1. Resistance to 'Stimulus' Bill 'Irresponsible,' Nationalize Banks ABC's Cokie Roberts denounced as "irresponsible" conservative opposition to the "stimulus" bill and suggested those who voted against it should be punished, declaring on Sunday's This Week: "I just think that when you're in a situation like this, to do nothing is so irresponsible that you can't, you can't get away with it." Earlier on the show, host George Stephanopoulos pressed Congresswoman Maxine Waters to agree banks must be nationalized: "A lot of economists now saying that what is really -- could be needed is bite the bullet nationalization." Citing a professor's... continue reading
1. In Gregg Stories, Short Shrift to White House's Census Grab ABC, CBS and NBC centered their Thursday night stories, on Senator Judd Gregg's decision to withdraw as Commerce Secretary-nominee, around his disagreement with the Obama administration's "stimulus" plan -- with only passing mention, if any, of the administration's wish to move the 2010 census count from Commerce to the White House. CNN's Jessica Yellin reported at the top of the 6 PM EST Situation Room that "sources close to Senator Gregg say the bigger issue for him was the White House's effort to take control of the census," yet... continue reading
1. Couric Celebrates 'Stimulus' Deal by Giggling Along with Pelosi Katie Couric teased Wednesday's CBS Evening News by excitingly trumpeting: "Tonight, they've got a deal! Congress reaches agreement on an economic stimulus plan." She soon shared her enthusiasm in a taped interview with a triumphant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Couric giggled along with Pelosi while asking if she was "surprised how intimately involved" President Obama "is in the whole process?" And, acting like a teenage girl gossiping about a friend's boyfriend, "Can you tell us anything he said to you, like 'get cracking'?" 2. Chris Matthews Charmed: Obama is... continue reading
1. ABC's Moran: Obama 'Too Nice,' Empathizes: 'You Got No Honeymoon' In excerpts aired on Tuesday's World News, of Terry Moran's interview with President Barack Obama for Nightline, Moran was as sycophantic toward Obama as he was during the campaign, lamenting Obama "got no honeymoon" and bemoaning the new President had been "too nice" to Republicans. "Mr. President," Moran rued in overlooking the ongoing honeymoon from the media, "you got no honeymoon. Not a single Republican vote in the House on your first major piece of legislation." Moran speculated: "I wonder in coming into the presidency, maybe you were too... continue reading
1. MSNBC 'Impressed' by 'Intellectual' Obama, 'Love to Think w/ Him' Shortly after President Obama's Monday press conference, MSNBC host Chris Matthews effused that he was "very impressed with his amazing ability," opining that the President was "at his best intellectually." After reciting one of Obama's answers, Matthews further gushed: "What a mind he has, and I love his ability to do it on television. I love to think with him." Keith Olbermann also alluded to his perception of Obama being "intellectual" as the MSNBC host put down President Bush's past performances: "This is an entirely different experience for anybody... continue reading
1. Steele Stumps Stephanopoulos on 'Make Work' vs. Jobs ABC's George Stephanopoulos was puzzled on Sunday's This Week when new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele saw a difference between government-created temporary "make work" jobs and jobs created by the private sector: "I guess I don't really understand that distinction." When Steele charged that "what this administration is talking about is making work," Stephanopoulos interjected, "But that's a job," leading Steele to explain: "No, it's not a job. A job is something that a business owner creates. It's going to be long term. What he's [Obama's] creating" are projects that... continue reading
1. MSNBC's Matthews to Obama: Explain Stimulus & Don't 'Let Us Down' Chris Matthews is rooting for Barack Obama to get his so-called stimulus package passed so much he offered him advice on how to sell it, on Thursday night's Hardball, and cautioned him if he doesn't succeed in that sales job he'll "let us down." Matthews advised: "He has to explain how the stimulus package works. If he doesn't do it tonight, he's gotta do it Monday night on television -- that press conference. He's got to explain to us how spending almost a billion dollars is gonna turn... continue reading
1. New Day, New Pro-Obama Spin from Stephanopoulos: 'He Can Move On' Appearing on Wednesday's Good Morning America, former top Democratic aide-turned journalist George Stephanopoulos assured viewers that Barack Obama can now move on from his multiple failed cabinet officials. Referring to individuals such the (now) former Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle, who resigned on Tuesday due to tax problems, Stephanopoulos asserted that "the good news is, even though the President was forced to apologize so many times yesterday, is that these nominees now are gone. They've chosen to withdraw. So, the President can move on." He added:... continue reading
1. Couric & Williams Paint Obama as 'Culture of Washington' Victim All of the broadcast and cable network anchors challenged President Barack Obama in some questions during their Tuesday afternoon Oval Office interview sessions, but CBS's Katie Couric and NBC's Brian Williams also painted Obama as a victim of Washington's culture which forced HHS Secretary nominee Tom Daschle's withdrawal. "You campaigned to change the culture in Washington, to change the politics as usual culture here," Couric noted as she empathized: "Are you frustrated? Do you think it is much, much harder to do that than you ever anticipated?" Williams noted... continue reading
1. ABC Indicates Successful, Safe Election Means 'End' to Iraq War An epochal media moment Monday night on ABC's World News? In an upbeat story about the election in Iraq "with virtually no violence," reporter Jim Sciutto raised the possibility the war is now over -- just in time to enable President Barack Obama to fulfill his promise to reduce troop levels -- as Sciutto asked a member of Iraq's parliament: "Is this the end of the war?" Mahmoud Othman cautiously predicted: "If the Iraqi leaders could get together and work together sincerely, yes, this could be the end of... continue reading