On Tuesday, FNC's The O'Reilly Factor hosted FNC analyst Bernard Goldberg as the former CBS News correspondent highlighted a story recently posted on his Web site, , in which he complains of how little mainstream media attention was given to the fact that former President George W. Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam as part of his service in the Texas Air National Guard, but that he was turned down because other pilots were more experienced, and that CBS News producer Mary Mapes, even though she knew this part of the story before the report aired, did not... continue reading
ABC's Brian Ross and NBC's Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday night each listed some al Qaeda plots uncovered via CIA interrogations, but both balked when it came to vindicating former Vice President Dick Cheney on whether "enhanced interrogation techniques" (EITs) led to information which prevented attacks. "Nowhere in the reports...does the CIA ever draw a direct connection between the valuable information and the specific use of harsh tactics," Ross declared on World News in citing reports Cheney requested be released. NBC's Andrea Mitchell cited only Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and related how "administration officials say there is no way to know whether... continue reading
MSNBC News Live hosts David Shuster and Tamron Hall on Tuesday embraced a contrarian notion that the tide is shifting in favor of liberal health care reform. Interviewing a Democratic strategist-turned-left-wing columnist, whose political affiliations went unidentified, Shuster tried to be optimistic: "...If the anti, sort-of, reform crowd on the right owned the early part of August, you almost get the sense that things are starting to pick up on the left, as far as the last couple of weeks in this month." Shuster talked to David Sirota, whom he identified simply as a "syndicated columnist." The cable anchor left... continue reading
USA Today reporter Richard Wolf's Tuesday news story on President Barack Obama's vacation book reading list flattered Obama for his "smart" and "exquisite" choice in the five books the White House announced Monday he had picked to read. "Taken together, they are a smart collection for 'someone who really appreciates the written word,' says Susan Mercier, manager of Edgartown Books here," Wolf wrote from Martha's Vineyard island. "'I would not classify any of those as light fiction. They're pretty meaty works,' Mercier said. 'I hope he has time to sit and read them, because he's a busy guy.'" In the... continue reading
The bosses at PBS must not mind their taxpayer-funded network being defined as liberal in the public mind, because on Sunday's Meet the Press, NBC matched Joe Scarborough on the right with PBS talk-show host Tavis Smiley on the left. Smiley slapped President Obama for trying to be the "collaborator in chief" instead of commander-in-chief on health care, and denounced protesters at town hall meetings as forces of "unadulterated hate." He also warned against what Martin Luther King called "the tranquilizing drug of gradualism." The host of a nightly talk show based at Los Angeles PBS station KCET blamed Obama... continue reading
During an interview with John McCain on Sunday's This Week, George Stephanopoulos practically begged with the Arizona senator to repudiate "death panel" claims by former Governor Sarah Palin. Speaking of the health care bill, Stephanopoulos attacked euthanasia worries and lobbied, "[Obama] called that an extraordinary lie. And he is right about that, isn't he?" The former top Clinton aide turned journalist reworked the same query four more times. After McCain referred to the fact that a Senate panel dropped a provision on end-of-life counseling, Stephanopoulos interrupted, "I don't think that's correct, Senator. The bill, all it said was that if... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Monday's Hardball, ridiculed Republican Congressman Wally Herger, for calling a townhaller a "Great American," because the questioner described himself as a "right wing terrorist." Since satire seems to be above Chris Matthews' head he failed to realize the townhaller was probably mocking those in the liberal media, like the Washington Post's Steven Pearlstein , who actually called Republicans "terrorists." An appalled Matthews argued the Congressman's praise of the man could lead to trouble: MATTHEWS: Next up, here's one from Republican Congressman Wally Herger of California. At his town hall meeting some guy yelled out, bragging that he... continue reading
Much of the media and entertainment world spent the last eight years ridiculing President Bush's verbal communication - Saturday Night Live made up "strategery" to make fun of him - and lack of reading skills with jokes about Bush reading children's books or his barren library. But Monday night, CBS and NBC used President Barack Obama's first full day of vacation as a pivot to spin his "wee wee'd up" miscue, which certainly would have been widely mocked if uttered by Bush, and supposed summer book reading list - into admirable positives. "Mr. Obama," Couric contended, "has continued a presidential... continue reading
NBC's Ron Allen, on Monday's Today show, highlighted how the residents on Martha's Vineyard are in a tizzy about the First Family vacationing there as he gushed: "On the small island off the coast of Massachusetts, there is Obama everything!" Allen then went on to feature locals celebrating the arrival of the Obamas including a woman excited about eateries naming dishes after the President like the "Barack-O-Taco," the "Obamarita" and as Allen enthused: "Even an ice cream called Barack My World." While Allen did note the politics of Martha's Vineyard, "lean to the political left," he did it right before... continue reading
ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a hostile interview of RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Monday's Good Morning America. Noting Steele hadn't used the term "death panel," Cuomo asked if it was "a sign of positive progress." He also wondered why Steele wasn't bashing insurance companies, since when there is "excess in the system, it always comes back to the insurance companies." The GMA anchor interviewed the RNC chairman 15 minutes into the 7 am hour. He zeroed in on Steele's op-ed plugging a "Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights" which ran in the Washington Post on Monday . After... continue reading