1. Matthews Smears Neo-Cons; Compares Obama to Denzel Washington Hailing Barack Obama's attacks on John McCain's foreign policy as "profound" with "the fire I've been waiting for," during live MSNBC coverage Saturday afternoon of Obama introducing running mate Joe Biden, Chris Matthews was pleased "he finally took on John McCain on the issue of our time, which is Russia" as "he used the word bluster twice." Matthews then smeared John McCain and conservatives as warmongers: "There are a lot of neo-conservatives out there that just love the old black and white Manichaean cold war feeling again. They'd like to get... continue reading
1. Pounce on McCain's Home Gaffe, Not So Fast with Kerry's in '04 Four years ago when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry made his "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it" remark, the CBS Evening News instead ran a soundbite of Kerry promising "we're going to build an army of truth-tellers" as it took the newscast six months (!) to finally air the soundbite and the NBC Nightly News didn't play it for nine days. Yet on Thursday night, both newscasts led with what NBC's Lee Cowan declared is "John McCain's personal housing crisis."... continue reading
1. Rejects McCain's Assurance He's Not Doubting Obama's Patriotism CBS News reporter Dean Reynolds, who on Tuesday night centered a story on how "Obama is pivoting toward a more combative style, rebuking the Republicans for habitually turning differences over policy into questions about patriotism, a habit he said John McCain has readily embraced," on Wednesday night countered John McCain's assurance he is "not questioning" Barack Obama's "patriotism, I am questioning his judgment." After playing that soundbite from McCain in story pegged to how a new CBS News poll found McCain has cut Obama's lead in half since two weeks ago,... continue reading
1. CBS & NBC Trumpet How 'Barack Obama Fights Back' on Patriotism CBS and NBC led Tuesday night with speculation over the VP picks, but moved quickly, without citing any proof of John McCain's supposed scurrilous attack on Barack Obama's patriotism, to Obama condemning McCain for questioning his patriotism. "Patriot games," CBS Evening News anchor Harry Smith teased, "Barack Obama fights back." Viewers then heard a clip of Obama before the VFW: "I will let no one question my love of this country." Reporter Dean Reynolds described how "Obama is pivoting toward a more combative style, rebuking the Republicans for... continue reading
1. Media Credibility Plummets, Just 30% Believe 'Most Trusted' CNN "Over the last 10 years," the just-released biennial news consumption survey from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press determined, "virtually every news organization or program has seen its credibility marks decline" and "Democrats continue to give most news organizations much higher credibility ratings than do Republicans." Based on past Pew polls, CNN touts itself as "the most trusted name in news," but the percent who "believe all or most" of what CNN reports has fallen 12 points, to 30 percent, since Pew first posed the question... continue reading
1. Nets Tout Warren's Wider Agenda; CBS: Conservatives 'Went Nuts' John McCain finally received some positive coverage Friday night from the broadcast networks as Barack Obama's vacation ended -- a couple of sentences on ABC and CBS about how he raised $27 million in July, the most ever. Then those newscasts, and NBC's, ran full stories trumpeting evangelist Rick Warren's Saturday "Civil Forum on the Presidency" featuring McCain and Obama, with CBS and NBC stressing his rejection of past narrow conservative interests as both pegged their stories to conservative push back against the fear McCain will pick a "pro-choice" VP... continue reading
1. CBS's Expert: Obama Site 'Clean,' McCain's 'Cluttered' w/ 'Chaos' For the fourth straight weekday as Barack Obama vacations, he received better coverage on the broadcast network evening shows than the non-vacationing John McCain. Without fresh video of Obama, the CBS Evening News came up with a new way to tout Obama's campaign as they compared the Web sites of the two candidates and declared Obama's far superior. Reporter Daniel Sieberg asserted "McCain's Web site is still playing catch up to Obama's use of cyberspace." Turning to "Web design expert Doug Jaeger," Sieberg echoed Joe Biden in applying the term... continue reading
1. CBS Scolds McCain: 'Respect Takes a Backseat to Ridicule' For the third weekday as Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii, John McCain on the campaign trail received more hostile coverage from the broadcast network evening newscasts -- to the extent they bothered to cover the presidential campaign. In a full story on CBS, Dean Reynolds recalled how McCain promised "to conduct a respectful campaign,"but citing McCain's celebrity ad, charged "now it frequently seems respect takes a backseat to ridicule." NBC, which also didn't touch the campaign on Monday or Tuesday, ignored it again Wednesday, though in a story on TV... continue reading
1. Weekday #2: No Media Benefit for McCain from Obama's Vacation Just as on Monday night, Barack Obama vacationing in Hawaii while John McCain remains on the campaign trail, failed to change the media dynamic of greater and better coverage for Obama. CBS on Tuesday night gave equal time to comments from both candidates on Russia's invasion of Georgia before Jeff Greenfield, echoing ABC the night before, twisted news -- that a top Clinton campaign operative recommended attacking Obama as less than genuinely American -- into reprimanding McCain for supposedly following that strategy. Meanwhile, ABC pegged its campaign story to... continue reading
1. Obama on Vacation, Yet Earns More and Better Coverage than McCain So much for John McCain's hope that remaining on the campaign trail this week while Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii would lead to more or friendlier coverage. At least not on Monday night when Katie Couric highlighted how "Obama put out a tongue in cheek response to Senator McCain's celebrity ad" and she helpfully pointed out: "The ad also features six different shots of Senator McCain next to President Bush." Later, CBS allocated more than three minutes to a "CBS News Exclusive" interview and profile by Couric of... continue reading