1. Study: Coverage More Positive for Obama than for Bush or Clinton "President Obama is getting more coverage, and more positive coverage, from the media than his two predecessors," FNC's Bret Baier related during Monday's "Grapevine" segment in summarizing the hardly-surprising findings from "a new study of his first 50 days in office" completed by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA). The analysis of the network evening newscasts, Baier recounted, "was judged 58 percent positive for President Obama. That compares to 33 percent for Mr. Bush and 44 percent for Mr. Clinton. NBC was most positive at 61... continue reading
1. Sunday TV Obama Appraisals: 'Moderate,' 'Spring Time in America!' Asked by George Stephanopoulos to name the "most important thing we've learned" about President Barack Obama during his first one hundred days in office (which is still three days away), David Sanger, a Washington correspondent for the New York Times, asserted: "I think we've learned that he's more moderate than we had expected." That says a lot about the mindset of New York Times reporters and prompted George Will to retort, during the roundtable segment on ABC's This Week: "He's less moderate than I thought. He's going to design our... continue reading
1. Trumpet Obama's Efforts to 'Protect Consumers' on Credit Cards Instead of providing any suggestion President Barack Obama's hectoring of credit card company executives, with the not-so-subtle threat of further regulation, is an improper strong-arm tactic, the network evening newscasts on Thursday night hailed Obama's efforts to "protect consumers" -- in stories each complete with a sympathetic victim of jacked-up interest rates, but barely any time, if any, for a view contrary to Obama's. ABC's Charles Gibson teased: "Tonight, tough talk. A stern warning from the President to credit card executives. If you don't protect the consumers, the government will."... continue reading
1. Cites Blair on 'Harsh' Tactics Value, Calls View 'Controversial' NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday night mentioned how the "Obama administration's own Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, wrote his employees last week" about how, what NBC described as "harsh" interrogation techniques, "produced 'high-value information,'" a view from an Obama insider left out of stories on ABC and CBS. But Mitchell described Blair's assessment as conveying "controversial comments." Not controversial to Mitchell? The hook for her story, liberal Democratic Senator Carl Levin's charge that "there were very strong warnings against the use of these techniques and...they attempted to destroy the... continue reading
1. Matthews Bellows: Is GOP 'The Party of Tax Cuts and Torture?' The Dick Cheney-obsessed Chris Matthews opened Tuesday's Hardball by taking umbrage with the former Vice President's criticism of Obama declassifying CIA interrogation memos, as the MSNBC host compared Cheney to "The Empire" in Star Wars, and called him "The Bush administration's tail gunner manning his burp gun with that same nasty look we recall from the war comics." Matthews went on to wonder if Cheney's outspokenness was a good thing for the GOP as he questioned: "If the Republican Party really wants to be branded right now as... continue reading
1. ABC Defends Obama's 'New World View,' Touts Supposed Successes In the midst of conservative criticism that President Barack Obama, at the summit in Trinidad over the weekend joked around with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and was uncritical of a 50-minute anti-American screed from Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, ABC decided to defend Obama's foreign policy mettle -- with his only failure coming where he has followed Bush's policy. Martha Raddatz began by trying to undermine the pictures of a jovial Obama with Chavez: "Today, cell phone video images emerged of a stern and serious President Obama during a brief encounter with Venezuela's... continue reading
1. Vitriolic Garofalo: Racist Tea Party Protesters; FNC for Dummies Left-wing activist/actress Janeane Garofalo, now starring on Fox's '24,' went on a wild rant Thursday night, on MSNBC's Countdown, impugning those who attended the Wednesday tea parties as racists and denigrating the brain power of anyone who watches the Fox News Channel. "This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism, straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks. And there is no way around that," she scurrilously charged. After comparing conservatives to "white power activists," she continued: "This is about racism... continue reading
1. ABC Upset 'Chilling' Memos Reveal Zubaydah 'Tortured with Insect' ABC's Charles Gibson, Jan Crawford Greenburg and George Stephanopoulos all stressed Thursday night how, Bush administration Justice Department memos clarifying what techniques interrogators could use with suspected terrorists, included what Stephanopoulos described as "torture with an insect" -- a method ABC failed to note was not ever employed. "Tonight, secret memos," anchor Charles Gibson teased World News, "new documents reveal in vivid detail just how far the Bush administration went in interrogating terror suspects, using insects, confinement boxes, water-boards and more." Reporter Jan Crawford Greenburg characterized the memos as "chilling... continue reading
1. Discredit 'Tea Party' Rallies as Front for 'Corporate Interests' The broadcast network evening newscasts on Wednesday provided prominent coverage of the "Tea Party" rallies across the nation with time for the views of participants, but they tried to discredit the protests as a front for "corporate interests" or a "fistful of rightward leaning Web sites" -- a concern for motives and hidden agendas the same programs lacked when championing the 2006 pro-illegal immigrant marches. All three also cited polls to undermine the premise the public shares the concerns on taxes and spending espoused by the "tea party" protesters. ABC's... continue reading
1. Lauer 'Worried' Feds Unable to Dictate to Business Any More The announcement that Goldman-Sachs may be able to pay back its bailout loan, sooner rather than later, was met with a grim assessment by NBC's Matt Lauer, on Tuesday's Today show as the co-anchor fretted to the Obama administration's Christina Romer: "I'm worried if you think if that's a good thing. Are they doing this because of financial stability, or might they be talking about that simply to get out from under the thumb of the federal government and be allowed to go back to running the business the... continue reading