Despite running two segments in the last week on Elizabeth Edwards and how she has coped with the extramarital affair of former Senator John Edwards, ABC's Good Morning America has yet to feature a single story on the news that a federal probe has been launched into whether the then-presidential candidate paid off the woman he was having a relationship with. This is despite the fact that Edwards acknowledged on Sunday that such a investigation is under way (though he denied any guilt). See Yahoo News: CBS's Early Show briefly noted the probe on Wednesday. Today featured a segment... continue reading
The New York Times Co. is playing hardball with the Boston Globe, threatening to shut it down unless it got more cuts from the Globe's unions, without a trace of its flagship paper's vaunted support for unions against management. [This item, by Clay Waters, was posted Tuesday on the MRC's TimesWatch site: ] Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz wrote on Monday: The New York Times Co. said last night that it is notifying federal authorities of its plans to shut down the Boston Globe, raising the possibility that New England's most storied newspaper could cease to exist within... continue reading
Russell Shorto, a regular contributing writer for the New York Times Sunday magazine, offered a country-to-country comparison between the United States and Holland, where he's been living for the last 18 months. The story's headline is self-explanatory: "Going Dutch - How I Learned To Love The European Welfare State." It was the most popular article on for a while, perhaps because it hit the sweet spot among the Times liberal readership, fusing sophisticated travelogue with Euro-socialist aspirations. [This item, by Clay Waters, was posted Wednesday on the MRC's TimesWatch site: ] An excerpt: Picture me, if you will,... continue reading
1. NBC: 'Quintessential Obama' Doctrine of Talking Leads to Hug The leaders of nations who quarreled when George Bush was President now hug each other, thanks to President Barack Obama deigning to take time from his busy schedule to hold a meeting which displayed the "quintessential Obama" and the "Obama doctrine at work" in bringing "two sides together." Or at least that's how Wednesday's NBC Nightly News gushed over Obama meeting with Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai and Pakistan's Asif Ali Zardari, an exuberantly pro-Obama spin not adopted by ABC or CBS. Anchor Brian Williams admired how even "with they have going... continue reading
New video has surfaced of possible Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor remarking that the courts are the place "where policy is made." Sotomayor, who is a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, was giving a speech at Duke University in 2005 when the footage was shot. She quickly added, "And I know this is on tape and I should never say that, because we don't make law. I know." As the audience laughed, the judge, who is rumored to be a replacement for retiring justice David Souter, qualified: "I'm not promoting it and I'm... continue reading
NBC anchor Brian Williams' Web surfing centers on liberal sites, as at least evidenced by the reading list he recommended in his Monday afternoon entry on The Daily Nightly blog consisting of four articles, all from left-leaning sites: Slate, The New Republic and The Daily Beast. "Because of my Souter departure obsession," he explained, "today I want to share with you some interesting writing I found over the weekend." [This item, by the MRC's Brent Baker, was posted Tuesday afternoon on the MRC's blog, ] The suggested reading started "with a former Souter clerk (a familiar name from... continue reading
At the end of Monday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Bill Whitaker gave a fawning report on a book being complied of children's letters to President Obama: "Eight-year-old Lucy O'Brien loves to draw, ask her dad, a fine antiques dealer...She also knows times are hard at dad's business...So when her mother told her about a 'Dear Mr. President' contest, lucky winners' art and letters presented to President Obama, she poured her heart into it." The young girl explained to Whitaker: "I had added like, confetti, and stuff like that, and then I added 'hope' on the top to show for the... continue reading
1. CNN and ABC Vets Join Obama's Team, So Revolving Door Up to Ten Following the path of CNN Middle East correspondent Aneesh Raman and producer Kate Albright-Hanna, who both jumped aboard the Obama campaign last year, senior political producer Sasha Johnson this week announced she's leaving the network's Washington bureau to take the Press Secretary slot at the Department of Transportation. She won't be the only media vet in that shop. As The Politico's Michael Calderone noted Monday night in reporting Johnson's move, former Chicago Tribune Washington correspondent Jill Zuckman "already headed to Transportation in February, becoming Director of... continue reading
In a piece that could've been crafted by Hillary Clinton's PR shop, NBC's Andrea Mitchell, on Monday's Today show, gushed on and on about the Secretary of State's new "role of a lifetime," as a "a foreign policy superstar," and cheered Clinton has the "highest approval ratings of any time in her career." Mitchell's theme throughout her story was that the "anger of the primaries" between Clinton and Barack Obama was long gone and that in her role of Secretary of State she has proven to be a "key asset to Team Obama," as Today co-anchor Matt Lauer observed in... continue reading
Chris Matthews asked his panel of reporters, on this past weekend's syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, to offer their prescriptions on how the GOP, in the wake of the Arlen Specter departure, can regain its popularity - to which most of the liberal reporters like Joe Klein and Howard Fineman suggested they needed to abandon their "cut taxes, shrink government," message and some of their "trollish" spokesmen like Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich because they're turning off families, women and "people who think that caring matters." [This item, by the MRC's Geoffrey Dickens, was posted Monday morning, with... continue reading