Some in Hollywood, it seems, just can't let go of past political hopes - or at least want to use their films to continue pushing their political preferences. In Funny People , the new movie from writer/director Judd Apatow ( IMDb page ) which opened July 31, a character played by Seth Rogen ( IMDb page ) wears a 2004-era "Vote Kerry" T-shirt with an artwork outline image of 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. I caught the scene with Rogen sporting the T-shirt in the promotional clip played during this past Monday's re-run of the July 20 Tonight Show... continue reading
With "Losing Support" as the on-screen heading, ABC's World News on Friday night certainly made clear how President Obama is losing favor with the American people as his approval level and attitudes toward his health care efforts continue steadily downward so now more are opposed (50 percent) than in favor (45 percent) and he's suffered a 29-point drop in agreement with enacting a "public option." But ABC's Kate Snow still saw a "glass half full" view as she managed to end with a positive spin for Obama: It's not all bad news for the President. We didn't find an overwhelming... continue reading
On Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez interviewed commentator Dick Morris about his latest book critical of the Obama administration, Catastrophe . After reading the book's full title, Rodriguez observed: "This title, though, Mr. Morris, can't you see a lot of people dismissing it right off the bat as alarmist? It screams at you." In response, Morris pointed out the dire state of the economy: "9.5% unemployment, four quarters of negative growth, our car companies in receivership, our health care program about to be taken over, and banks being nationalized, and I'm alarmist?" Rodriguez replied by citing recent media... continue reading
Even though conservative columnist Robert Novak was talked about and attacked many times on MSNBC's Countdown show - especially as host Keith Olbermann frequently devoted time to the Valerie Plame case - the MSNBC host did not take time this week to report on Novak's passing. In fact, even though he reported on Novak's hit-and-run car accident last year just before Novak's brain cancer diagnosis and portrayed him negatively, Olbermann never revisited the story to inform viewers that his illness was the likely cause of the conservative columnist's erratic behavior. And when Olbermann launched his Countdown show's regular "Worst Person... continue reading
"We're the only industrialized democracy that doesn't cover every citizen" and "that is immoral," Mark Halperin , editor-at-large and senior political analyst for Time magazine where he oversees " The Page " blog, declared on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight in illustrating the prism through which journalists view the debate over the proper role of government in health care. Halperin's contention occurred back on Thursday, August 6, but I'm just now catching up, following a vacation, thanks to a tip from Steve Allen of the Gentleman from Lickskillet comic strip, which had a liberal media bias theme a couple of weeks... continue reading
The Washington Examiner's Byron York blogged Thursday about how ABC World News anchor Charles Gibson declared "enough already" when asked on Chicago's WLS Radio ( audio ) about Cindy Sheehan's plan to travel to President Barack Obama's Martha's Vineyard vacation spot next week to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. York observed how "that's a remarkably different stance from the one Gibson took four years ago" when he was co-host of Good Morning America. Specifically, York recalled: On August 9, 2005, the ABC anchor conducted an extensive on-air interview with Sheehan. "Cindy Sheehan is her name," Gibson began. "She... continue reading
Lost in Thursday's Today coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy's letter requesting a succession plan, should the Massachusetts senator be unable to serve due to health reasons, was how nakedly partisan the act was. While NBC's Matt Lauer noted, at the top of the show, that Kennedy sent a "poignant letter to lawmakers," asking for a succession plan, he nor any other NBC correspondent, mentioned that Kennedy was asking for a change in a rule the state Democrats put in place to prevent a then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney from appointing a replacement for Democratic Senator John Kerry, if Kerry had won... continue reading
Less than two hours after the news of Bob Novak's passing on Tuesday, Baltimore Sun television critic David Zurawik, a regular on CNN's Reliable Sources, took to his "Z on TV" blog to excoriate Novak. Though Novak never approached the vile, personal degradation regularly delivered by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, Zurawik condemned Novak as "a very dark force in cable TV news contributing mightily to the toxic culture of confrontation, belligerence and polarization that so defines cable TV." He charged: " There is no way to be nice about his impact on cable TV during its formative years - and his... continue reading
ABC, CBS and NBC on Wednesday night all showcased liberal Democratic Congressman Barney Frank's rejoinder - "On what planet do you spend most of your time?" - to a woman's question: "Why do you continue to support a Nazi policy as Obama has expressly supported this policy?" As if the premise were coming from a typical anti-ObamaCare conservative , ABC's Charles Gibson set up the exchange by asserting "the contentious rhetoric over health care reform has gone up another notch. It happened in Massachusetts, after protesters brought pictures of President Obama with a Hitler-style mustache to a town hall meeting... continue reading
The network morning news shows could not have cared less about the passing of conservative columnist Robert Novak. While ABC, CBS and NBC all ran obituaries during their August 18 evening news shows, ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's The Early Show on Wednesday completely skipped over Novak, not once mentioning his death. Over on NBC's Today, fill-in news anchor Hoda Kotb squeezed in a brief item during the 7am update: " Friends and fellow journalists are remembering famed columnist and TV commentator Robert Novak. He died Tuesday in Washington after a battle with brain cancer. Robert Novak was 78... continue reading