On Tuesday's Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer complained about America's maternity leave policies for women, and for the fourth time in slightly more than two years, the show connected them to such struggling countries as Swaziland and Papua New Guinea. The host solemnly observed that only three countries "have policies equal to the United States. Swaziland, Liberia and Papua New Guinea." Sawyer, who was introducing a segment on how women are afraid to take much maternity leave during the recession, derided, "Even in Iraq, women get one year of leave, six months at full pay, and six months of half... continue reading
During a CNBC interview, New York Times reporter John Harwood shared an intense moment with President Obama: "He had this fly that was persistently buzzing around him during the interview... he swatted his hand and he said 'I got the sucker' was a, you know, Dirty Harry 'make my day' moment." Harwood described the showdown at the end of the 4PM EDT hour on MSNBC, after anchor David Shuster remarked: "John, I know that the President is credited with being sometimes awfully lucky, rainbows appear sometimes when he speaks, but I understand there was an instance today where he killed... continue reading
FNC's Catherine Herridge traveled to Bermuda to meet the four Chinese Muslim Uighurs just released from Guantanamo Bay and she elicited from them that living in China is worse than life at Guantanamo. Talking to them through an interpreter at their new home, a pink bungalow with a swimming pool, Herridge reported how she "asked which was worse: Life at Gitmo versus China?" The interpreter relayed, over the voices of all of the men talking: "Of course it's China. There's no guarantee for human rights there." So, there's a new angle for the media: Guantanamo as a bastion of human... continue reading
President Barack Obama created "a very tender moment," as he addressed the American Medical Association in Chicago, and "was right on target at reaching out to the heart of most physicians" ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson beamed on Monday's World News in reaction to fill-in anchor George Stephanopoulos paraphrasing how Obama told the doctors "our health care system should let them be healers, again, instead of bean counters." Johnson is a long-time advocate for a major expansion of the government's role in health care. On the March 1 World News, Johnson complained: "We spend more than twice as much per person... continue reading
"David Letterman is making a full-throated apology for his controversial joke about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter," TV Week reported a short while ago . "During a taping of tonight's [Monday 6/15] edition of his CBS Late Show, Letterman went much further than his last explanation of the joke, in which he quipped that a baseball player had 'knocked up' Palin's daughter," Josef Adalian wrote. Though Palin and conservatives were outraged and demanded an apology and retraction for a "joke" seemed aimed at the 14-year-old daughter though Letterman said he was referring to the 18-year-old daughter, it took the liberal... continue reading
On Monday, MSNBC daytime anchor Contessa Brewer offered some advice to Republicans: "Until they change policies - I mean, that's what it took for conservatives in Great Britain to win - is a real change in focus away from morals and values into things that affect people's daily lives." Brewer made the comment during the 2PM ET hour while discussing the future of the GOP with New York Times reporter John Harwood, who completely agreed: "Well, bingo, Contessa, that's exactly right." Harwood added: "The question is what is the right mix? To what extent are they going to focus on... continue reading
ABC will be awarding an hour of primetime next Wednesday, June 24, to President Obama as part of the White House's push on health care (10pm ET). Among the participants from ABC News: the network's medical editor, Dr. Timothy Johnson, who has long been a fan of exactly the sort of big government plan Obama is peddling. It probably won't be a tough night for the President. During the Obama administration's first 100 days, for example, an MRC analysis found him to be the "biggest cheerleader" on behalf of Obama's liberal prescription for health care. An excerpt from MRC's Special... continue reading
Newsweek senior Washington correspondent Howard Fineman isn't hiding his disdain toward Newt Gingrich in his latest column for the magazine, headlined: "How lost are the Republicans? They're looking to Newt for answers." Fineman wrote that Republicans have an affinity for "disgraded or discarded" leaders, and Gingrich and his "ruthless" caricaturing of liberals represent the "old-school insult" in stark contrast to the new, somehow nonpartisan cool of Obama: At the dawn of the Obama era, Gingrich has remade himself as the anti-Obama. He is arguably the GOP's most influential strategist and cheerleader, and a provocative scold of the administration. Where Obama... continue reading
"The Big Question" on CNN's Campbell Brown program Thursday night dealt with CBS host David Letterman's raunchy jokes about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter, but the panel CNN assembled justified Letterman's approach, with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin even declaring Palin's daughter was "fair game." Only ex-Republican congresswoman Susan Molinari sided with the governor. Brown first turned to Molinari, the moderate former congresswoman from New York, for her take on the issue. She condemned Letterman's "mean joke," though she did buy the CBS host's explanation that it was about 18-year-old Bristol Palin, and not 14-year-old Willow Palin. Molinari continued that she... continue reading
With Sarah Palin condemning David Letterman's joke about her daughter, a look back at some of Letterman's previous hostility toward Palin after she emerged as the GOP's VP nominee - as documented, with video, in previous NewsBusters posts. Last September, Letterman sarcastically complained that if a President McCain "drops dead...don't you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenaged kids for five minutes about birth control?" He soon sneered: "They don't sell Trojans in Alaska? Come on." In October, without recognizing any irony given Barack Obama's inexperience, Letterman wondered if the nation... continue reading