Don Hewitt, the creator and long-time Executive Producer of CBS's 60 Minutes, who passed away this morning (Wednesday) at age 86, had recognized the bias which led Dan Rather to target President George W. Bush with a 2004 story based on forged documents, as he suggested such a flimsy hit piece damaging to the liberal candidate would have earned more scrutiny for accuracy before it ever got onto the air: "Does anybody really think there wouldn't have been more scrutiny if this had been about John Kerry?" (Rather's piece aired on the weekday 60 Minutes, which Hewitt did not oversee,... continue reading
On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Daniel Sieberg reported on a young global warming activist from California: "...everyday citizens of all ages are doing their part to raise awareness of climate change.... 15-year-old Alec Loorz takes his message across the country, using poles to illustrate the predicted sea level rise if nothing is done to prevent global warning." At one point, Loorz declared: "All of lower Manhattan would be underwater." That's not the first time such a claim was made on the CBS morning news program. On November 5, 2007 , Early Show co-host Harry Smith interviewed New York City... continue reading
NBC on Tuesday night tried to turn public opposition to ObamaCare into a "split" in public opinion discovered in a new NBC News poll as Chuck Todd assessed Obama's health effort is "still in serious condition politically, but it is stable," and he listed four charges against the Democratic bills which he asserted have "been checked independently and proven to be false," yet NBC didn't inquire about any claims from Obama and other liberals that those same groups have discredited. (Asked their TV source of health policy news, 64 percent listed ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC. Another 23 percent... continue reading
Nation magazine sports editor Dave Zirin appeared on MSNBC's News Live on Tuesday to discuss college football and ended up trashing Sarah Palin. Talking with host David Shuster about a new SEC regulation stopping fans from using social networking sites at games, Zirin frothed that odd sports rules are like " Sarah Palin considering herself a college graduate. Just 'cause you call yourself that, doesn't mean it means anything ." Is there no subject too unrelated for MSNBC or one of its guests to use to slam the former Alaska governor? Perhaps it's not surprising that the left-leaning cable network... continue reading
On Tuesday, MSNBC's Contessa Brewer fretted over health care reform protesters legally carrying guns: "A man at a pro-health care reform rally...wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip.... there are questions about whether this has racial overtones....white people showing up with guns." Brewer failed to mention the man she described was black. Following Brewer's report, which occurred on the Morning Meeting program, host Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC pop culture analyst Toure discussed the supposed racism involved in the protests. Toure argued: "...there is tremendous anger in this country about government, the way government... continue reading
Sadly, news came this afternoon (Tuesday, August 18) that Robert Novak passed away, at age 78, after a battle with brain cancer. A reporter, columnist and television commentator over his long career, starting in 1994 Novak generously helped the MRC as a judge for our annual " Best Notable Quotables " annual awards for "the year's worst reporting," lending his credibility and expertise to our efforts to highlight the worst liberal bias of the year. He faithfully took the time to complete his ballot over the next 13 years and, starting in 1999, was a founding judge for the MRC's... continue reading
On Monday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Sharyl Attkisson filed a report highlighting the recent defections of thousands of AARP members to the more conservative American Seniors Association (ASA), because of the perceived support by the AARP for ObamaCare. The report recounted that Obama recently had to correct a claim that the AARP supports his plan, while some are suspicious that the group may support the President privately, but are unwilling to admit to doing so publicly. Substitute anchor Maggie Rodriguez noted that Obama had to backtrack on claiming AARP support as she introduced the story: "President Obama once thought he... continue reading
On Monday's World News, ABC's Charles Gibson channeled the worry of liberal activists over the Obama administration's seeming retreat on government-run health insurance, the so-called "public option." Gibson fretted about Obama to White House correspondent Jake Tapper: " Will he go to the mat for a public option? " Gibson exposed how one-sided his universe of experts is: " We talked to several health care experts today, and they all said if you take out the public option in terms of insurance, there's going to be no restraints on the cost of insurance. " Conservative health care experts see empowering... continue reading
ABC's Good Morning America on Sunday ran a sympathetic piece on former insurance executive Wendell Potter's "personal journey from health industry insider to outsider." Correspondent Ron Claiborne trumpeted how after a "crisis of conscience" Potter has become an "outspoken critic of the industry in which he worked for 20 years." While Claiborne allowed Potter to paint insurance companies as heartless and greedy, the ABC reporter did not tell viewers that Potter is now working with a far-left advocacy group, the Center for Media and Democracy. In contrast, over on CNN the previous day, House Call host Dr. Sanjay Gupta (who... continue reading
On CBS's Sunday Morning correspondent Martha Teichner touted President Obama's latest PR blitz to promote health care reform: "For the third time in five days, Barack Obama used the presidential bully pulpit on behalf of what he's now calling health insurance reform. No more letting the angry opposition control the agenda." Teichner dismissed that "angry opposition" by declaring: "Here's a question. Do they even know what's in the bills currently being considered by Congress? Do you?" Teichner and two liberal supporters of the Obama health care plan proceeded to educate viewers as to what was being proposed. She spoke with... continue reading