While arguing with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele about health care reform on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith proclaimed: "...if the public option is socialism, then what is Medicare?....That people overwhelmingly think works pretty well for them." Steele pointed out Medicare's obvious flaw: "Medicare's a government-run program that is not - that is not doing that well....Harry, come on. How often do we have to do another reset on Medicare because it's in default or running out of money?" Steele went on to challenge President Obama's drastic approach to reform: "My only point is why do we... continue reading
ABC's Robin Roberts conducted a fawning interview with Barack Obama on Wednesday's Good Morning America, downplaying controversy and instead offering fawning softballs such as " How difficult is it to stay on message? " The GMA host previewed Obama's big health care speech to Congress and only gently broached the difficulties that the President has had with the legislation. Earlier in the segment, Roberts vaguely wondered, "Is there a new approach that you're taking to getting your message across?" The ABC co-host mentioned controversial (now former) green czar Van Jones, but managed to not actually ask a question about him:... continue reading
In his column in Tuesday's Washington Examiner, Byron York, who in a Friday blog post recounted " The Van Jones (non) feeding frenzy ," asked: " Why did the press ignore the Van Jones scandal? " The chief political correspondent for the paper answered: "The question may not be so much who they are, as who they hate, or at least who they intensely dislike." York pointed out: The first words of the [New York] Times' story on Jones' resignation were, "In a victory for Republicans and the Obama administration's conservative critics...." One news anchor suggested Jones was " the... continue reading
ABC's World News on Tuesday night bemoaned the impact of conservatives and citizen journalists in derailing President Barack Obama's agenda. Pivoting from the reaction to Obama's address to students, anchor Charles Gibson observed "today's speech was really the latest target of some conservative groups taking on the President" and "their tactics are having an impact." Reporter Dan Harris asserted "the conservative echo chamber is not new, but," he fretted, "this White House is operating in a vastly accelerated media environment where you no longer need to be in the presence of reporters to make news, as we saw with the... continue reading
Nightline correspondent Vicki Mabrey profiled self-described "financial terrorist" Bruce Marks on Friday, painting his actions in a religious light as a "revival of spirits" and "hopes." Co-host Cynthia McFadden began the show by rhapsodizing, " The financial terrorist. He's on the front lines of the foreclosure front using guerrilla tactics on a crusade to restore the American dream. " She continued, "And he's taking dead aim at the big banks. Is there anything he could do for you?" Mabrey did offer Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) CEO Marks a few tough questions, noting that his organization, which tries to... continue reading
"It's a sad day to see a man of good work get so little credit," CNN senior political analyst David Gergen regretted about Van Jones on Monday's Anderson Cooper 360, complaining about the coverage of the Obama "green jobs" czar who resigned late Saturday night after his radical views were exposed: "I mean, there's no balance to understanding just how many good things he's done." Jones signed a petition which charged Bush administration officials "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war," described himself as a "communist," compared George W. Bush to a crack... continue reading
"The resignation of President Obama's green jobs 'czar,' Van Jones, might have come as a shock if you do not watch cable news," FNC's Bret Baier observed at the top of his Monday night " Grapevine" segment . Of course, it would have been a surprise too if you rely on MSNBC. "In fact," Baier continued, "the 'big three' evening newscasts and two of the nation's most-prominent newspapers barely covered the story." Baier proceeded to provide a day-by-day review, with "Fox Brainroom" credited for the information at the bottom of the accompanying on-screen graphics, an apparent reference to a continue reading
Catching up with a great catch in last week's Weekly Standard "Scrapbook" section, the September 7 issue highlighted an example of how it takes a worldview that sees liberals like Barack Obama as "consensus"-oriented/"explicitly nonideological" centrists - and Republicans as "ideologically committed" conservatives - to work at the New York Times. Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the newspaper's Book Review and Week in Review sections, in his new book, The Death of Conservatism , proposes on page 23: The primary dynamic of American politics, normally described as a continual friction between the two major parties, is equally in our time a... continue reading
Instead of focusing on how the Obama administration found it appropriate to hire a man who added his name to a petition asserting the Bush administration deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur - or the incompetence displayed in not knowing about it - ABC and NBC on Sunday night painted Van Jones as a victim, "a target for conservatives," while "the Republican Right" claimed "its first scalp in this administration." With "Under Fire" on screen by a picture of Jones, as if he's the aggrieved party, World News anchor Dan Harris fretted that "at this crucial moment," with President... continue reading
It took Van Jones' resignation, around midnight Saturday night on a holiday weekend, for ABC and NBC to mention him for the first time in Sunday morning news shows which broached, but failed to quote, the insidious "911truth" petition he signed, while ABC's George Stephanopoulos, seemingly trying to rationalize ABC's spiking of the subject, came aboard Good Morning America to dismiss the matter as "a summer squall." Stephanopoulos was impressed by how the White House handled it: "The fact they got it out of the way before the end of the Labor Day weekend, before his spokespeople like Robert Gibbs,... continue reading