"The honeymoon is coming to an end for President Obama," NBC's Chuck Todd fretted Wednesday night in summarizing a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. "But," Todd rebounded, "it's not personal. It's professional as now the public appears to be judging the President on some of his actions." Citing "growing concern about the budget deficit and some of this government interaction into the economy on things like GM," Todd empathized with how "Obama is now dealing with a public that is judging him more and more for the actions he's taking, and not just the promises he's made." Underpinning that... continue reading
In a new Newsweek feature called "The Ripple Effect," Evan Thomas confessed in the June 22 issue to being nailed by MRC and other media critics for comparing Obama to God on MSNBC - or so it seemed, he wrote: I don't just put my foot in my mouth on television - I do it at dinner parties, too - but at least, in that case, it doesn't show up on YouTube. Appearing on Hardball With Chris Matthews on June 5, I compared President Obama with God. Or at least that's how it seemed to some bloggers and talk-show hosts,... continue reading
On Friday, June 12, the PBS program Now (formerly hosted by Bill Moyers) devoted most of its half-hour to the complaints of late-term abortionists Warren Hern and LeRoy Carhart smearing the pro-life movement. Hern called it a "terrorist movement," and Carhart said despite the flood of pro-life group press releases denouncing George Tiller's murder, the movement's "heart was certainly with Scott Roeder on the day he shot Dr. Tiller." The only outbreak of a pro-life viewpoint in Maria Hinojosa's report (it ran more than 20 minutes) was a set of clips of Bill O'Reilly denouncing "Tiller the Baby Killer." (The... continue reading
The June edition of Scientific American magazine is honoring President Obama as one of ten people "who have recently demonstrated outstanding commitment to assuring that the benefits of new technologies and knowledge will accrue to humanity." The ' Scientific American 10 ' list that featured the President included an article by Sally Lehrman, who praised Obama's commitment to science: "After eight long years in exile, scientists have been enthusiastically welcomed back into the White House. In the first few months of his administration, President Barack Obama acted with remarkable speed to place science at the center of policymaking on climate... continue reading
ABC and CBS's morning shows on Wednesday both provided surprisingly tough questioning to Christina Romer, one of Barack Obama's economic advisors. On the issue of health care, Good Morning America co-host Diane Sawyer compared the costs of Medicare to the new health care plan and pointed out past government inaccuracies when it came to accessing cost. She grilled, " You know, in 1965, everyone was told that over 25 years, the cost of Medicare would be $12 billion. The actual cost, $107 billion." Sawyer added, "Ten-times what the estimate was. Can you know this cost? And can you guarantee it's... continue reading
The common, everyday act of swatting a bug is something that happens countless times a day at picnics and ball games across the country, especially during the summer, but when Barack Obama was caught on tape by CNBC's cameras doing it, the fawning liberal press couldn't contain their excitement. All three broadcast network morning shows, on Wednesday, praised the presidential kill as they were impressed by the "ninja" Obama's "precision," and "cat-like quickness. "[audio available here ] On NBC's Today show, substitute-host David Gregory opened the show declaring: "You just have to appreciate the, the concentration and the precision! Just... continue reading
All three broadcast network morning shows on Wednesday made a point of labeling Nevada Senator John Ensign as a "Republican" after the Senator came forward last night to admit having an extramarital affair last year. NBC, which refrained for days from calling New York Governor Eliot Spitzer a "Democrat" after his relationship with a prostitute was exposed, called Ensign a "conservative Republican," while CBS made a point of reciting Ensign's associations with Christian groups. ABC's Good Morning America provided the only full report, with the on-screen headline declaring "Leading GOP Senator Admits Affair." News anchor Chris Cuomo and correspondent Jonathan... continue reading
Reality catches up with CBS News which on Tuesday night ran a "Reality Check" story on how a new CBO report shows President Obama's claim that his government-expansion health care plan won't hike the deficit doesn't match reality. So, will ABC News display similar skepticism when it broadcasts GMA and World News from the White House next Wednesday, culminating in a prime time hour, "Questions for the President: Prescription for America"? (ABC's Jake Tapper on Monday night briefly cited the CBO report, but ABC and NBC were silent on Tuesday evening.) Fill-in CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor announced "there... continue reading
President Obama isn't nearly liberal enough for HBO's Bill Maher. On Tuesday's Situation Room on CNN, Maher repeated the focus of his rant on his show last Friday night about how Obama hasn't been adequately aggressive. When Wolf Blitzer asked what he was most disappointed about with President Obama, the HBO host went into full denial mode: "Barack Obama is not a socialist - he's not even a liberal....this country needs a left wing. It doesn't have it, and part of the reason is the media." After Maher gave a bit of a criticism of the Democratic President, the CNN... continue reading
An outraged Chris Matthews scolded John McCain, on Tuesday's Hardball , for criticizing Obama's stance on Iran's elections as the MSNBC host exclaimed: "The difference between the President, who is being very calm and not jumping up and down, and those on the right who are hitting the idiot button right now. And the idiot button is the one often pushed by Sarah Palin, but this week by John McCain and others." Matthews - who also mocked Sarah Palin for praising the troops in her acceptance of David Letterman's apology - attacked conservatives in general for engaging in "idiot talk."... continue reading