1. NBC Excoriates McCain-Palin Fouls, Sees None from Obama-Biden NBC anchor Brian Williams reported Wednesday night "there were no devastating or towering moments in the Obama/McCain debate in Nashville last night," but he insisted, though neither ABC nor CBS mentioned them in their next day stories, "two moments from last night loomed large today." Both, no surprise, were supposed insults from John McCain, but before getting to those, reporter Andrea Mitchell focused on the "rowdy" McCain and Palin crowds and elevated the importance of a local Lehigh County, Pennsylvania GOP official who dared use Obama's full name: "At one point,... continue reading
1. Nets Condemn McCain Calling Obama 'That One'; CNN: Palin Racist Matching the Obama campaign spin, the network reporters and analysts were upset by John McCain, at one moment in the second presidential debate on Tuesday night, referring to Barack Obama as "that one." CBS's Jeff Greenfield asserted "there is going to be clearly a major headline soundbite" and insisted "those two words are going to be what the water cooler conversation is tomorrow. Was it demeaning? Was it an insult?" Katie Couric turned to a group of "undecided voters" for their reaction to the phrase. One man "thought it... continue reading
1. ABC: McCain 'Nasty & Bitter'; CBS: He's Trying to Depress Turnout ABC on Monday night focused its ire at John McCain, for making the campaign "increasingly nasty and bitter" by unleashing a "blistering barrage on Obama," while CBS's Jeff Greenfield suggested McCain "may" have decided to "campaign ugly" because "negative campaigns tend to depress turnout" and thus hurt Barack Obama since he's attracting the new voters. Gibson's loaded set-up: "We turn to presidential politics and what is becoming an increasingly nasty and bitter contest. On the eve of the second presidential debate, the McCain campaign has unleashed a blistering... continue reading
1. CBS: 'Down and Dirty' Palin Like Agnew w/ 'Nasty' Attack on Obama A week-and-half before he'll moderate the third and final presidential debate, CBS's Bob Schieffer opened Sunday's Face the Nation by calling a foul on one team as he took sides and denounced Sarah Palin's daring to say, that "our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country," as a sign of "a campaign that's turned down and dirty," as well as "nasty," thanks to John McCain's "new attack dog" who "took after Barack Obama in a... continue reading
1. A Surprise Palin 'Didn't Embarrass Herself,' Upset Didn't Answer Two themes in post-VP debate coverage Thursday night: First, "surprise" that Sarah Palin wasn't a "car wreck" and "did not embarrass herself." Second, distress that she failed to answer moderator Gwen Ifill's questions. On NBC, Chuck Todd observed "those that were tuning in looking for some sort of car wreck, probably came away disappointed." CBS's Katie Couric proposed, without saying in which camp journalists fall, "the headline is Governor Sarah Palin did not embarrass herself or her running mate as some Republicans might have feared and some Democrats might have... continue reading
1. ABC's GMA Skips Own Poll to Promote Favorable Obama Numbers Good Morning America on Wednesday reported on a new Quinnipiac poll that highlighted leads for Barack Obama in Florida and Ohio, but completely skipped the network's own national poll that found a tight race. A September 30 ABC News/Washington Post survey concluded that Obama leads Senator McCain by four points -- 50 to 46 percent. In contrast, GMA last week trumpeted an ABC News/Washington Post poll that showed Obama with a nine point lead. On September 24, former Democratic aide-turned journalist George Stephanopoulos touted the larger lead and asserted,... continue reading
1. Couric Patronizingly Challenges & Lectures Palin; Coddled Biden In her day-on-the-campaign-trail stories about the VP candidates, Katie Couric didn't even try to deliver equal treatment. Last week, after her piece on her day with Joe Biden, CyberAlert outlined what she must do to be consistent with Palin this week. She failed. Unlike with Biden, in the "Sarah Palin: Behind the Scenes" story on Tuesday's CBS Evening News, Couric declared a McCain-Palin policy position "misleading," deliberately highlighted a policy disagreement between the two (drilling in ANWR), condescendingly demanded that Palin list the names of newspapers she read in Alaska and... continue reading
1. Couric Badgers Palin on Pakistan; Had Cued Up Biden on Economy On Monday night's CBS Evening News, anchor Katie Couric announced her day "on the campaign trail with Governor Palin" won't air until Tuesday, but CBS still made room for an excerpt of her time Monday in Ohio with Sarah Palin and John McCain in which Couric repeatedly pressed the two about an overheard comment Palin made Saturday about Pakistan, badgering them with five follow-ups before moving on to Palin's "reaction" to criticism of her answers during her previous Couric session. But a week-and-half-ago, when Couric's day on the... continue reading
1. In 'Nightline Report Card' Stephanopoulos Gives Obama the Win Awarding Barack Obama two grades of A-minus and one B-minus while presenting John McCain with two grades of B-plus and one B-minus, at the end of his "Nightline Report Card" segment on Friday night, ABC's George Stephanopoulos declared Obama the "winner" -- with a big illustrative check mark on screen: "Bottom line, the winner is Barack Obama. He comes into this race where the country wants change. His number one goal was to show that he belonged on that stage. He was a credible commander-in-chief, that he could hold his... continue reading
1. Couric IDs 'Senior Republican' Stevens, Didn't Say Rangel's Party On Thursday night, CBS anchor Katie Couric began a short news update on Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska by immediately highlighting his party affiliation: "The senior Republican in the U.S. Senate went on trial today for corruption..." Stevens was appointed to his seat in 1968. But the night before, in an item on ethical questions surrounding Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, a House veteran elected in 1970 who is Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Couric failed to inform viewers he's a Democrat. 2. When Watchdogs Snore:... continue reading