1. A 'Thrilled' Matthews Toasts with Ellen: 'To Barack Obama!' After much mocking by Ellen Degeneres about Chris Matthews' dancing abilities on his last appearance on her syndicated show, the Hardball host chatted with Degeneres, on Thursday's show, about the election of Barack Obama and actually grabbed a shot glass to toast Obama's win with Ellen. DeGeneres: "Amazing! And you must be thrilled? I mean what, what a moment." Matthews: "Well I am thrilled!" Matthews, picking up shot glass: "To Barack Obama!" DeGeneres, toasting: "Yeah. To Barack Obama!" 2. FNC Tags Waxman as 'Strong Liberal,' But ABC Avoids Any Label... continue reading
1. Katie Couric Pushes Joe Lieberman to Atone for Attacking Obama With "Any Regrets?" as the on-screen heading, Katie Couric pressed "independent Democratic" Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to atone for campaigning with unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate John McCain and criticizing eventual winner Barack Obama. Couric's first question in the interview excerpt aired on Wednesday's CBS Evening News: "Do you feel as if you owe President-elect Obama one?" Couric next pushed Lieberman to take back an attack: "You said, on whether Senator Obama is a Marxist, you said quote: 'It's a good question to ask.' Are you sorry you said... continue reading
1. Holder Hailed, But in 2000 Ashcroft Marked as Sop to 'Far Right' Eight years ago when incoming President George W. Bush named Senator John Ashcroft as his choice for Attorney General, the broadcast network evening newscasts applied ideological labels and highlighted opposition to him from liberals, but Tuesday night with President-elect Barack Obama's pick of Eric Holder for the same position, the anchors avoided any ideological tags or controversies and hailed him as an "historic" pick which fulfills Obama's promise of "diversity." 2. Matthews: 'Too Much Time Between Elections and Taking Over' MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who conceded the obvious... continue reading
1. CBS's Smith on Obama: 'Can a Guy Who's Cool Be President'? On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith touted the latest issue of GQ magazine, in which Barack Obama was named one of the publication's Men of the Year: "As If being elected President isn't a high enough honor, Barack Obama is now the quintessential 'GQ' guy." Later, Smith talked to GQ deputy editor Michael Hainey and asked: "Is there -- is -- do you have this little bit of a sense, can there be -- can a guy who's cool be President of the United States?" Hainey... continue reading
1. CBS's Kroft Pushes Obama to See U.S. in 1930s-Like Depression 60 Minutes viewers got better economic rationality Sunday night from President-elect Barack Obama than from the journalist who interviewed him. CBS's Steve Kroft proposed: "People are comparing this to 1932. Is that a valid comparison, do you think?" Obama didn't accept the comparison: "Well, keep in mind that 1932, 1933 the unemployment rate was 25 percent, inching up to 30 percent. You had a third of the country that was ill housed, ill clothed..." But Kroft wouldn't let go of trying to paint the America of 2008 as dire... continue reading
1. Now CBS News Frets Gas Prices Are Too Low After spending much of the spring and summer hyping the dire consequences of rising gas prices, CBS on Thursday night decided the plummeting cost of gas at the pump is really bad news. Noting that "crude settled at about $58 a barrel today, that's about $90 less than it was in July," fill-in CBS Evening News anchor Harry Smith warned "that comes as a mixed blessing." Reporter Mark Strassmann found an ecstatic man paying less than $2.00 a gallon, but Strassmann spoiled the mood: "Low gas prices are also bad... continue reading
1. Shipman Skips Voucher Hypocrisy in Fawning Story on Obama Kids In a story about to which private school President-elect Barack Obama will send his children, Good Morning America reporter Claire Shipman on Wednesday mostly glossed over the obvious point that the Democrat likely won't be putting his daughters through the D.C. public educational system and also ignored his opposition to vouchers. Instead, she fawned that "the D.C. social world is obsessed with where these new, coolest kids on the block will wind up." 2. ABC's Terry Moran Gushes Over 'Obama Cool on Display' Nightline co-host Terry Moran fawned over... continue reading
1. Time: Obama a 'Prince' Like Jesus Born of 'Imagination and Hope' Warning its readers to "be prepared to gag," the "Scrapbook" page of this week's Weekly Standard magazine recited "some of the worst over-the-top reactions to The One's ascendance," starting with Time's Nancy Gibbs who opened this week's cover story by comparing Obama with Jesus: "Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope..." In the November 17 issue, she heralded (citing his full name) the greater meaning of Obama's victory: "Barack... continue reading
1. Reuters Laugher: 'Media Bias Largely Unseen in Presidential Race' File under: Don't believe your lying eyes and ears. Barely two weeks after a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press survey determined that "by a margin of 70%-9%, Americans say most journalists want to see Obama, not John McCain, win on Nov. 4," as even 62 percent of Democrats recognized how journalists hoped Obama would be victorious, Reuters set out to prove any and all favorable Obama coverage had nothing to do with liberal bias. In a November 6 dispatch, "Media bias largely unseen in U.S. presidential... continue reading
1. Matthews: 'I Want to' to Enable a 'Successful' Obama Presidency If anyone actually expects the media to confront President Obama with the same adversarial approach that they used with President Bush for the past eight years, they're likely going to be disappointed. Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Thursday, Hardball host Chris Matthews announced that he now sees his job as doing everything he can to make the Obama presidency a success. "I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work," Matthews declared to the astonishment of host Joe Scarborough, who asked... continue reading