Former Democratic strategist-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America to coo that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor "didn't make any mistakes" and "did exactly what she had to do" in her confirmation hearings on Tuesday. In contrast, during Sam Alito's confirmation hearings in 2006, Stephanopoulos related Democratic complaints about membership in a supposedly discriminatory group. The ex-Clinton aide enthused that Sotomayor brushed aside evidence that she was difficult to deal with: "On the question of bullying, she answered that with her manner all day long. No matter how many tough questions she got, she stayed even. She stayed... continue reading
CNN's Wolf Blitzer late Tuesday afternoon characterized it as "an incredibly important exchange" and a "very, very dramatic moment" when Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor "concurred" with Senator Lindsey Graham that he would have paid a heavy price if he had ever maintained "a wise white man would make better decisions than a Latina," yet neither ABC nor NBC mentioned in their evening newscasts Sotomayor's acknowledgment about the impact of her assertion "a wise Latina woman" would "reach a better conclusion than a white male" if reversed. ABC's Jan Crawford Greenburg, who described the hearing as "grueling," NBC's Pete Williams... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's "Hardball," invited on HBO's Bill Maher to mock GOP criticism of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as Maher accused them of being "racist," and Matthews marveled at how Republicans can admire Sarah Palin but not someone who worked as hard as Sotomayor to achieve her position, as he pondered: "Why do they like somebody who's shown no sweat equity against somebody who's shown nothing but sweat equity?" Before discussing Republican treatment of Sotomayor Matthews asked Maher to rate the audiences that come to see him in the South. Maher, not surprisingly, belittled most of the region,... continue reading
MSNBC hosts Tamron Hall and David Shuster on Tuesday repeatedly grumbled at the tough questions Senator Lindsey Graham posed to Sonia Sotomayor over the judge's ability to keep her feelings in check. At one point during live coverage, Shuster derided the lawmaker's remarks as "patronizing" and fretted that "the blogs are already going crazy over this." Hall saw the statements as insinuating the nominee is too "hot blooded." The comments that drew the ire of the anchors were Graham's quizzing of Sotomayor as to reports that lawyers have found her difficult to deal with in the courtroom. Graham probed, "I... continue reading
A cover story in the June edition of Latino Magazine , discussed CBS Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez's efforts to "...educate her peers on how to be cognizant of Latino viewers, by pushing stories about Latinos that are of interest to all Americans, as well as informing them of more humane and respectful labels - such as undocumented immigrant instead of illegal alien." The story, written by Aida Bardales, quoted Rodriguez: "All you have to do is to mention it to them. If I wasn't here, they wouldn't think twice because forever 'illegal alien' was used and they didn't put... continue reading
On the first day of Senate hearings, CBS's Wyatt Andrews on Monday night again insisted Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor cannot be categorized ideologically and highlighted how "the hearing marked the first spotlight moment for former comedian, now Senator, Al Franken who cast himself as new but ready," all before anchor Katie Couric fretted "some Republicans didn't really treat her with kid gloves." Couric and Bob Schieffer squeezed in just a few seconds for how a new CBS News poll discovered "President Obama's overall job approval rating is down six points since June." Back in May, Andrews insisted Sotomayor had... continue reading
Over the weekend, on his syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, Chris Matthews asked his media panel if Barack Obama was governing as "more clearly a radical like FDR was, or more like a true conservative?" The latter part of the question - the rather absurd proposition of Obama being a conservative - actually drew a couple of affirmatives from the panel. The USA Today's Joan Biskupic responded she thought the President was being more conservative, at least in his judicial nods, "If you look at what he's doing, not just with his Supreme Court choice but his appeals court choices... continue reading
During live coverage of Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearing on Monday, MSNBC's Chris Matthews gushed about the judge's opening statement, saying " Well, I'm getting one of those thrills I get about America. I'm sorry, I'm shouldn't say this. And I'm getting it again. " Matthews, who famously proclaimed that Barack Obama gave him a "thrill" up his leg, also offered a fawning aside about what a "genius" the President is. Responding to a comment the Supreme Court nominee made about working hard to advance herself in school, the "Hardball" host followed-up his "thrill" remark by rhapsodizing, " When she talked... continue reading
The CBS Evening News may have only devoted 13 seconds last Monday night to the deaths of seven soldiers in Afghanistan - as Katie Couric anchored from the Staples Center the night before the Michael Jackson memorial - and just 15 seconds Wednesday night to their caskets arriving back in the U.S., but the producers of CBS's Sunday Morning should be commended for giving Martha Gillis, the aunt of an Army Lieutenant killed in Afghanistan the same day Jackson died, an "opinion" segment in which she conveyed the frustration of military families over the media's misplaced priorities. "My 24-year-old nephew,... continue reading
Responding to Senator Jeff Sessions describing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a "typical liberal activist judge" CBS Early Show co-host Harry Smith argued: "You feel like her record indicates that? I mean, she gets a glowing review from the American Bar Association. Her record doesn't seem to necessarily match up with her - what - some of the things she said." Later in the Monday interview, Smith defended Sotomayor's record, particularly her decision in the New Haven firefighter case: "But basically, she was following precedent. I think people who would actually look at it would agree she was kind... continue reading