ABC's World News, which has twice in the past few months rued how it's too hard to raise taxes in California, on Tuesday night used one homeowner's appreciation, for the firefighters battling the wild fires threatening his house near Los Angeles, to tout how "he would gladly pay more taxes." Reporting from Tujunga, Brian Rooney warned "California has burned through nearly two-thirds of its emergency firefighting money early in the season," so "the Governor and other authorities today politicked for even more emergency funds." After a clip of a union official, Rooney highlighted: "One homeowner, at least, says he would... continue reading
On Saturday's Good Morning America, ABC touted a German city that has rid itself of all cars. Complimenting the citizens of Vauban, reporter Jim Sciutto cheered, "And residents don't mind one bit." GMA weekend co-host Bill Weir wistfully introduced the segment by musing, "What if you could start everything over? Making over, not just your home, but your entire town?" Describing Vauban, which relies on bicycles, Weir enthused, "Getting rid of all the carbon emissions, the energy wasters, even the cars? Well, one town has found a way to do it." Neither journalist explained the potential downside to not having... continue reading
On Sunday's "Good Morning America," weekend host Bill Weir highlighted the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and insisted that the storm " really tainted the Bush legacy ." The GMA anchor talked to liberal author Jason Berry and asked if there was an intentional effort to not rebuild poor neighborhoods in New Orleans. "Is that a deliberate political move," he asked. Attempting to draw a contrast between former President Bush and Barack Obama, Weir speculated, "But talk about the change in the presidential administration. You know, the response to Katrina really tainted the Bush legacy. But have you noticed any... continue reading
With "Filling the VOID" as the on-screen heading, Monday's NBC Nightly News, without any consideration for how Massachusetts Democrats blocked the Governor's interim appointment power, fretted over the loss to Democrats of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat as a health care vote approaches. "Less than 48 hours after Ted Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery, the political reality of his vacant Senate seat has set in," Chuck Todd warned. Though you could argue Kennedy's plight left the seat empty all year so far, Todd explained: "Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick set January 19th, 2010 for the special election, leaving the... continue reading
On the August 30 Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace seemed to pick up on Clay Waters' NewsBusters item , earlier posted at TimesWatch , pointing out the blatant double standard between the New York Times obituary for conservative Republican Senator Jesse Helms and that of liberal Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy. Near the end of Sunday's show, Wallace read from the first paragraph from each obituary, with the Kennedy version tagging the liberal Senator as "a son of one of the most storied families in American politics, a man who knew acclaim and tragedy in near equal measure, and who... continue reading
Former CBS anchor Dan Rather will speak at a $200-a-person fundraising event for the hard-left Nation magazine in New York on September 23. The Nation's website advertises : "Meet Dan Rather, Jane Mayer, Marcy Wheeler, and Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Help Save The Nation ." The panel's discussion topic? "What Will Become of the News?...A conversation on the future of news." Let's guess the verdict will be it's too corporate and conservative. Vanden Heuvel is a big fan of Dan Rather's discredited story/fiasco on George W. Bush's military service of 2004. When he got the job speaking weekly into a... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Monday's Hardball, threw out a couple of crazy comparisons as he likened the socially conservative Sarah Palin to shock jock Howard Stern and the rakish Bill Clinton to God. First up, in his Hardball Sideshow segment, Matthews claimed the reason the former Alaska governor was so popular on the lecture circuit is because, "just like Howard Stern the reason people will pay to hear her is that they have no idea what she's gonna say next." However Matthews outdid himself, just a little later, as he declared listening to Clinton's strategic advice for Democrats on passing health... continue reading
ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl on Sunday hyperbolically declared that the Kennedys are "America's family." Reporting on the funeral of Ted Kennedy for the August 30 Good Morning America, the reporter read a letter from the Senator to the Pope about his Catholic faith and how it sustained him in life. Karl opined, "...Kennedy did a better job summing up his own life than any of the other hundreds of eulogies we have heard over the last days." Describing the assembled clan at the funeral, Karl boldly asserted, " In the front, the Kennedys, America's family. Four generations shaped by the... continue reading
At the end of Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, host Bob Schieffer fondly remembered Ted Kennedy, exclaiming: "In a sense he was the classic American hero, the imperfect man who was sorely tested and yet in that testing found a way to overcome personal flaws and go on to accomplish great things." Schieffer began his commentary by noting how Kennedy: "...crashed and crashed again during the early turns of his life, but somehow he kept on going through the sorrows and tragedies over which he had no control and the self-destructiveness over which he did. And in the final... continue reading
Speaking with Ted Kennedy's niece, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith wondered: "Does a Kennedy belong in your uncle's old Senate seat?" Townsend replied: "I think if my brother, Joe, wanted to run, I think he'd put up a great race and be a great Senator, but there are a lot of people who can carry on Senator Kennedy's legacy." Just prior to that question, Townsend had boasted: "And I think what we saw over the last few days is that people said 'Ted Kennedy, I don't know how you got to be Senator, but... continue reading