MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell on Thursday appeared mystified as to why anyone would have a problem with New Jersey school children being led in a song praising Barack Obama . The February 2009 video contained these lyrics: "He said we must be fair today! Equal work means equal pay! Barack Hussein Obama! He said, red yellow, black or white, all are equal in his sight! Barack Hussein Obama!" She complained to conservative columnist Tim Carney, "I mean, this is children. They're singing a song...If you can make your point again about why this is indoctrination, political indoctrination to praise your President."... continue reading
Enraged over Republican opposition to ObamaCare, on The Ed Show on MSNBC Wednesday, host Ed Schultz screamed at viewers: "The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead! They'd rather make money off your dead corpse! They kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don't have anything for her." The woman Schultz was referring to was a relative of a woman who asked Republican Congressman Eric Cantor a question at a health care town hall in Virginia. Cantor replied to the woman, Patricia Churchill, by mentioning charitable care. After playing the question and Cantor's response, Schultz... continue reading
A new poll on "Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media" from Sacred Heart University's Polling Institute finds five out of six Americans (83.6%) see the national news media as "very or somewhat biased," and nearly nine out of ten (89.3%) say the media were a strong factor in electing Barack Obama as President last year. Coming on the heels of a survey from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press , which found "the public's assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades," the SHU... continue reading
Pivoting off of Christopher Anderson's new book, ' Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage ,' Jay Leno delivered this monologue joke, with MSNBC's Chris Matthews as the punch line, on Wednesday night's prime time Jay Leno Show on NBC: There's a new book out about Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage and in it they say Michelle Obama was very upset by all these drooling blondes who would push up to her husband and rub themselves up against him. They said this one blonde was especially suggestive and kept rubbing up against the President. Finally, Michelle said, "Look, Chris... continue reading
ABC, CBS and NBC all led Wednesday night with President Barack Obama's address at the United Nations, but Katie Couric was the most effusive in trumpeting how Obama marked the end of the Bush era as she teased the CBS Evening News: "Tonight, the President tells the world America's 'go it alone' policy is over." Her glowing lead: Good evening, everyone. President Obama says we have reached a "pivotal moment." In his UN debut today, he challenged the world to work together to solve the problems facing all of us. And in a break with the "go it alone policies"... continue reading
The New York Times' health care priorities revealed: A parody ad by liberal comedian Will Farrell and left-wing is considered newsworthy; suppression of free speech by the Obama administration isn't. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky went on the Senate floor Tuesday and called out the Obama administration for using a federal agency to squelch mailings by insurance company Humana that warned clients of proposed Obama-care cuts to the Medicare Advantage program. A post on the Times' "Prescriptions" blog Tuesday afternoon by David Herszenhorn, " Senate Republican Leader Accuses Democrats of Muzzling Critic s," quoted McConnell extensively on... continue reading
In less than 24 hours, ABC devoted 13 minutes to rhapsodizing over liberal Michael Moore's new, "deeply Christian" film, Capitalism: A Love Story. Featuring the director first on Tuesday's Nightline , co-anchor Terry Moran took his socialistic agenda seriously and opened the show by teasing, " Is capitalism evil?" (In 2007, the network contributed 21 minutes to Sicko, totaling 34 minutes of promotion for the two films.) On Wednesday's Good Morning America, co-host Chris Cuomo cooed, " Many critics are calling the documentary Moore's best ever. " He also raved, "You demonstrate the [capitalism] question very well in the new... continue reading
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's decision to go to the Senate floor on Tuesday to call out the Obama administration for using the full power of a federal regulatory agency to suppress free speech - specifically, to silence Humana's predictions about the impact of proposed ObamaCare cuts to the Medicare Advantage program - led ABC, but not CBS or NBC, to air a story on the "gag order." ABC's story began with a McConnell soundbite ("'Shut up,' the government says, 'don't communicate with your customers. Be quiet and get in line,'"), before reporter Jonathan Karl explained McConnell was referring to... continue reading
A lover's quarrel emerged Tuesday night in the media's love affair with President Barack Obama. He disappointed NBC by failing, at the UN's "Summit on Climate Change," to go far enough on global warming. "President Obama's being accused of falling short on the environment today with the whole world watching," Brian Williams teased NBC Nightly News. Williams framed his lead story through the prism of the left as he fretted that, "in the eyes of a lot of environmentalists," Obama "fell short." Worse, while other nations are "ready to change, ready to get cleaner, President Obama's speech left a lot... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, ominously warned that the "activists on the radio," are "gonna pay," if "we have violence in this country against our president of any form," for having "encouraged the craziness." Matthews made that charge in a segment, with NBC News' Chuck Todd and the Politico, that began by the MSNBC host wondering if the GOP was "jumping the shark," with "these crazy town meetings," and declared "the clown show is over." The following exchange was aired on the September 22 edition of Hardball: CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about the Republicans. I noticed a little... continue reading