax cuts, doesn't add up." Reporting on McCain's plan outlined in a speech... continue reading
1. ABC's Harris Sees 'Controversial' 'Hardliner' Pope with 'Tin Ear' On World News Sunday, ABC anchor Dan Harris filed a report on Pope Benedict's upcoming trip to America, labeling the Catholic leader as "sometimes controversial," and calling him a "hard-liner" for "strenuously condemning divorce, homosexuality, and abortion." Harris also suggested that he has a "tin ear" because of a 2006 speech in which he used a quotation of a historical figure calling Islam "evil" that sparked riots by Muslim extremists around the world, without mentioning that the Pope later clarified that it was not his personal view that Islam is... continue reading
1. DisHonors Awards Held Thursday; Snow and Hero's Family Honored Cal Thomas, Larry Kudlow, Mark Levin and Ann Coulter highlighted the MRC's "2008 DisHonors Awards: Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters" presented on Thursday night, April 10, before an audience of more than 1,000 people packed into the Independence Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, D.C. In place of the journalist who won each award, a conservative accepted it in jest. Those standing in for the winners: Kellyanne Conway, Ron Maxwell, Jim Gilchrist, Congressman Mike Pence and Congressman Tom Tancredo. Following the presentation of the DisHonors Awards... continue reading
1. NBC Stacks Deck Against Petraeus, and Takes a Shot at McCain Too NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams led Tuesday's newscast by listing the burden of the Iraq war in years, troops, deaths and cost before Jim Miklaszewski, unlike reporters on ABC and CBS, found it newsworthy to show a man, in the Senate hearing for General David Petraeus, shouting "bring them home!" In the next story, Andrea Mitchell decided to highlight, again unlike ABC or CBS, how John McCain " again describing al Qaeda as Shiite" and Williams turned to Richard Engel, NBC's Iraq reporter, who described Petraeus'... continue reading
1. ABC Finds Soldiers In Iraq Backing Candidates: Obama and Clinton ABC, which wasn't so interested in 2004 in reporting overwhelming military support for President Bush over John Kerry, on Monday night aired a story on how soldiers in Iraq are split between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- with only an afterthought about how "some" prefer John McCain. Relating how "only moments before we talked to them, these troops had been listening to Vice President Cheney give a rousing speech," but Cheney "didn't change their political preference," Raddatz played clips from two soldiers backing Obama and two supporting Clinton... continue reading
1. Nets Remember Heston as 'Polarizing' and 'Controversial' Remembering Charlton Heston, who died Saturday night in his Beverly Hills home at age 84, the ABC and CBS anchors on Sunday tarnished the actor's political activity on behalf of conservative causes, particularly his leadership of the NRA, as "polarizing" and "controversial." Dan Harris, anchor of ABC's World News, asserted: "As President of the National Rifle Association, he became one of the most-polarizing figures in American politics." CBS Evening News anchor Russ Mitchell declared: "Once the quintessential big screen hero, in his later years he drew as much attention for his controversial... continue reading
1. NBC Uniquely Highlights Latest Medal of Honor Recipient On Thursday evening, NBC Nightly News was again the first broadcast network evening newscast to highlight a Medal of Honor recipient -- only the third given for heroic action in Iraq, and the first to a sailor in that theater -- Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor. Williams observed: "This nation has a new Medal of Honor recipient, though he is not alive to accept the honor. Michael Monsoor was a U.S. Navy SEAL. He died in Ramadi in 2006 when he absorbed the blast of a grenade to... continue reading
1. Matthews to Obama: 'Tough Enough' to Handle 'Right Wing Radio?' Chris Matthews got Barack Obama one-on-one on Wednesday night as part of Hardball's "College Tour," but didn't admit to getting a "thrill" up his leg from the Illinois Senator's appearance. However, Matthews did ask Obama questions mostly from the left, such as if he was "tough enough to take the heat" from "right wing radio," and warned him the "Republicans will bring [Jeremiah Wright] back." 2. CBS's Smith: 'An Extraordinary Number' of Republicans for Obama In yet another fawning interview with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday's CBS... continue reading
1. Turner: Iraqi Insurgents 'Patriots,' Warming Inaction: Cannibalism Interviewed Tuesday for Charlie Rose's PBS show, CNN founder Ted Turner argued that inaction on global warming "will be catastrophic" and those who don't die "will be cannibals." He also applied moral equivalence in describing Iraqi insurgents as "patriots" who simply "don't like us because we've invaded their country" and so "if the Iraqis were in Washington, D.C., we'd be doing the same thing." On not taking drastic action to correct global warming: "Not doing it will be catastrophic. We'll be eight degrees hotter in ten, not ten but 30 or 40... continue reading
1. 60 Minutes Champions Al Gore's 'PR Agent for the Planet' Cause On Sunday's 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl delivered a fawning piece on Al Gore's environmental crusade, teasing: "Since he lost the election, Al Gore has become a certified celebrity, a popular prophet of global warming." In the introduction to the subsequent segment, she proclaimed: "When Al Gore ran for President in 2000, he was often ridiculed as inauthentic and wooden. Today, he is passionate and animated, a man transformed." Stahl began the interview by asking Gore about the Democratic presidential race and the possibility of him brokering a deal... continue reading