Previewing Barack Obama's trip to Italy for the G8 summit, on Wednesday's Today show, NBC's Matt Lauer asked Savannah Guthrie what kind of reaction the President will receive as Lauer noted the President got a "chilly reception" in Russia. Guthrie responded that "It was a real contrast," because she is used to seeing, "really swooning Europeans who are very excited about Mr. Obama." MATT LAUER: And, and what kind of reception will the President receive from the Italian people? We all know that it was a rather chilly reception when he went to Russia the other day. SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: It... continue reading
Despite devoting almost the entire Good Morning America program on Tuesday to Michael Jackson, ABC could only find three minutes for a hard-hitting Jake Tapper interview with Barack Obama. And even though co-host Diane Sawyer promised at the close of the piece, " And we'll have more of the President's interview with Jake Tapper later in the broadcast," the segment never returned. Tapper, who was in Moscow to cover Obama's summit with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, quizzed, "Whether it's this summit with President Medvedev, or anything else, can you point to any reason why you're encouraged that your approach to... continue reading
Two days after Sunday's Washington Post carried a letter from a woman who asked "where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers" who were killed in the days after Michael Jackson died, attacks in Afghanistan took the lives of seven U.S. soldiers, but their deaths earned a total of less than one minute combined on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts on Monday night - 1/20th the time devoted to Jackson a week-and-a-half after he passed away . Emblematic of the disparity in priorities, CBS anchor Katie Couric read her 13-second item on the deaths in... continue reading
After the Bush years Russians are naturally "wary" of a U.S. President, as negative views of the U.S. have soared ABC reported Monday night, but the network still managed to highlight teens, at a "Kremlin-sponsored summer camp," who "are optimistic about President Obama." One asserted "he's so young and energetic" and "he will give a new surge to our relationship," while a second, echoing the take of U.S. journalists, maintained: "I see Obama as an innovator in your country." (Back in January, World News featured a story made up of naive kids around the world sputtering beauty pageant-like simplicities about... continue reading
CNN commentator Jack Cafferty revisited his favorite punching bag on Monday's Situation Room: Sarah Palin. After referring to one of Palin's reasons for her resignation, that she wanted to avoid becoming a lame duck, Cafferty cracked: "She was already lame." He also predicted that she would become a mere "thumbsucker" if she's no longer considered a contender for the 2012 presidential race. Cafferty began his 4 pm Eastern hour "Cafferty File" segment by recounting the decision of the Alaska governor to resign at the end of July. He continued by briefly mentioning how Palin became famous after being named as... continue reading
ABC's Diane Sawyer acted more concerned than the reporter on the scene on Monday's Good Morning America over a small town in South Carolina arming itself against a serial killer. She asked the local sheriff: "The community has apparently been arming up and we're reading that ammunition is selling out at some of the stores. How concerned are you that people are standing at their doorways with guns right by the side?" ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman filed a report from Gaffney, South Carolina six minutes into the 7 am Eastern hour on the five murders apparently perpetrated by the... continue reading
Robert Kaiser, an associate editor of The Washington Post, and a former managing editor (second banana) from 1991 to 1998, bubbled over with praise in a Sunday book review for ultraliberal Rep. Henry Waxman. The headline was "Moustache of Justice." Kaiser compared Waxman to baseball star Ted Williams and biblical hero King David, and offered his heartfelt "gratitude to the voters of Beverly Hills and nearby areas who keep returning this ornery fellow to the House to challenge entrenched special interests." The book's title is simply The Waxman Report, authored by Waxman and Joshua Green (the reporter who exposed Bill... continue reading
CNN daytime anchor Don Lemon appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources on Sunday to come strongly to the defense of the late singer Michael Jackson, whom he saluted twice as an "accidental civil rights leader." Lemon charged that anyone who thinks the Jackson story is overdone is "elitist," and when Kurtz suggested the "civil rights leader" might have been a child molester, Lemon quickly asserted that it was never proven in court and "if you talk to people who were involved in those cases, they don't believe that he did it." Kurtz invited in Lemon, former Washington Post and New York... continue reading
Army 1st Lt. Brian N. Bradshaw was killed in Afghanistan, fighting in a war to protect all Americans, the same day that Michael Jackson died, prompting a letter to the Washington Post, which the paper published on Sunday , from Bradshaw's aunt, Martha Gillis, who scolded media priorities: My nephew, Brian Bradshaw, was killed by an explosive device in Afghanistan on June 25, the same day that Michael Jackson died. Mr. Jackson received days of wall-to-wall coverage in the media. Where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers who died that week? There were several of them,... continue reading
Sarah Palin hasn't had it as tough as Hillary Clinton and at her Friday announcement Palin "came across as petty and vindictive. Richard Nixon without the policy knowledge or the experience," Washington, DC-based Atlanta Journal-Constitution political columnist Cynthia Tucker contended during the roundtable on Sunday's This Week on ABC. Both George Stephanopoulos and George Will pointed out, that after Nixon said "you won't have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore," he came back and won the presidency twice. Tucker, who oversaw the paper's editorial page from the early 1990s through last month and won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in... continue reading