As the weekend ends, catching up with a Wednesday Washington Post article which encapsulated how journalists are revolted by conservative economic policy and upset at how an aversion to tax hikes may prevent passage of Obama's health care takeover. " Health Reform Threatened by Conservatives' Anti-Tax Fantasy " read the headline over a Wednesday "Business" section column by Steven Pearlstein, a former reporter now freer to express his personal opinions which likely reflect the perspectives of his colleagues still in daily journalism. Lead paragraph of Pearlstein's July 29 column: Nothing has been more damaging to rational discourse about economic policy... continue reading
On Friday's 20/20 on ABC, co-anchor John Stossel exposed the flaws in the Canadian and British government-run health care systems, and even showed viewers a clip of President Obama as he once expressed a belief that single-payer health care would be an acceptable system, even while taking the position that he would not pursue it, during one of the Democratic party presidential debates in 2008. During the January 21, 2008, debate on CNN, Obama said: It's fine for us to have a debate about how the best way to get there is, but to suggest somehow that I'm not interested... continue reading
So how unusual is it for a new President to be featured seven times on Time's cover, as Barack Obama has been (with First Lady Michelle Obama snagging her own solo appearance)? A look back at Time's covers finds Bill Clinton matched Obama's celebrity in 1993 - seven covers for himself, one for Hillary. But the last three Republican Presidents - Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush - were given relatively short shrift. (Larger images below.) Indeed, looking at the covers from when those three Republicans won the presidency through early August of their first year... continue reading
A year ago, when the government reported second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) doubled from the first quarter to 1.9 percent, the CBS Evening News centered a story around what Katie Couric described as "disappointing" news while ABC and NBC didn't utter a syllable about the GDP jump. But Friday night, with a different President in office, Couric crowed a one percent decline in the 2009 second quarter GDP - the first time since tracking began in 1947 that the economy has contracted for four straight quarters - means the "glimmer of hope just got a whole lot brighter" with... continue reading
MSNBC News Live substitute host Donny Deutsch frothed about "right-wing racism" on Thursday and trashed Rush Limbaugh as a both a "moron" and a "putz" and Glenn Beck as a "super moron." The former CNBC anchor talked with liberal journalist Joan Walsh about her column and quoted her asserting that "Limbaugh and Beck continue to ratchet up their alarming and increasingly racist hatred for the President." Deutsch began the segment by solemnly wondering, "Is right-wing racism on the rise?" And yet, he later responded to Walsh's complaints about Limbaugh by deriding, " Well, as long as he's throwing slurs,... continue reading
Reporting on the Obama administration's 'Cash for Clunkers' car buying program running out of money, CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes offered a mixed message: "'Cash for Clunkers' has been such a runaway success....The program is so popular ...word spread it would be suspended...because of fears that sales would soon swallow up the $1 billion for rebates the government had set aside." At the top of Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez declared: "It's a week old and incredibly popular. But is the government's 'Cash for Clunkers' program coming to a screeching halt? We'll see why it may run out of... continue reading
Time magazine's August 10 edition with President Barack Obama on the cover (" Paging Dr. Obama ") trying to heal the nation in a photo illustration as a physician, wearing a white smock with a stethoscope around his neck, brings to seven the number of issues the magazine's cover has featured Obama just since November's election - make that eight for the First Family if you add in June 1's genuflecting "The Meaning of Michelle." Amongst the seven of President Obama: "Person of the Year" and Obama as FDR. The frequent cover appearances led even Jon Stewart, a Bush-hater who... continue reading
When Obama does it, it's news. ABC and NBC on Thursday night made time to highlight who President Barack Obama will bestow with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in two weeks - on Wednesday, August 12. Both started with Senator Ted Kennedy. On ABC's World News, which never touted President George W. Bush's picks in advance, fill-in anchor Elizabeth Vargas trumpeted: The White House announced that Senator Ted Kennedy, who is battling brain cancer, will be among sixteen people given the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom next month. President Obama said he's honoring Kennedy and the... continue reading
ABC's Pierre Thomas landed an exclusive interview with Eric Holder on Wednesday's Nightline, quizzing the Attorney General on race relations in America. Somehow, however, the reporter managed to completely ignore Holder's incendiary remark from February that America is a " nation of cowards " when dealing with race relations. One would assume such a statement might be relevant to Thomas' questions about the ongoing controversy involving the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Gates by a police officer in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Instead, the correspondent ignored the context, even as he explained, " [Holder] said the controversy in Cambridge proves more needs... continue reading
ABC's newly hired senior medical editor is also an Obama donor, having contributed $400 to the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. TV Newser reported on Thursday that Dr. Richard Besser, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, would assume the position in September. A search on the campaign watchdog Web site Open Secrets finds two donations by Dr. Besser on August 22, 2008. As senior health correspondent, Dr. Besser can be expected to play a major role in ABC's coverage of the health care debate this fall. Dr. Tim Johnson , who currently holds the position for ABC, has... continue reading