1. MSNBC's Shuster Claims He's Balanced, Blasts 'Partisan' MRC The MRC's recent Media Reality Check study showing a dramatic partisan tilt to David Shuster's evening "Hypocrisy Watch" segments drew amusing bluster from Shuster, who denigrated the MRC but did not dispute our facts, when media writer Howard Kurtz reported the study's results in Monday's Washington Post. Kurtz summarized: "MSNBC's David Shuster is an aggressive career reporter who has never been positioned as one of the channel's left-leaning commentators. But in his 'Hypocrisy Watch' segments this year, the conservative Media Research Center points out, 34 of the targets have been Republicans... continue reading
1. SNL Joke: Chris Matthews Daydreams of Obama in a Loin Cloth MSNBC's Chris Matthews, infamous for getting a "thrill" up his leg while drinking in a speech by Barack Obama and his ongoing adoration for the President ("He is the new us!"), became the punch line of a joke on NBC's own Saturday Night Live. During the Weekend Update segment on the April 11 show, SNL's news anchor, Seth Myers, delivered this "news" item, illustrated by a creative matching graphic: "A new comic is being published this summer called 'Barack the Barbarian' which features the President in a loin... continue reading
1. Couric Presses Holder from Left on Guns and Probing Bush Crimes After pounding away at Attorney General Eric Holder over enacting more gun control, as Katie Couric fretted that "Democrats on Capitol Hill are getting increasingly chummy with the NRA," Couric raised "the issue of the treatment of some of the detainees" at Guantanamo and prompted Holder to denounce former Vice President Dick Cheney. In the taped interview aired on Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Couric cited "alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It's been reported that he was water-boarded. You have come out publicly and said water-boarding is torture... continue reading
1. Laura Ingraham Tweaks Lauer and Today on Obama Obsession The Today show devoted much of last week's coverage of Obama's European trip to obsessing over such frivolous matters as what Michelle Obama was wearing and what kind of gift the Obamas gave the Queen, so when Laura Ingraham was invited on Wednesday's Today show, the conservative radio talk show host couldn't resist knocking the silly coverage, telling NBC's Matt Lauer: "We know that Europe loves President Obama. He had adoring crowds. The press loves Obama. The question is how will this date end? Okay? The question is, to what... continue reading
1. Stephanopoulos: Obama's Trip a Test He 'Passed Pretty Easily' Assessing President Barrack Obama's overseas trip, ABC's George Stephanopoulos proposed it was "a real test for the President" and, no surprise, decided "he passed it pretty easily" since "he was confident, he had a sense of command in his personal and his public diplomacy, forged strong relationships with his European counterparts..." Furthermore, Stephanopoulos admired Obama's "strong" unannounced visit to troops in Iraq, touting how the President "capped off" his travels "with this critical visit to the troops. When you've got American troops fighting on two fronts, you have to end... continue reading
1. NBC Hails Obama's Turkey Visit as 'Shrewd', CBS: Highest Approval Giving a warm wind-up to President Barrack Obama's overseas trip as it comes to an end in Istanbul, NBC's Chuck Todd declared Monday that the decision to make Turkey the last stop "could prove to be one of the shrewder early moves in this young presidency." On CBS, anchor Katie Couric highlighted how a new CBS News/New York Times poll pegged Obama's approval at 66 percent, the highest ever in that survey the online posting touted: "Obama Approval Hits New High -- 66%." Couric also pointed out how... continue reading
1. Obama's Week Through ABC's Prism: 'Cool Kid in the Class' In a q and a with George Stephanopoulos on Saturday's World News, ABC anchor David Muir decided to sum up President Barack Obama's week in Europe by displaying a picture of jovial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arm-in-arm with President Barack Obama during the G-20 group photo session, an image Muir contended showed how "other heads of state are seemingly trying to get close to the head of the class, or the cool kid in the class, if you will, President Obama." Muir cued... continue reading
1. Michelle 'Mega-Star' Obama; Press Corps 'Begged' to Query Obama The broadcast networks continued their infatuation Thursday night with Michelle Obama as ABC anchor Charles Gibson teased: "Center stage. With substance and style, the First Lady steps onto the world stage, becoming something of a mega-star." He soon equated her popularity with Jacqueline Kennedy, the last First Lady to so enchant the press. On NBC, Dawna Friesen trumpeted how "she has dazzled Britain with her style and her substance. From the palace to the streets, she has taken London town." Highlighting the First Lady's appearance before a largely-minority group of... continue reading
1. TV Journalists Enchanted by Obamas: 'America's Unofficial Royalty' "There is so much to cover on this day," ABC anchor Charles Gibson announced Tuesday night from London as the network anchors and reporters reflected their awe over how, as NBC anchor Brian Williams put it, "In a marathon, the President meets with the leaders of Britain, Russia, China, then the Queen, and the summit hasn't started yet." NBC's Chuck Todd then admired how "the President was able to do a diplomatic decathlon, packing in a week's worth of international diplomacy into 12 hours," before he hailed how "America's unofficial royalty,... continue reading
1. Matthews 'Immensely Proud' of 'Sophisticated' Obama 'The New Us!' An enraptured Chris Matthews began his Tuesday edition of Hardball by singing Obama's praises, as he arrived in England, cheering: "He is the new us! That's right, President Obama is in London tonight as the new emblem of the American people. He is us, just as to the consternation of our allies and the often cringey-ness of his countrymen George W. Bush was us for eight years." The charmed Matthews continued his lovefest throughout the program, as he gasped: "We've got Barack Obama as our President and Michelle Obama as... continue reading