1. Top 100: Actors, Bands and Singers Converge to Celebrate Obama Following HBO's multiple Sunday showings of "We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial," featuring a "who's who" of artists, a list of one hundred-plus celebrities planning to celebrate Obama's inauguration over the next few days in DC, such as: Beyonce, Steve Carell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jenna Elfman, Jamie Foxx, Tom Hanks, John Mellencamp, Garth Brooks, Bruce Spingsteen and Marisa Tomei. The list is of people and groups scheduled to perform, appear at an event or ball or listed on a host committee (many will participate in... continue reading
1. MSNBC Follows Bush with Bush-Bashing Diatribe from Matthews Democrats and Republicans have the class to allow a President to deliver his farewell address without having it immediately countered by a crass and petty rant from a political opponent trying to settle old scores while issuing cheap insults. Not MSNBC. Seconds after President George W. Bush completed his speech Thursday evening, MSNBC's Countdown featured a diatribe from Chris Matthews ridiculing Bush for picking up, "almost in the way a hermit crab does," some "scary" notions from the nefarious "neo-conservatives." 2. CBS's Early Show Unveils on Set Mural of 44 Barack... continue reading
1. Couric Presses Obama on Effectiveness of Tax Cuts Not Spending Federal spending is already at a record level, but instead of asking President-elect Barack Obama about the effectiveness of his proposed additional deficit spending, in an "exclusive" interview excerpted Wednesday night, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric hit him on the tax cut component: "Forty percent of your stimulus package relies on tax cuts with the hopes that people will invest that money or put it back into the economy. But some critics have said, 'hey, that didn't really happen the last time.' Why will it this time?" 2... continue reading
1. CNN's Acosta: Obama Inaugural Speech 'Could Be One For the Ages' CNN correspondent Jim Acosta hyped the forthcoming inaugural address of President-elect Barack Obama during a report on Tuesday's American Morning: "Barack Obama's inaugural address may be more than the speech of his lifetime. Historians and speechwriters say it could be one for the ages, if he can rise to the occasion." He reenforced this sentiment with clips from a former Clinton-Gore speechwriter who predicted that it's "a pretty good certainty that you'll have schoolchildren reading this speech hundreds of years from now" and a professor who claimed that... continue reading
1. CBS Cites Liberal Historians to Call Bush 'Worst President' Ever On CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent Thalia Assuras examined President Bush's historical legacy and relied on two historians in her lengthy piece, both of whom labeled Bush one of the nation's worst Presidents. Douglas Brinkley declared: "I think it's safe to say that President Bush is going to be seen as the very bottom-rung of American Presidents...As a judicial historian looking at what's occurred on his watch, it is almost void of genuine accomplishment." Joseph Ellis contended: "I think that George Bush might very well be the worst President in... continue reading
1. Stephanopoulos to Obama: Drop Tax Cuts, Prosecute Bush's Crimes Interviewing President-elect Barack Obama for Sunday's This Week, ABC's George Stephanopoulos zeroed in on criticism of including tax cuts in the "stimulus bill" and repeatedly pressed Obama about naming a special prosecutor, a 9/11-like commission or at least getting "your Justice Department to investigate" what an e-mail Stephanopoulos showcased on screen described as "the gravest crimes of the Bush administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping." On taxes, Stephanopoulos demanded: "Do you really believe those business tax cuts are going to work to create jobs?" He soon yearned: "But you might... continue reading
1. Time Mag's Joe Klein: 'A Profoundly un-American Administration' Discussing on MSNBC Thursday night his latest screed for Time magazine ("The Bush Administration's Most Despicable Act"), Joe Klein maligned the Bush-Cheney administration, telling 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue host David Shuster: "I think this has been a profoundly un-American administration." Klein, whose piece for the January 19 edition of the magazine contended Vice President Dick Cheney and other officials "perpetrated what many legal scholars consider to be war crimes," lamented on MSNBC that "it's going to be very hard to prosecute these people" but, he ruminated about "the fanciful idea" that "it... continue reading
1. NBC Commiserates with 'Hard Realities' Obama 'Up Against' Prompted by the CBO's forecast of a $1.2 trillion annual federal budget deficit, the NBC Nightly News on Wednesday commiserated with the challenge ahead for the incoming President. "On our broadcast tonight, facing facts," Brian Williams teased, "President-elect Obama confronts the hard realities he's up against, deficits as far as the eye can see." A dire Williams proceeded to lead with how Obama will take over "during one of the most challenging times in the modern history of the United States." From the White House lawn, Chuck Todd piled on: "You... continue reading
1. Ann Coulter Calls Out CBS's Smith on Fearing Obama Assassination Appearing on Tuesday's CBS Early Show, author Ann Coulter promoted her new book, Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America, by demonstrating how co-host Harry Smith contributed to liberal victimhood when, in a January 29, 2008 interview, he asked Ted Kennedy about the possibility Obama might be assassinated because he's an "agent of change." Coulter recalled: "You kept saying things like I am thinking of a word and it begins with the letter 'A.' And Teddy Kennedy was refusing to understand what you were saying." Smith had asked... continue reading
1. ABC Touts School for Obama Kids: 'Complete With Organic Lunches' Various Good Morning America hosts and reporters on Monday glowingly commented on the first day of school for young Sasha and Malia Obama at posh private institution Sidwell Friends. At the same time, they ignored the contradiction of President-elect Barack Obama opposing vouchers which would allow poor inner-city children in Washington D.C. to do the same thing. Instead, reporter Claire Shipman cooed over Sidwell Friends and the exciting opportunities awaiting the Obama children. Speaking of ten-year old Malia and the school, she enthused: "It's an award winning, entirely green... continue reading