Which way is it? Highlighting three murders this year, ABC's Pierre Thomas on Thursday night delivered an ominous and speculative story on how "radicals of the ultra-fringe, filled with rage about illegal immigration, fear of losing their guns, abortion and race making law enforcement increasingly nervous about a potential wave of domestic terror." In contrast, on the NBC Nightly News, Pete Williams noted that "Barack Obama's election has stirred the passions of some white separatists," but he stuck with the facts of what has occurred: "A former FBI official, who tracked hate groups, said overall there's been no spike in... continue reading
Anchor Rick Sanchez used another crazed gunman's rampage to blast conservative media during CNN's Newsroom program on Thursday, and brought on Media Matters' Eric Boehlert as his aide to bash talk radio and Fox News. He hinted that the white supremacist who killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, might have been "motivated to move by right-wing pronouncements...on some TV and radio outlets." Sanchez began his panel discussion with Boehlert and Accuracy in Media's Roger Aronoff at the end of the 3 pm Eastern hour of the CNN program with his indicting line of questioning against conservative radio and... continue reading
On Wednesday night Chris Matthews invited on's Editor in Chief Joan Walsh to link the Holocaust Museum shooter to Rush Limbaugh, but it was the Hardball host himself, on Thursday's show, who connected Sarah Palin to James von Brunn as he wondered if the Alaska Governor was "getting very close to the edge" of the same "attitude" of the "far right," and questioned : "Is she talking their language?" [ audio available here ] After playing a clip of Palin expressing her concern that the federal government could get more involved in the running of the states, something any... continue reading
FNC's Bret Baier on Wednesday night highlighted how the former top editor at the hardly conservative San Francisco Chronicle wrote a blog entry, " Love or Lust, Obama and the Fawning Press Need to Get a Room ," in which Phil Bronstein suggested "the Obama-press dance is a more consensual seduction where, in the old-fashioned sense, we're the girl" and asked: "Is there an actual limit to the number of instances you can be the cover of Newsweek?" Using that as a segue, Baier picked up on a quote first reported by NewsBusters as he related how Newsweek 's Evan... continue reading Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh , on Wednesday night's Hardball, cited "conservatives" like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Bill O'Reilly for "whipping up" a climate that sparks the likes of alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn and Hardball host Chris Matthews wondered if access to guns were to blame for the tragedy as he cried: "It's easier to get your hands on a gun than to get somebody to make you a waffle." Blaming Limbaugh while insisting she was not, Walsh charged: There is a very disturbing and disturbed element of political discourse. And I would, I would throw in... continue reading
CBS correspondent Thalia Assuras touted the celebrity status of the Obamas on Wednesday: "The paparazzi and the press corps treat them like movie stars. They're on magazine covers and in fashion spreads. Even the presidential pooch is a celebrity. The Obamas are helping turn staid old Washington into Hollywood on the Potomac." [audio available here ] During The Early Show , Assuras reported on numerous upcoming reality TV shows being set in Washington D.C. and credited the first family for turning the nation's capital into a celebrity hot spot. She cited Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn, who declared: "All of... continue reading
Good Morning America 's Claire Shipman on Wednesday conducted a fawning, mostly content-free interview with Supreme Court pick Sonia Sotomayor's brother about his sister's love for Salsa dancing, among other light topics. The ABC reporter asked Juan Sotomayor only one question on the substance of the nominee's comments that a "wise Latina" judge would come to a better conclusion than a white man. After Shipman prompted, "I read somewhere she says she likes to party," the judge's sibling informed viewers, "She loves to party. She loves dancing. Had her 50th birthday party and she learned how to Salsa." Americans were... continue reading
To hearty laughter from what sounded like anchor Wolf Blitzer (who would have a live mike, but listen and judge for yourself), CNN's Jack Cafferty on Tuesday afternoon asked on The Situation Room whether viewers would "rather just stick needles" in their eyes than listen to Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich? During the 4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT hour "Cafferty File" segment, Cafferty inquired: "Would you rather listen to a speech by Sarah Palin or a speech by Newt Gingrich?" Then he quickly added another option which is what prompted the laughter: "Or would you rather just stick needles in... continue reading
Catching up with Friday night's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, guest D.L. Hughley - the actor/comedian who until recently had a show on CNN - insisted "you never saw drugs or drive-byes or homeless people" in inner-cities before Reagan "cut" social programs and became "the Moses of...greedy white men." Left-wing blogger Jeremy Scahill predicted "some guys" will pull down the new Capitol rotunda Reagan statue "and drag it through the street like the Saddam statue with some kid hitting it with a shoe." Pegged to the placement of the new statute of Ronald Reagan, Hughley declared: "I didn't... continue reading
On Monday, CBS correspondent Richard Roth gave a glowing report on President and Michelle Obama in Paris: "The big tourist treat in Paris this weekend was for the tourists treated to a sight of the Obamas driving by. For the President and First Lady, the treat may have been a European reprise of their date night in New York a week ago." Reporting for the Early Show, Roth also emphasized the idea that no one in Paris was "inconvenienced" by the Obamas' visit: "Other tourists at the Eiffel Tower Friday night were surprised when the First Lady and the Obama... continue reading