Talk about moral equivalency run amok. On Friday, NBC's Tom Brokaw asked President Obama two questions about his upcoming trip to Buchenwald, a Nazi death camp: First, what lessons does Obama think the Holocaust-denying Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could learn; then, what could the descendants of Buchenwald's victims learn regarding "their treatment of Palestinians." Brokaw demanded to know: " What can the Israelis learn from your visit to Buchenwald? And what should they be thinking about their treatment of Palestinians? " For his part, Obama scolded the Iranian leader ("I have no patience for people who would deny history") and... continue reading
Cokie Roberts appeared on Friday's Good Morning America and agreed with Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's 1994 comment that a wise woman would come to a better conclusion than a man. Roberts, cheered, " Of course, I would agree with her that they're better ." Fellow ABC journalist Sam Donaldson empathized that if the judge made a mistake, "it was a Joe Biden problem. She blurted out the truth." [ Audio available here ] Throughout two segments on the program, various reporters and guests justified Sotomayor's comments. Roberts attempted to explain away the comments, which are in addition to the... continue reading
On Thursday, MSNBC daytime anchor Tamron Hall attempted to justify her network's obsessive coverage of talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh: "We have a right to cover people who are speaking out...Many people listen to this man, and we have a responsibility to report all sides and you can't try to duck and hide, throw the rock and then hide in the bush." Hall was responding to criticism by Republican strategist Alex Conant, who, in the 4PM hour on Thursday, pointed out MSNBC's excessive coverage of Rush: "Well, let me just make an observation. Two weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh challenged this... continue reading
The network evening newscasts on Thursday gave positive reviews to President Obama's speech in Cairo, with the NBC Nightly News the most glowingly positive with ABC giving the most attention to skeptics in the Muslim world. NBC focused on positive reactions to the speech, quoting one observer who got "goose pimples," and another who compared the speech to that of President Kennedy in Berlin. NBC's Andrea Mitchell seemed to have the most elevated expectations of what will result from Obama's speech. After acknowledging that Obama risked alienating Jews for his criticism of Israel, she suggested the "rewards" may be worth... continue reading
On Thursday's 10am ET Newsroom, CNN sought to give "context" to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's infamous "wise Latinas" make better decisions than white males remark. To rationalize and explain Sotomayor's ethnic argument, correspondent Soledad O'Brien surreally suggested the judge was really talking about the food she ate as a child, even going so far as to interview people in Central Park to ask about their favorite foods. O'Brien, who is half-Cuban, cited a passage in Sotomayor's "wise Latina" speech that referenced food as supplying the necessary context to understand her slam on white males: "'For me, a very special... continue reading
Good Morning America's Chris Cuomo reported live from Egypt on Thursday and speculated to the son of Egypt's President that if Americans "understood the link to the Palestinian/Israeli situation, they might understand terrorism differently." Covering Barack Obama's speech to Muslims in the region, the ABC News anchor earlier labeled the address one "that is going to be talked about for a long time," "very comprehensive. And very thoughtful and historic." During one of several segments throughout the morning, he talked with Gamal Mubarak, son of Hosni Mubarak and possible future President of Egypt. Cuomo prefaced the question of linking Israel... continue reading
On Thursday, CBS Early Show co-host Julie Chen declared: "President Obama seeks to reset Mideast relations in a historic speech in Cairo." Co-host Harry Smith gushed: "Powerful, far-ranging speech this morning...he was not only presidential, he was also professorial. He was very much a teacher this morning. He was giving Americans and Muslims a history lesson." In a later segment, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer shared Smith's description of Obama as a history professor: "I mean, one thing I didn't know, he pointed out that Morocco, a Muslim country, was the first to recognize the United States. He also... continue reading
Politico chief political columnist Roger Simon , a longtime correspondent for the Baltimore Sun and U.S. News & World Report, simply cannot believe it's controversial for Sonia Sotomayor to claim a "wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences" makes a wiser judical decision than a presumably privileged white male. "I have read those words over and over, and I still fail to see what is wrong with them." To Simon, that's apparently as true as two and two make four. He complained that the White House tried to apologize for it as a poor choice of words: Why?... continue reading
On his FNC show Wednesday night, Bret Baier looked at how the murder of an abortion doctor on Sunday has earned much more media attention than Monday's murder by a politically-motivated killer of a serviceman in Arkansas, a disparity matched by the condemnation of the first killing by an Obama administration which has ignored the second. Baier reported: In the media, [George] Tiller was a top story for almost three days. Several liberal analysts blamed pro-life groups for inciting the murder [video from MSNBC]. In contrast, there has been relatively little coverage about the killing of Army Private William Long... continue reading
President Obama's popularity amongst Muslims pegged to success at "pulling out of Iraq," "ending torture" and "closing Guantanamo Bay," are key to the chances of ending terrorism CBS reporter Lara Logan contended Wednesday night. She concluded her preview of Obama's Thursday speech in Cairo: "Terrorists who are threatened by Obama's popularity amongst Muslims do not want America's President to succeed." She earlier defined that "success" as: The Arab world expects a lot of this President. From pulling out of Iraq, to ending torture, to closing Guantanamo Bay. Failure to achieve all this could be disastrous for Obama. But even worse,... continue reading