1. Nets Highlighted 15 Point Obama Lead, Yawn When it Falls to 3 Three weeks ago when a Newsweek poll put Democrat Barack Obama 15 points ahead of Republican John McCain, the ABC and CBS evening newscasts highlighted the out of sync finding. But when a new Newsweek survey released Friday placed Obama a mere three points in front of McCain, neither ABC's World News nor the CBS Evening News mentioned it on Friday or Saturday night. "A startling new poll," fill-in CBS Evening News anchor Russ Mitchell announced during the Friday, June 20 newscast, "Barack Obama now leads John... continue reading
1. ABC Admits Gramm Accurate on Economy, But Portrays It as Gaffe Proving the old saw that a "gaffe" is when a politician stumbles into the truth, ABC's World News, which has showcased Americans whining about the inability to afford "joy rides" or breakfast, on Thursday night led with former Senator Phil Gramm's observation that "this is a mental recession" and "we've sort of become a nation of whiners." In relaying the comments from the economic adviser to the McCain campaign, anchor Charles Gibson conceded "the fundamentals of the economy may be sound," but: "There are a lot of people... continue reading
1. ABC, CBS and NBC Morning Shows All Hit Obama from Left on Iraq Barack Obama appeared on the morning shows of all three networks on Wednesday and was repeatedly critiqued from the left on the issue of whether or not he's backing away from his commitment to pull U.S. troops from Iraq within 16 months. CBS Early Show co-host Russ Mitchell challenged the Democratic presidential candidate: "What do you say to those folks out there who are saying 'I voted for this guy because he told me he was going to bring the troops home in 16 months now... continue reading
1. ABC Sees 'Impressive Gains in Iraq' While CBS Finds Bad Hospitals As was pattern earlier this year and last, ABC's World News is much more willing -- than its CBS and NBC competitors -- to acknowledge good news in the Iraq war. On Tuesday night, ABC's Martha Raddatz cited "some really impressive gains" as she reported the plummeting number of attacks in Baghdad, falling from 1,278 in June of 2007 to 112 last month. The night before, only anchor Charlie Gibson highlighted the "upbeat assessment of security in Iraq today from Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen." Neither the... continue reading
1. NBC: Metzenbaum a 'Populist,' But Jesse Helms an 'Ultra-Rightist' When far-left former Democratic Senator Howard Metzenbaum passed away in March, the NBC Nightly News didn't identify his party or apply any ideological label as fill-in anchor Ann Curry hailed his life as "the classic American success story" of a man who "always fought for the little guy, taking on the oil and insurance industries" while he "stuck to his populist principles." But on Friday night, Independence Day holiday fill-in anchor Lester Holt accurately described former Senator Jesse Helms, who passed away earlier in the day at age 86, as... continue reading
1. ABC's GMA Scolds Globe-Trotting McCain as People Suffer at Home Good Morning America on Wednesday attempted to guilt trip John McCain for taking a foreign trip: "As Americans wrestle with a tough economy, why is he in South America?" Five times over the course of two segments, various GMA hosts, reporters and analysts insinuated that McCain's trip to Colombia and Mexico might result in voters thinking he doesn't care about the economic situation of Americans. Correspondent Bianna Golodryga pointedly wondered: "But at a time when polls show Obama ahead of McCain by 16 points on the economy, should McCain... continue reading
1. Hume Correctly Predicts Only FNC Would Report Progress in Iraq After leading Tuesday's Special Report with how "last year the administration reported satisfactory progress on only about eight of 18 benchmarks" while this year, in a report disclosed Tuesday, the administration determined "there has been satisfactory progress on 15 of the 18," FNC's Brit Hume doubted "word of this progress is going to get through" to the public as he predicted: "I suspect that this broadcast tonight -- and maybe some others on this channel -- are the only ones who are going to make a headline out of... continue reading
1. NY Times Laments 'Swift Boating' Term -- After Years of Using It New York Times reporter Kate Zernike, the Times most ardent John Kerry defender, found another front from which to launch attacks on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. On Monday's front page, Zernike continued to fight valiantly for the liberal version of the Lost Cause -- the restoration of John Kerry's Vietnam reputation. She took another line of attack, the passive-aggressive approach, lamenting how the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign against Kerry has rendered the very name "Swift Boat" a pejorative ("Veterans Long to Reclaim the... continue reading
1. Stephanopoulos Forwards Anti-McCain Tax Cut Analysis from Left Here we go again. Just as with 2001-2003 coverage of Bush's tax cuts which gave the greatest percent cut to those in the lowest income tax bracket, ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday chose to undermine the fairness of John McCain's proposed tax plan by citing estimated dollar cuts by income level, as if it's unfair for someone earning more to get a larger dollar amount tax cut than someone making less. Citing the Tax Policy Center, a project of two left of center organizations -- the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution... continue reading
1. ABC's Roberts Ignores Radicalism of 'Maverick Priest' Pfleger Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts treated Father Michael Pfleger to a fawning "exclusive" interview on Thursday in which she mostly ignored his radical comments and lauded the "maverick priest," describing him as "not someone to be silenced." Although a previous segment featured a single clip of Pfleger's sermon at the former church of Barack Obama where he viciously attacked Senator Hillary Clinton, Roberts ignored other, more inflammatory remarks by the priest, such as his assertion, made on the same day as the Clinton attack, that "America has been raping people... continue reading