1. Bad Economy Kills Pet Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Goats...and People Too Going to extraordinary lengths to pull at the heartstrings of viewers, Wednesday's NBC Nightly News focused on, in the words of anchor Brian Williams, "the innocent victims of the foreclosure crisis" -- that would be dogs, pigs, goats and horses. Meanwhile, ABC discovered people are more likely to get murdered at work in these "hard economic times," though they really haven't been. NBC put "TOUGH TIMES" on screen with a picture of a puppy as Williams introduced the story reported by Chris Jansing who, back in May, centered a... continue reading
1. Matt Lauer Bugged By Anti-Obama 'Fearmongering' by Dick Morris On Tuesday's Today show, NBC's Matt Lauer confronted Dick Morris about anti-Obama rhetoric in his new book as the Today co-host seemed disturbed by the political consultant's use of terms like "dangerously radical" to describe the Democratic presidential nominee. Lauer asked Morris if he was "fearmongering," and probed: "Are you trying to scare people here?" Lauer then echoed an Obama campaign theme as he pondered that a lot of the "enthusiasm" for Obama is because "he's telling people he's gonna move away from exactly that kind of politics." 2. Stephanopoulos... continue reading
1. Only ABC Airs Full Good Iraq News Story, NBC Can't Resist Caveat The Pentagon on Monday released a quarterly report showing dramatic reductions in violence in Iraq compared to a year earlier, but only ABC aired a full story Monday evening while NBC gave it short-shrift as anchor Brian Williams cited the reduction in violence "by as much as 80 percent" since "before the so-called troop surge." He then added a caveat about how the report "also warns the positive trend here remains, quote, 'fragile, reversible and uneven.'" CBS didn't mention the DOD report, but gave a few seconds... continue reading
1. Blitzer: Obama Warns GOP 'to Play the Race Card Against Him' Barack Obama on Friday pre-smeared the opposition by charging they will "make you afraid" by identifying him as black, but instead of focusing on the basis of such an allegation or decrying Obama's personal insertion of the race-card into the campaign, Wolf Blitzer opened Friday night's CNN Election Center show by hyping Obama's warning: "Tonight here in the Election Center: a highly controversial warning directly from Barack Obama's lips. He bluntly says Republicans will try to make an issue of his race. We have the audio tape, you're... continue reading
1. CBS Resurrects Swift Boat 'Smear' in Defense of Obama's Flip-Flop The broadcast network evening newscasts stories Thursday night all described Barack Obama's decision to opt out of public financing as a "flip-flop," a "reversal" and/or a "direct contradiction" of a pledge, but CBS's Dean Reynolds relayed Obama's rationalization -- that "he's opting out of the system to have enough money to fight the unlimited spending and what he called the 'smears' from unregulated Republican-allied organizations" -- and then, with 2004 anti-John Kerry ad clip on screen, forwarded his own example of a supposed past smear from the right: "Such... continue reading
1. CBS Evening News Airs Brief Against Offshore Drilling ABC's World News and the NBC Nightly News gave plenty of time to left-wing environmentalists and Democrats opposed to President Bush's call to open up oil drilling off the shores of the continental U.S., but unlike the CBS Evening News the two newscasts provided equal time to supporters and experts who predicted it would lower gas prices. CBS reporter Bill Whitaker began with pro and con soundbites, but his story quickly deteriorated into a brief against the proposal with opponents and those saying it would do nothing to lower prices getting... continue reading
1. Takes Bombing for NBC to Note 'Letup in Violence of Late in Iraq' It took a bombing which killed 51 Iraqis for NBC anchor Brian Williams to acknowledge "there's been a letup in the violence of late in Iraq." Unlike his ABC and CBS colleagues, two weeks and a day earlier Williams failed to report the death toll for Americans in Iraq in May was the lowest for any month since the war began. On Tuesday night, however, he announced: "Last night here we reported there were more Americans killed in Afghanistan than in Iraq in the month of... continue reading
1. CNN's Campbell Brown Giddy Over Al Gore, Pushes Him for VP Campbell Brown, filling in for Anderson Cooper, led CNN's 10 PM EDT hour Monday evening by letting viewers in on her excitement over Al Gore's endorsement of Barack Obama earlier in the evening: "Tonight, everybody, he blew the roof off the joint. Al Gore, one of the last big-name Democrats, getting behind Barack Obama in a big way, making a speech that could have won him the White House if he'd been making this kind of speech eight years ago." In highlights of the speech CNN soon aired,... continue reading
1. Nets Take Last Shot at How Europeans Say Good Riddance to Bush Getting in some last shots at President Bush as his trip to Europe came to an end in London, CBS and ABC on Sunday night focused stories on Bush's unpopularity on the continent where "they're glad he's on his way out" and it's "an understatement to say that Mr. Bush is unpopular." CBS correspondent Bill Plante asserted "much of Europe thinks of Mr. Bush as a cowboy who has ridden roughshod over the wishes of his allies and they're glad he's on his way out," before the... continue reading
1. Ruling a 'Big...Stinging' Defeat, Prove 'Embarrassing' for Bush The broadcast network evening newscasts gave as much emphasis Thursday night to the biting dissent as the majority opinion in the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on behalf of the Guantanamo detainees, but told the story through the prism of the Bush administration getting rebuked by the decision characterized as "historic" and "landmark" -- with ABC's Martha Raddatz ominously warning "it could be very embarrassing for the administration." CBS avoided any label for the majority while tagging the dissenters as "conservative" and only NBC noted how some of those already released have... continue reading