1. Networks Concerned If Obama Has Now Put Wright 'Behind Him'? Tuesday night the broadcast network evening news shows centered their coverage, of Barack Obama's repudiation of Jeremiah Wright, from Obama's point of view with "'I'M OUTRAGED'" (ABC) or just "OUTRAGED" (CBS) plastered on screen by an Obama image, interest in whether Obama has now put the "controversy behind him" (ABC and NBC) and only an afterthought about whether anything Wright said Monday was any different than what he had over the previous 20 years Obama has known him. Brian Williams asked Tim Russert: "Do you think this stops the... continue reading
1. Only ABC Focuses on Wright's Inanity, All Showcase Shot at Cheney At his National Press Club appearance on Monday, Reverend Jeremiah Wright re-affirmed several of his past incendiary allegations -- and added at least one new one equating U.S. troops to the Roman legions who killed Jesus -- but only ABC's World News noted that as the network journalists preferred to paint Barack Obama as a "victim" of Wright and all three evening newscasts highlighted Wright's attack on Dick Cheney for not serving in the military. CBS's Dean Reynolds, who spent more time on Wright's attack on Cheney than... continue reading
1. Stahl Discovers 'Polarizing' & 'Fascist' Scalia Really 'Charming' In her two-part profile of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia aired on Sunday night's 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl seemed repeatedly surprised by how Scalia in person isn't the "polarizing figure" who protesters call a "fascist," as she conceded: "What's interesting is the difference between how you appear in person and the image that you have. Because the writings are so often combative, and your friends say that you're charming and fun." In short, Scalia really does not match the left-wing characterization of him adopted by Stahl's media colleagues. Stahl opened her... continue reading
1. Stress Wright's Claim Remarks Distorted, Not Obama Agrees w/ Him Barack Obama's pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, suggested in an interview with Bill Moyers that Obama agreed with his comments which stirred a furor in March, but instead of framing their stories around evidence Obama may be in sync with Wright's paranoid and America-hating rants, the network evening newscasts on Thursday stressed Wright's claim his sermons were unfairly distorted. CBS's Jim Axelrod relayed how Wright asserted "parts of his sermons were publicized by Obama's opponents to damage Obama, but that they fundamentally misrepresented Wright's ministry and Wright himself." NBC anchor... continue reading
1. CBS Condemns Anti-Obama Ad as Proof Campaign Getting 'Nastier' Anti-Barack Obama ads from Hillary Clinton's campaign didn't concern CBS, but on Wednesday night anchor Harry Smith denounced an accurate ad from the North Carolina Republican Party, pointing out Obama's closeness to Reverend Jeremiah Wright and showing the very same "God Damn America" soundbite the CBS Evening News ran a month earlier, as proof the campaign is getting "nastier." After playing clips of the ad -- the narrator saying "For 20 years, Barack Obama sat in his pew listening to his pastor," Wright yelling "Not God Bless America, God [bleep]... continue reading
1. Curry Treats Dems as Victims, NBC Obsesses Over 'Swift-Boating' On Tuesday's Today, NBC's Ann Curry treated both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as victims of unfairness -- worrying Obama will be "swift-boated" by Republicans and asking Clinton if she agreed "the playing field has been not level because you are a woman?" This was at least the third time an NBC News host or anchor has fretted to Obama about him being "swift-boated" by odious Republican tactics, questions which presumed the criticisms of John Kerry in 2004 were mendacious. Curry's loaded question to Obama, and his answer with "Can... continue reading
1. Politico: 'Many Journalists...Participants in Obama Phenomenon' The Politico, in an April 18 headline, stated the obvious, "Obama's secret weapon: The media," though it's not much of a "secret" weapon. John F. Harris and Jim Vandehei, both veterans of the Washington Post, noted the backlash against ABC for daring to ask the tough questions during last week's debate evidenced by "the piling on from journalists rushing to validate the Obama criticisms and denouncing ABC's performance as journalistically unsound." Suggesting that "if Obama was covered like Clinton is, one feels certain the media focus would not have been on the questions,... continue reading
1. Making It Up to Obama? ABC Touts: 'Bandwagon' of Endorsements A day after Barack Obama and many of his liberal media compatriots complained about ABC's Wednesday debate questioners daring to ask him about William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and not wearing a flag pin, Friday's World News featured a story championing Obama's "bandwagon" momentum with his campaign "firing on all cylinders." Anchor Charles Gibson teased, "Obama Bandwagon: The candidate picks up three big name endorsements, including the backing of a long-time Clinton friend." Neither CBS or NBC were so excited over the endorsements. ABC reporter David Wright, whose Thursday evening... continue reading
1. Obama and Liberals Whine: ABC Contrite and CBS Shares His Pain In a bunch of presidential debates this season the Republicans have come under tougher scrutiny than the Democrats, but the mainstream media didn't care. However, when Barack Obama and some left-wing journalists complained about questions to him during Wednesday's debate on ABC, the network evening newscasts found the kvetching newsworthy. CBS plastered "Debate Backlash" on screen as Katie Couric touted an upcoming Thursday night story. CBS reporter Dean Reynolds explained: "He was even grilled about his flag pin, or lack thereof. A series of questions that aides say... continue reading
1. Couric Fears Clinton-Obama Battle Will Lead to Loss in Fall A broadcast network anchor again worried Wednesday night about how much the ongoing Democratic primary battle "is hurting" the candidates and their chance to beat Republican John McCain in the fall. After CBS's Bob Schieffer pointed out how a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found the percent who consider Hillary Clinton to be "honest and trustworthy" has fallen from 52 to 39 percent over the past year, Couric fretted: "How much do you think this infighting is hurting both candidates?" Schieffer confirmed the fighting is "taking a toll on... continue reading