NBC's Matt Lauer, at the top of Thursday's Today show, was careful to note the party affiliation of Mark Sanford as he announced "The political future of South Carolina's governor Mark Sanford, a once-rising star in the Republican Party, is very much in doubt." However when he invited on former Democratic New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey - who resigned after admitting an affair with a gay man who he appointed to office - to discuss the story, he never mentioned McGreevey was a Democrat. After a set-up piece by Mark Potter, Lauer interviewed McGreevey and asked him the ex-governor, "If... continue reading
"President Obama's response to the government crackdown has been criticized by some Republicans as timid," Katie Couric noted on Wednesday's CBS Evening News as she featured a retort: "Today, in an exclusive interview with CBS News, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair came to his defense saying he believes the protestors understand the tough position the President is in." Following a single soundbite from Blair, Couric plugged more on the Web: "For more of my extended conversation with Tony Blair, you can go to our Web site at ." The entire brief segment on the Wednesday, June 24 CBS... continue reading
Hours before ABC's Wednesday prime time special with President Obama from the White House, Questions for the President: Prescription for America , a World News piece conveyed the public's doubts that Obama will achieve his goals, but also endorsed Obama's premise that something must be done as reporter David Wright focused on concern over rising costs and a family without insurance before concluding: "Expectations are low, but the need is obvious." From Lynchburg, Virginia, Wright reported how "some folks here clearly have their doubts President Obama is going to be able to fix the health care system" as "some worry... continue reading
In the wake of the revelations about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, considered a potential 2012 GOP presidential contender, Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart declared on MSNBC: "Maybe what the Republican Party is going to have to do is skip a generation and wait for the Meghan McCains to come of age so that they can run for office and take over the mantle of the party." Capehart proceeded to pass along "a little joke" from Post colleague Charles Lane who "said at the rate Republicans are going, the only marriages that will be worth anything are the gay... continue reading
Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday, accusing them of "pussyfooting" the issue of health care and its cost. He also attacked conservatives in general, deriding, " You know, it seems to me that the right-wing will fight any war and say, 'Don't look at the cost,' because they want to fight the war. " The Hardball host fretted, "And this pussyfooting around and looking at the costs....We could have avoided World War II if we went through the cost factors ahead of time. We wouldn't have won World War II... continue reading
ABC's Diane Sawyer on Wednesday hit Barack Obama with some refreshingly tough questions about his plans for health care reform, quizzing the President on potential rationing, reduction of services and whether Americans would really be able to keep their current plan. However, the program also devoted two segments and 13 minutes to Obama, neither of which featured any Republican opposition. Sawyer, who reported live from the White House and will be co-hosting ABC's June 24 primetime special on health care, focused on a possible reduction of benefits as a result of government-run health care. After an ABC graphic appeared onscreen... continue reading
On CBS's Early Show Wednesday, Mitt Romney described President Obama's latest statement on Iran as "not exactly a Ronald Reagan 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall' moment." Co-host Harry Smith got defensive: "Alright, very different circumstances that have been trotted out by Republicans for the last five or six days now. That was a crumbling regime in its last legs. Let's talk about this in realistic terms." Romney stood by his observation, telling Smith: "Well, in realistic terms, the President should have spoken from the very beginning, expressing the fact that we will always stand with forces of freedom throughout... continue reading
HBO's Real Sports promised a look at an "inspirational therapeutic program " in which wounded warriors are able to go diving in the "pristine" coral reefs off of the Guantanamo Bay detention camps in Cuba, but Bryant Gumbel and correspondent Jon Frankel couldn't resist piling on left-wing cliches about "one of the most controversial places on Earth," "the most infamous military base in the world" where "the heat here, this month, will reach a hundred degrees, [and] the glare of world criticism is even hotter" since "Gitmo is notorious for the detention camps put here after 9/11." Frankel, a veteran... continue reading
CBS, of all news outlets, is setting a high standard for ABC to meet in its broadcasts from the White House. On Tuesday night, just a week after a "Reality Check" on how President Obama's claim that his government-expansion health care plan won't hike the deficit doesn't match reality, the CBS Evening News aired a story on how his plan would likely force many to lose their current health insurance and/or doctor. Katie Couric noted "72 percent of Americans say they favor a government plan that would compete with private insurers," but "at the same time, nearly two-thirds are concerned... continue reading
Columnist Charles Krauthammer noted on FNC's Special Report that while "there wasn't exactly aggressiveness on the part of the press with a couple of exceptions" during the afternoon presidential press conference, "it looked as if the stupor that the press has been in for the last six months is lifting slightly." Krauthammer quipped: "I say that as a psychiatrist who has a lot of experience in watching these things." Earlier in the program, Brit Hume declared "the head over heals phase of the honeymoon with the press is over" and he speculated: "I think the reporters down there were tired... continue reading