1. Matthews: Racist West Virginians Decided in 1957 to Oppose Obama Guest hosting on Tuesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews assigned deleterious motives to the voters of West Virginia and repeatedly reaffirmed that nobody should be surprised if Barack Obama loses the May 13 primary to Hillary Clinton. According to Matthews: "You could have predicted West Virginia 20 years ago on this one." Making his racial overtones more clear, Matthews derided: "These people made up their mind in '57." This was all too much for fellow guest host Pat Buchanan. One of the few conservatives on MSNBC, he first... continue reading
1. Williams: 'Smart' Say Tornadoes a Reaction to Abuse of Earth NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on Monday evening gave credibility to the extremist environmental theory that the Earth is reacting to mankind's mistreatment by spawning a rash of tornadoes. Williams reported how "this has been one of the most active, deadly tornado seasons in a long time" with more tornadoes so far this year than through August last year. He then forwarded to NBC Weather Plus meteorologist Bill Karins the kind of reasoning he hears during his daily routine: "I talked to three people, casual conversation today, all... continue reading
1. Lauer Worries to Edwards: Will Obama Get 'Swift-Boated' On Wright? Does bringing up Reverend Jeremiah Wright amount to "swift-boating" Barack Obama? That's what Today co-host Matt Lauer suggested in a Friday interview with John Edwards. For the third time this year the Today show used the term parroted by Democratic partisans to wonder about the evil Republican smear machine. Lauer reminded John Kerry's running mate of the "swift-boating of John Kerry" and worried: "Do you see a fall election campaign where there are images of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright side by side? Is it going to hurt him?"... continue reading
1. Williams Tosses Softballs to Obama, Empathizes Over Elitist Image Brian Williams, who slobbered over Barack Obama in their last interview in early January, did so again in a Thursday session excerpted on the NBC Nightly News. Back on January 7, Williams handed Obama a Newsweek with "Inside Obama's Dream Machine" as the cover story and wondered: "How does this feel, of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity? Who does it make you think of? Is there, is there a loved one?" On Thursday, Williams didn't pose a single challenging question nor mention Jeremiah Wright... continue reading
1. Only NBC Reports Navy to Name Ship for Medal of Honor Recipient Last October the NBC Nightly News was the first broadcast network evening newscast to highlight the first Medal of Honor award since Vietnam for a member of the Navy, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a SEAL killed in combat in Afghanistan in June of 2005, and on Wednesday the newscast stood alone in highlighting the Navy's announcement that a guided-missile destroyer will be named the "USS Michael Murphy." Anchor Brian Williams outlined what earned Murphy the Medal of Honor recognition: "During an intense firefight in Hindu Kush Mountains in... continue reading
1. Matthews: Shame on All Who Took Part in Rush's 'Operation Chaos' Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos," the effort to urge conservatives and Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in order to prolong the Democratic nomination battle, certainly annoys MSNBC's Chris Matthews who, during primary coverage Tuesday night, denounced the "mischief-making" by "a talk jock." In the 11:30 PM EDT half hour, Matthews offered a "Keith [Olbermann]-style special comment" about how "anyone who voted to screw up the political system of this country with the purpose of mischief should carry that with them the rest their lives." He called it "a... continue reading
1. NC NBCer: 'Smart' Not Bothered by Wright, But Conservatives... On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Kim Genardo, a political reporter for NBC's Raleigh, North Carolina affiliate, WNCN-TV channel 17, divided North Carolinians into two categories -- those who are "smart" and those who are "conservative" -- as she predicted "smart, educated" primary voters won't be swayed by Jeremiah Wright but was unsure how "conservative, white, rural voters" would vote as she admitted she's not "in touch with them." She contended: "The smart, educated pool of voters who go to the primaries, they're not buying necessarily this guilt by association... continue reading
1. CBS: 'Unpatriotic' Works, Even Against Purple Heart-Earning Kerry Demonstrating how the mainstream media will view criticism of Barack Obama through the prism of past attacks on Democrats they consider illegitimate, Dean Reynolds concluded a Sunday night CBS Evening News story on Barack Obama by suggesting Democrats are well-justified in fearing Republicans will succeed in portraying Obama as "out of the mainstream,'" which Reynolds described as "code for 'unpatriotic'" in forwarding the red-herring, since it has worked "even against those who've received the purple heart." To make his reference clear, as he spoke viewers saw video from the 2004 campaign... continue reading
1. NBC Nightly News Runs Second Favorable Obama Interview Excerpt An evening after the NBC Nightly News showcased Michelle Obama's plea to move on from focusing on Jeremiah Wright because talking about him "doesn't help kids out there," on Thursday night the newscast again provided a platform for Barack and Michelle Obama to advance their efforts to show humility and paint media coverage as unfair. Setting up a second night of excerpts from the interview the couple conducted with Meredith Vieira for the Today show, anchor Brian Williams explained how "both went out of their way to say they understand... continue reading
1. ABC's David Wright Urges Viewers to Feel Obama's Pain ABC reporter David Wright filed a report on Wednesday's Good Morning America in which he urged viewers to sympathize with how difficult it must have been for the Senator to finally break with his controversial pastor. The journalist mournfully announced: "For Obama, whose own father abandoned him as a child, this must have been another painful break." Rather than wonder why Obama repeatedly stood by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man who absurdly claimed that the United States government created the AIDS virus, David Wright lobbied for Americans to realize... continue reading