1. Only ABC Considers Obama's Hypocrisy on Johnson Worth Full Story Of the three broadcast network evening newscasts on Wednesday, only ABC's World News judged Jim Johnson's resignation from the Obama campaign as worth a full story. CBS and NBC limited coverage to brief items that failed to inform viewers of how Obama was caught in hypocrisy. ABC's Jake Tapper, however, explained the reason for the "big headache for Barack Obama," that "the head of his vice presidential search committee, Jim Johnson, resigned amidst criticisms that Johnson personified the very special interests and Washington insiders whom Obama campaigns against." Tapper... continue reading
1. Media Prism: Repubs 'Block' Lower Gas Prices by Spurning Tax Hike The three broadcast network evening newscasts on Tuesday framed coverage, of a Democratic Senate plan to somehow lower gas prices by imposing a "windfall profits" tax on oil companies which they would just pass on to consumers, around how Republicans "blocked" the effort. No one cast any doubt on the presumption the oil companies are earning "windfall" and/or "excessive" profits. Fill-in NBC anchor Ann Curry's very short update: "Now to the high price of oil and gas. Senate Republicans today blocked a Democratic plan to impose a windfall... continue reading
1. Williams Tells Grads U.S. Broken: 'Need You to Fix the Country' Delivering the commencement address Sunday at Ohio State University in Columbus, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams implied America is broken as he told the graduates: "We need you to fix the country." That clip, squeezed in between Al Gore at Carnegie Mellon and Martin Sheen at Notre Dame, aired as part of an annual compilation of commencement advice run at the end of Monday's NBC Nightly News. In full video of his remarks posted on, Williams apologized for his contemporaries: "On behalf of my generation, I'm... continue reading
1. CBS's Byron Pitts Concedes He's 'Excited' by Obama's Nomination On Sunday's Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz played a clip of CBS reporter Byron Pitts on Wednesday's CBS Evening News hailing Barack Obama's Democratic nomination victory as proof "one of America's oldest and ugliest color lines has been broken, and there is a new bridge for a new generation," then proposed: "You obviously are paid to be an objective journalist, but some part of you must be excited that Barack Obama won this nomination." Pitts confirmed his excitement: "Well, certainly. I mean, as an African-American man, this is significant. I mean,... continue reading
1. CBS & NBC Focus on KSM's Torture Claims, Only ABC Tags Him 'Evil' CBS and NBC on Thursday night were as interested in highlighting the claims of torture, from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and four 9/11 terrorist attack co-conspirators who were arraigned by a military commission court in Guantanamo Bay, as to informing viewers about the charges against them. ABC didn't consider the torture allegations relevant and so didn't mention the topic as Jan Crawford Greenburg uniquely described KSM as "evil." In contrast to NBC which called him a "man" and "defendant," CBS anchor Katie Couric at least described... continue reading
1. Anchors Exult: Obama Making History, 'Son of Gun, I've Done This?' The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts all led Wednesday night with celebratory interviews with Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama -- with ABC and NBC plastering "MAKING HISTORY" on screen -- as the three anchors luxuriated in Obama's success. ABC's Charles Gibson wondered: "I'm curious about your feelings last night. It was an historic moment. Has it sunk in yet?" Gibson followed up by prompting Obama to share his excitement: "When everybody clears out, the staff is gone, you're in the hotel room at night, and you're alone,... continue reading
1. ABC Goes Live in Prime Time to Carry Triumphant Obama Speech ABC, which on May 14 was so excited about the John Edwards endorsement of Barack Obama that its 6:30 PM EDT feed of World News went live to Obama introducing Edwards -- complete with a Bruce Spingsteen song as Edwards bounded on stage -- on Tuesday night cut into Boston Legal at 10:08 PM EDT/9:08 PM CDT to go live for 14 straight minutes of a triumphant Barack Obama at a rally in the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. (CBS stuck with Without a Trace and NBC... continue reading
1. NBC Nightly News Spikes News About Fewest Troop Deaths of War As lead-ins to short reports on the posthumous presentation of a Medal of Honor, ABC and CBS on Monday night managed to squeeze in -- more than 20 minutes into their evening newscasts -- brief mentions of how in May the fewest number U.S. servicemen were killed in Iraq in any month since the war began five years ago. But not NBC Nightly News. (And Sunday's Today and Nightly News, as well as Monday's Today, also skipped the good news.) NBC anchor Brian Williams on Monday led with... continue reading
1. CNN's Blitzer to McClellan: Is President Bush 'A Serial Liar?' CNN's Wolf Blitzer made little effort to hide his liberal viewpoint during an interview of Scott McClellan on Friday's The Situation Room. After asking the former White House Press Secretary about his "revival" of the question of whether President Bush used cocaine as a young man, the CNN host followed-up: "I guess the question is, is the President -- this is a blunt question -- in your opinion, a serial liar?" Earlier in the May 20 interview, Blitzer addressed the issue of supposed "war crimes" related to the Iraq... continue reading
1. McClellan Tells ABC & CBS: 'Intrigued' by Obama, May Vote for Him In the midst of media hype for "insider" Scott McClellan's attacks on the Bush White House, ABC's Martha Raddatz and CBS's Katie Couric prompted a revelation from McClellan that undermines the presumption he's any kind of partisan Republican or conservative ideologue. They asked a question NBC's Meredith Vieira did not in two lengthy live segments on Thursday's Today show: Will he vote for John McCain? He told both Raddatz and Courtic that he's "intrigued by Senator Obama's message," also confirming to Couric that he's no conservative as... continue reading