1. Hannity & Colmes Plays Satirical Gospel About Obama as Messiah FNC's Hannity & Colmes on Friday night featured Times of London Assistant Editor/U.S. Editor Gerard Baker reading aloud his hilarious Friday column, "He ventured forth to bring light to the world," in which he recounted Obama's life story and trip to the Middle East and Europe as if told through a gospel in the Bible. The lead to Baker's satire: "And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to... continue reading
1. Can't Control Exhilaration Over 'World Stage' for 'Messiah' Obama Barack Obama's Magical Media Tour hit its high point Thursday night as the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts all led with Barack Obama's speech in Berlin, with NBC's Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell the most giddy, though ABC featured a German man who hailed Obama as "my new messiah." ABC and NBC saw Obama on a "world stage." Charles Gibson teased ABC's newscast: "In a city steeped in history, before a massive crowd, the candidate calls on the world to tear down this generation's walls." NBC anchor Brian Williams,... continue reading
1. ABC Scolds McCain & Admits Obama Driving the Campaign 'Narrative' Matching CBS on Tuesday night, on Wednesday evening ABC's World News followed its exclusive Barack Obama session of the day with a shorter interview segment with John McCain as anchor Charles Gibson teased: "Barack Obama, here in Israel, holding meetings at breakneck speed on the Middle East conflict." Obama got a full five minutes with anchor Charles Gibson in Israel, not counting a glowing minute-long introduction -- Obama's "schedule here in Israel looked like a Middle East shuttle mission" -- while ABC allocated two-and-a-half minutes to David Wright with... continue reading
1. Couric Showcases Obama Over McCain, Admits a Media 'Obamathon' CBS tried to bring some balance Tuesday night to Barack Obama's Magical Media Tour by having Katie Couric interview both Barack Obama and John McCain, and though she pressed Obama repeatedly on the success of the surge, Obama still came out ahead since CBS devoted more than seven minutes (over two excerpts) to Couric's questions and Obama's answers as the two sat together in a foreign setting compared to barely three minutes allocated to Couric and McCain by satellite. Couric touted at the top of the CBS Evening News: "We... continue reading
1. Half See Pro-Obama Bias and Say Media Make Economy Seem Worse More than three times as many Americans see a media tilt in favor of Democrat Barack Obama than toward Republican John McCain. A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey released Monday, of 1,000 likely voters, "found that 49 percent of voters believe most reporters will try to help Obama with their coverage, up from 44 percent a month ago," compared to a piddling 14 percent who "believe most reporters will try to help John McCain win" while "just one voter in four (24%) believes that most reporters will try to... continue reading
1. Day 1 of Obama's Magical Media Tour: All Air Outside the Paint! A great first day on national television news for Barack Obama as he began his much-hyped overseas trip with a stop in Kuwait before moving on to Afghanistan. CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, seemingly channeling the media's own excitement, on Saturday night hailed it as "a trip that seems to be captivating the rest of the world as much, if not more so, than many in the United States." ABC, CBS and CNN showcased video of Obama making a basketball shot at a gym with troops in Kuwait... continue reading
1. CBS and NBC Champion Gore's 'Green Gauntlet' to End Fossil Fuels The media love affair with Al Gore continues. Thursday night, after Gore delivered a speech calling for the end of "carbon-based fuels" within ten years, CBS anchor Katie Couric asserted that "as many as 10 million families could have their electricity shut off this year because they simply can't pay their bills," but, she assured viewers, "Al Gore says there is a green answer." Reporter Nancy Cordes then trumpeted: "The man who has cast himself as the country's environmental conscience issued an audacious dare to America's next President."... continue reading
1. Gibson Calms Down as ABC Leads with Good Econ News, But CBS... A night after ABC anchor Charles Gibson hit full panic mode by leading with how "markets are gyrating, inflation is rising, banks are closing" and suggesting money is only safe "under the mattress," on Wednesday night he actually began with how "Wall Street posts its best day in months. Financial stocks rise. The price of oil falls." But he couldn't be completely upbeat as he proceeded to note that "consumer prices also rose sharply." CBS anchor Katie Couric, however, was one hundred percent negative. After teasing the... continue reading
1. Dour Gibson: Only Safe Place for Money is 'Under the Mattress' Hitting full panic mode on Tuesday night, ABC anchor Charles Gibson teased World News: "Markets are gyrating, inflation is rising, banks are closing. Consumer pessimism is at an all-time high." Actually, only one bank. Gibson explained "we are going to devote a large part of our broadcast tonight to the economy because the news each day seems unrelentingly bad." It certainly is on television news where Gibson brought aboard a group of three experts "to help us separate fact from fear," but they and Gibson spread fear as... continue reading
1. Mitchell: Dumb Americans Might Not Get 'Sophisticated' Cartoon Monday afternoon on MSNBC, journalist Andrea Mitchell and Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart discussed whether Americans are not "sophisticated" enough to understand the attempted satire in the cartoon featured on the cover of the current New Yorker magazine. According to Mitchell, "the only question there is whether [the cover] is too sophisticated to actually be perceived the way it is intended." The image in question features Barack Obama in Muslim clothing with a flag burning in the background and is an obvious parody and an example of the liberal contention... continue reading