1. CBS & NBC React to Palin Bounce with Fact Checks to Discredit Her With fresh media polls showing Sarah Palin causing a sizable percent of women to shift to support John McCain from Barack Obama, CBS and NBC on Tuesday night devoted full stories to fact check examinations to discredit her, specifically on the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere," even though all the newscasts have already run stories on how she was for the bridge earmark during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Introducing a "Reality Check," CBS anchor Katie Couric asserted: "There's also controversy over the way Governor Palin is trying... continue reading
1. ABC: 'Subtle Racial Code' in Ridicule of 'Community Organizers'? ABC's George Stephanopoulos, who when interviewing John McCain six weeks ago scolded him for a criticism of Barack Obama ("I can't believe you believe that"), on Sunday's This Week prodded Obama to agree with those of his supporters who "heard subtle racial code" in the ridiculing, at the Republican convention, of his "community organizer" work. Stephanopoulos, who did challenge Obama to name three things he'd do as President which "would be unpopular with the Democrats in Congress" and to acknowledge McCain was correct on the surge, also cued up Obama... continue reading
1. Stephanopoulos Corrects McCain But Last Week Defended Obama Assessing Barack Obama's speech last Thursday, for the "Nightline Report Card," ABC's George Stephanopoulos awarded Obama A's as he dismissed Republican complaints about his "red meat" attacks on John McCain, declaring they allowed Obama to affirmatively answer "the commander-in-chief question" and hailed how he addressed social issues "in a way that a majority of Americans" will embrace. But this week, he tried to discredit McCain's points. On McCain's assertion he's more bi-partisan than Obama, Stephanopoulos recited a list of issues where "Obama has reached out to the other side." Then citing... continue reading
1. Stephanopoulos: 'A Little Too Ugly? A Little Too Derisive?' Sarah Palin's Wednesday night Republican convention speech was widely greeted with praise from television commentators and the short break between her address and Rudy Giuliani's beforehand didn't leave much time for analysis of Giuliani's, but ABC's George Stephanopoulos managed to find a dark side to both while ABC's Nightline devoted a six-minute story to "new details tonight on a brewing controversy in Alaska," a "nasty family scandal that's come to be called trooper-gate." Following Giuliani's speech, Stephanopoulos declared it "far and away the toughest speech we've seen so far" at... continue reading
1. MSNBC Obsesses Over Palin's Damaging 'Hard Right' Pro-Life Stance Obsessing over Sarah Palin's pro-life position on abortion, MSNBC hosts and reporters on Tuesday night repeatedly raised it and painted it as a detriment to Republicans even though last week with Democrats the channel did not similarly pursue how a solidly left view on abortion might hurt Obama and Biden. By the count of the MRC's Geoff Dickens, between 8 PM and midnight EDT, MSNBC raised abortion at least 16 times, twice with an edge that painted the GOP position as extreme by applying a "hard right" label. Chris Matthews... continue reading
1. Bennett Rebukes CNN for Using Palin's Daughter to Score Points Late Monday afternoon live on CNN, Bill Bennett rebuked -- as an "outrageous" piece of "advocacy" and "attack journalism" that "has no place on CNN" -- a story the channel had just run which used the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter to score political points by relaying as fact the talking points on sex education from a left-wing group. A defensive Wolf Blitzer kept saying "hold on" as he tried to justify raising the supposed hypocrisy. Live from Anchorage at 5:33 PM EDT/4:33 PM CDT/1:33 PM ADT, Kyra Phillips... continue reading
1. TV Journalists Relieved Obama 'Masterpiece' Took on McCain Television journalists were nearly uniformly enthralled with Barack Obama's Thursday night acceptance speech, relieved he showed the toughness to take on John McCain directly, unlike, in their world view, all too-soft past Democratic nominees. Only FNC offered a contrarian view or mentioned the word "liberal" while David Gergen on CNN trumpeted the address as a "symphony" and a "masterpiece" with elements of Lincoln, MLK and Reagan. ABC's Charles Gibson insisted that "four years ago John Kerry" was "held accountable for not being tough enough on George Bush," and "Obama was obviously... continue reading
1. Nightline Awards Democrats 'Straight A's' for 'Perfect' Third Night "Professor George Stephanopoulos," on Wednesday's Nightline, awarded the Democrats "straight A's" for the third day of their convention, with an A for "Filling in the Blanks," an A for "Heartstrings," an A for "Red Meat" and an A for "Body Language." The former Bill Clinton campaign operative and White House aide glowed over "a night of perfect political choreography" from his former boss and other Democrats as he marveled "the only problem Barack Obama has right now, and it's a high-class problem, as Bill Clinton used to say, is can... continue reading
1. Frustrated by Lack of 'Red Meat,' Not 'Hitting McCain Hard Enough' Most prevalent theme during Tuesday night's convention coverage, after speculation over healing the Clinton-Obama fued: journalists worrying Democrats are not adequately aggressive in their attacks against John McCain as reporters, especially on CBS, repeatedly pressed for more "red meat" and wondered if the speakers are being "hard enough" or "tough enough" on McCain? CBS's Bob Schieffer rued to keynoter Mark Warner that "normally keynote speeches" deliver "a lot of red meat," but "I didn't hear a lot of that." Over on NBC, Brian Williams pushed Warner: "You know... continue reading
1. CNN's Jeff Toobin Frets Democrats Didn't Say 'Throw the Bums Out' On Monday night just after Michelle Obama finished speaking, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin, as he expressed his disappointment that the Democrats didn't go negative on the first night of their convention, inserted a barb against the Republicans: "There is one big missing piece tonight I think, which is why the American people should throw the bums out. We haven't heard one word about that. We have the most unpopular President in American history, and he's barely been mentioned tonight. I just think that is an extraordinary gap...." He further... continue reading